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Top MBA Colleges In Canada With GMAT Scores In 2024

Top MBA colleges in Canada with GMAT score

A Master of Business and Administration is the best course of action after a business, accounting, finance, or marketing degree. An MBA is the perfect lineup to get the skills needed for a long-term career in management. Canada is one of the most sought-after locations for international students to pursue this. It offers high ROI, excellent job opportunities and rapid career development. However, most MBA courses in Canada require a GMAT result of a minimum of 550.To find the right resources for your study-abroad journey, look at the top MBA colleges in Canada with GMAT scores in the following sections!

Why Choose Canada?

Before we look at the top MBA colleges in Canada with GMAT scores, let’s consider why Canada is such a sought-after location for higher education. Thousands of international students every year choose Canada as their preferred destination for study abroad education. Here are some of the top reasons why:

  • According to studies conducted by US News and World Report, Canada ranks at the 8th position across the globe for its business-related courses for budding entrepreneurs.
  • MBA Graduates in Canada can earn up to CAD 93,000/year as the average salary, which is quite competitive in the global market.
  • After you graduate with an MBA in Canada, you can easily obtain a post-graduation work permit by following a straightforward process, unlike in other countries where you must jump through hoops.
  • Every year, an increasing number of job opportunities and prospects are opening up in the Canadian market, especially for international students.

Factors To Consider For A GMAT Score In Canada

GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test, is an important standardised test every student must take before applying to MBA courses. It is typically a computer-based exam that lasts 3.5 hours. It has four major areas to test the students’ skills: Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Integrated Reasoning. Based on the GMAT result, most universities determine whether or not the candidate is good enough for enrollment. Thus, it is, without a doubt, extremely crucial.

Similarly, when applying to the top MBA colleges in Canada with GMAT scores, it is crucial to keep an eye on their entry requirements, qualification criteria and other factors that would affect the average GMAT requirement in Canada. For a better insight, take a look at the points below:

  • The average cutoff is often determined based on the number and type of applications received.
  • Additionally, a strong academic record, English skills, and overall dedication to the programme count.
  • Merely a high GMAT score cannot guarantee a place in any of the top MBA colleges in Canada with GMAT scores.
  • Universities and business schools often look for candidates with all the skills.
  • You must have adequate work experience.
  • Lastly, a compelling statement of purpose, glowing letters of recommendation, and an impactful interview can take you a long way.

Top MBA Colleges In Canada With GMAT Scores

Whether you’re feeling confident about your GMAT scores or exploring all your options, it is essential to look at the top MBA colleges in Canada with GMAT scores to get started. This gives you insight into the global competition and selection criteria; by studying them, you can gain a step ahead. However, just analysing the GMAT scores is rarely enough. You must also find the top universities and their rankings and see if struggling for a great score is worth it. Check out the following table for all the information you need!

UniversityBusiness SchoolQS World University Rankings 2024 – By Subject MBAAverage GMAT Score
University of TorontoRotman School of Management40678
Queen’s UniversitySmith School of Business92656
Western UniversityIvey Business School74660
McGill UniversityDesautels Faculty of Management73670
York UniversitySchulich School of Business98660
University of British ColumbiaSaunders School of Business650 

What To Do If You Score Average Marks In GMAT?

With an exam as competitive as the GMAT, it is possible that you don’t score as high as you expected or needed for your dream business school. Even then, you often have other options to continue your MBA studies. Here are some excellent universities in Canada that accept a GMAT score as low as 550:

  1. Ryerson University
  2. University of Windsor
  3. University of Ottawa
  4. Brock University
  5. Carleton University

What To Do If You Score Less Marks In GMAT?

As an international student, universities often look for all-round candidates possessing all the skills required for a business and corporate career. Although GMAT scores are incredibly important, they’re not the only factor considered. Thus, you can still apply to business schools and universities in Canada even if you score around 500. Here are the institutes that would accept your applications:

  1. Lakehead University
  2. University of Manitoba
  3. University of Saskatchewan
  4. University of Regina

Universities In Canada Without GMAT Requirements

Although we’ve analysed the top MBA colleges in Canada with GMAT scores, it is always wise to explore other options. If you aren’t confident enough about your GMAT score, you can find out how to pursue an MBA without one. Given below is a list of universities that may accept your application without a GMAT score. However, note that a GMAT score can prove advantageous when dealing with a large number of applications in a university with a low acceptance rate.

  • Thompson Rivers University
  • Vancouver Island University
  • University of Northern British Columbia
  • New York Institute of Technology
  • University Canada West
  • DeGroote Business School, McMaster University
  • Lakehead University
  • Wilfrid Laurier University, Toronto Campus
  • Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary 

Other Requirements for Top 10 MBA Universities in Canada

As mentioned in the above sections, applicants must complete all the entry requirements and achieve the required GMAT scores. Although different MBA colleges in Canada have different entry requirements, we can infer a standard list of prerequisites you must fulfil before applying anywhere. Check it out here:

  • A minimum of 75% – 85% in a 4-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited or recognised university.
  • All official academic transcripts
  • Scores of standardised tests
  • Scores of English language proficiency tests
  • CV/Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Letter of Recommendation (minimum 2)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Details of work experience (if applicable for the programme)
  • Proof of finances
  • Visa documents and a valid passport

International students must also provide proof of their communication competency through English proficiency tests. A long list of English tests is usually accepted in various universities. However, the two almost always universally accepted exams are IELTS and TOEFL. Find their minimum required scores below:

ExamMinimum required scores
TOEFL96 – 100

Cost Of Studying

Considering finances at such an early stage of applications might seem unnecessary, but staying one step ahead is always prudent. The cost of studying any course comprises two significant expenses – the cost of tuition and the cost of living. The average tuition fee for an MBA in Canada is around CAD 46,915. This figure might vary according to the university, course and duration. We have listed the average annual fees and the respective cost of living for the top universities to provide insight into the fee structure.

UniversityAverage Annual FeeAverage Annual Cost Of Living
University of AlbertaCAD 30,578CAD 21,360
York UniversityCAD 88,371CAD 24,264
Queen’s UniversityCAD 98,100CAD 17,220
Wilfrid Laurier UniversityCAD 52,256CAD 19,560
Dalhousie UniversityCAD 21,735CAD 17,580
University of TorontoCAD 45,470CAD 24,264
Concordia UniversityCAD 22,000CAD 23,340
Rotman School of ManagementCAD 57,993CAD 24,264
Smith School of BusinessCAD 34,700CAD 17,220
Laval UniversityCAD 17,935CAD 23,760

Coming to the second factor—the average annual cost of living—it is often tough to determine how much money you will need to survive in any city in Canada. But we can begin with an estimate. Consider the table below for a detailed breakdown of how accommodation, commute, food, groceries, and other expenses account for the average monthly cost of living in Canada.

ParticularsCost of living in Canada (per month)
Off-Campus AccommodationCAD 550
On-Campus AccommodationCAD 1,611
TransportationCAD 100
FoodCAD 720
GroceriesCAD 64
ClothesCAD 133
EntertainmentCAD 60
Total Cost Of Living With Off-Campus AccommodationCAD 1,627
Total Cost Of Living With On-Campus AccommodationCAD 2,688
Annual Cost Of LivingCAD 19,524


Q1. Is a GMAT score required for an MBA in Canada?

Ans: A few universities in Canada would accept an application without the GMAT score. However, it is a mandatory entry requirement in most of the top 10 MBA colleges in Canada with GMAT scores.

Q2. Which GMAT colleges in Canada require the highest average scores for admission?

Ans: The University of Toronto, Queen’s University, Western University, McGill University, York University, and the University of British Columbia are some of the top MBA colleges in Canada with GMAT scores that are comparatively highest in the country.

Q3. What is the minimum GMAT score for MBA in Canada?

Ans: Typically, a minimum GMAT score of 500 is required for any of the top MBA colleges in Canada with GMAT scores. However, the average score is around 550 and for admission to top business schools, you will need a score of 600+.

Q4. Will I be considered for admission if I do not meet the GMAT Canada requirements?

Ans: MBA colleges often seek candidates who not only have a good GMAT score but also possess other qualities and skills. Thus, even if you don’t meet the GMAT Canada requirements, there’s a good chance you will still be admitted to any of the good business schools.

Q5. Is it possible to seek admission to an MBA in Canada without GMAT scores?

Ans: A few universities don’t require GMAT scores – the University of Toronto, Thompson Rivers University, Vancouver Island University, University of Northern British Columbia, New York Institute of Technology, University Canada West, and Queen’s University. 

Thank you for reading our guide to the top MBA colleges in Canada with GMAT scores! Let us know your thoughts or queries in the comments section below!

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Top MBA colleges in Canada with GMAT score

Top MBA Colleges In Canada With GMAT Scores In 2024

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