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Illinois, United States

  • Cost of Living$ 13,260
  • Tuition Fee From$ 13,800
  • Country Rank#982
  • Batch Strength3,460
  • Global Diversity-
  • Gender Ratio-



Elmhurst University is a private institution located in Elmhurst, Illinois. It has a service-oriented learning tradition and is affiliated with the United Church of Christ. Elmhurst was formed in 1871 by the German Evangelical Synod of the Northwest. The institute exclusively enrolled male students who pursued a curriculum encompassing Latin, Greek, English, German, music, history, geography, mathematics, science, and religion. Notably, all classes were conducted in the German language. 


Women initially enrolled in 1930, and the college was accredited four years later. The college's graduate programmes began in 1998, and the School for Professional Studies (SPS) was formed in 2012 to provide various online programmes, including undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and certificate programmes.


Elmhurst College offers academic programmes in five basic categories: undergraduate courses, graduate courses, certificate courses, research, and ELSA. Most students are enrolled in Undergraduate Courses. There are almost 60 majors available, including criminal justice, chemistry, music, marketing, business, computer science, music theory, liberal studies and other minors.


University Name Elmhurst University
Official Website http://www.elmhurst.edu/
Year of Establishment 1871
Average Living Cost $ 26,110
Total Students Enrolled 3,731
University Type Private
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Elmhurst University, located in Elmhurst, Illinois, west of Chicago, has maintained a strong regional reputation. In the 2024 U.S. News & World Report rankings, Elmhurst is ranked 10th among Regional Universities Midwest, showing a slight improvement from its 13th position in 2023. The university is also recognized for its value, ranking 20th in Best Value Schools in the Midwest region for 2024. Elmhurst offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, with some of its top courses including Nursing, Business Administration, Psychology, and Education. The university is particularly noted for its nursing program, which consistently ranks well among regional institutions. Elmhurst's commitment to personalized education, with a low student-to-faculty ratio, continues to be a draw for students seeking a supportive academic environment close to a major metropolitan area.

Elmhurst University - US News & World Report Ranking 2024

Elmhurst University's Graduate Nursing program has experienced fluctuations in its U.S. News & World Report rankings over recent years. After improving from 146th in 2022 to 135th in 2023, the program saw a slight decline to 150th place in the 2024 rankings. Despite these changes, the consistent presence in the top 150 reflects the program's ongoing commitment to quality nursing education.

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Students have access to all of the Elmhurst University facilities, from the wide-open green space of the University Mall to a cosy student lounge. The campus spans 48 acres and contains numerous unique features such as libraries, classrooms, on-campus housing, cafeteria facilities, etc. A few of the facilities are listed below -


Housing facilities - Students can access a housing facility with nine separate residential halls dispersed around campus. First-year students must live in dorms alongside other students. Four of the nine accessible halls are residences owned by the closed perimeter's 12 colleges. Summer accommodation is available to those who stay back over the summer break.


Library facilities - The A.C. Buehler Library, established in 1971, features over 237,000 volumes and a collection of Chicago Imagist paintings. Apart from that, the library offers a hundred general-use computers and thousands of audio-visual study materials. 


Medical facilities - The Wellness Centre offers all registered students preventive care, treatment of minor diseases and injuries, immunisations, lab work, and other services. The university’s services are all confidential, and many are free.


Sports facilities - Campus Recreation is to improve the experience of a varied student body by promoting an active, healthy, and balanced lifestyle through participation in recreational facilities, programmes, and services. Students can participate in Campus Recreation using the Tyrrell Fitness Centre, which includes a weight room and fitness centre.

Notable Alumni

Cathy Davidson
Cathy Davidson
American writer
Ricardo Lamas
Ricardo Lamas
American former mixed martial artist
Brett Eldredge
Brett Eldredge
American singer-songwriter



Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of Elmhurst University is 76%, with an impressive early acceptance rate of 98.6%. For applicants providing test scores, 50% admitted have SAT scores between 980 and 1240 or ACT scores of 20 to 27. Notably, 25% of admitted students scored above this range, while another 25% scored below. The application deadline at Elmhurst University is rolling. Admissions officials prioritize a student's GPA as a highly significant academic factor and attach importance to letters of recommendation, although high school class rank is not considered.


Entry Requirements 

The standard Elmhurst University entry requirements include submitting a complete application, official transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and an application fee. The institution considers all aspects of candidates, weighing academic success, extracurricular involvement, and unique traits to choose students who will flourish in their academic community. 


The university offers admission throughout the year. For acceptance, international students must also meet the following requirements:

  • Application for admission
  • A high school transcript and GRE scores
  • GPA of 2.5 above
  • SAT/ACT scores: SAT - 1035; ACT - 68
  • English Language Proficiency test scores – TOEFL, IELTS, etc.


English Proficiency Requirements

For international students applying to institutions in English-speaking countries, scores on English proficiency exams like the TOEFL or IELTS are frequently required. The required minimum scores vary by college, and better scores may increase the likelihood of admission and scholarship eligibility. The minimum scores required are listed below-


English proficiency test

Minimum score required




520 (evidence-based reading and writing)









Duolingo English test




Duolingo (prior to fall 2023)


Cambridge English test




Elmhurst University fees for international students, according to various top-ranked courses, are listed below-


  • Bachelor of Communication Sciences and Disorders - $37,454 /Yr
  • Bachelor of Geographic Information Systems - $37,454 /Yr
  • Bachelor of Communication Studies - $37,454 /Yr
  • Bachelor of Exercise Science - $37,454 /Yr
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music - $37,454 /Yr



Elmhurst University, originally Elmhurst College, has an excellent graduate placement record. The institution strongly emphasises professional readiness and provides extensive resources, such as career counselling, internships, and networking opportunities, to assist students in finding jobs after graduation. Many students succeed in their chosen disciplines, and the university's relationships with local businesses and industries help to ensure positive post-graduation outcomes. Regarding Elmhurst University placement, the university's alumni network plays a crucial role in assisting graduates with job placements and career advancement. The university's commitment to preparing students for the workforce contributes to its reputation as a valuable institution for securing employment opportunities after completing their studies.



Elmhurst's objective includes rewarding and encouraging deserving students to study in the United States. It provides financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans, among other things. Students can also look for educational loans to help support their higher education. Students can apply for about 20 scholarships offered directly through the university. Presidential Scholarships are available for up to $20,000. This scholarship is given to students with outstanding grades and commendable performance. Deserving students are eligible for the Dean's Scholarship, worth up to $18,000. International students can significantly lessen the cost of studying in an overseas nation since many scholarships are available. You can apply for scholarships through UniScholars to attend Elmhurst University.


Elmhurst University assists students in financing their education through various financial aid options. The university may offer federal and private loans to eligible students, enabling them to cover educational expenses. Students are encouraged to explore financial aid options wisely, considering terms, interest rates, and repayment plans to manage their debt responsibly while pursuing their academic goals at Elmhurst University. UniCreds is the best education loan marketplace for students looking for attractive interest rates and free services!


Elmhurst University offers on-campus housing options for students, providing a vibrant residential community that fosters personal growth and engagement. The residence halls are well-equipped with modern amenities and provide various living arrangements to suit diverse preferences. Additionally, the university's proximity to Chicago allows students to explore off-campus housing options in the surrounding area. Finding student accommodation is made simpler by UniAcco, which offers many options. Students can select from a variety of accommodations close to the university as a result, including opulent studios, en-suites, and communal flats that are more cost-effective and accommodating for students.

Cost of Living

Elmhurst, Illinois, has an acceptable cost of living for international students. Typical expenses include accommodation, food, transportation, and personal things. Renting off-campus housing may be less expensive than on-campus options. The city offers a variety of food and retail options, and public transportation allows for easy movement within and surrounding. While living expenses vary based on lifestyle, Elmhurst's overall affordability makes it an appealing option for international students seeking a quality education in a vibrant and diverse town. Here’s the breakdown of living costs in the city-




Cost (Per Month)

Off-Campus Accommodation


On-Campus Accommodation














Health Insurance


Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation (Per Month)


Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation (Per Month)


Annual Cost of Living