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Masters In Data Science In UK: Top Universities, Eligibility, Job Prospects & More

Masters in Data Science in UK

In the modern age of technology, we are well aware of the significance of data. Data Science refers to the process of collecting and analysing data to derive meaningful and valuable insights, enabling organisations to make informed decisions for their future endeavours. This utilisation of the digital era has contributed to the success of Information & Technology giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and others in the 22nd century. Their dominance in the market is a direct result of effectively utilising data analytics for digital advertising and generating revenue.

The data industry is experiencing significant growth, estimated at a worth of £40 million. This expansion directly translates to an increased demand for data analysts worldwide. As a result, the field of Data Science or Data Analytics is flourishing and gaining popularity, particularly in UK universities. In response to this demand, masters in data science in UK have been chosen by students worldwide.

Masters In Data Science In UK: Highlights

Name Of The ProgrammeMasters in Data Science
Duration of the programme1-2 years
Eligibility CriteriaBachelor’s from the UK or any other known university
Required GPA2.8 – 3.0
English Language Proficiency scoresIELTS: 6.5-7.5TOEFL: 80-90
Average tuition fees£23,000 – £25,000 per semester
Average salary£41,072

Why Study Masters In Data Science In UK? 

As per the report titled ‘Dynamics of Data Science Skills’, there is a significant surge in the job market for data science skills. Over the past five years, there has been a remarkable 230% increase in the demand for specialised data professionals such as data scientists and engineers. In comparison, the demand for workers across all fields has grown by 36% during the same period. Skills related to data science, machine learning, and big data are particularly sought after by employers.

In the United Kingdom, several renowned institutes offer a postgraduate degree programme, namely MS in Data Science, to cater to this growing demand. The full-time duration of masters in data science in UK is one year, while some universities also provide a part-time option spanning up to 2 years.

Top Universities In UK For Masters In Data Science

Masters in Data Science in UK

As part of the UK government’s industrial strategy, one of the primary focuses is to position the country at the forefront of data revolutionisation and artificial intelligence. This initiative has led to a new approach to increasing the availability of data in various industries, consequently elevating the quality of data science education in the UK. 

According to THE World University Ranking of 2023, the top colleges in the UK for data science are listed below, alongside the programme fees for pursuing a Master in Data Science from these institutions.

Name of the universityTuition fees
University of Oxford£35,900 /Yr
Imperial College London£32,400/Yr
University of Edinburgh£35,100 /Yr
University College London£35,900 /Yr
Anglia Ruskin University£13,100/Yr
University of Manchester£23,500 /Yr
University of Bristol£26,985 /Yr
University of Glasgow£28,000 /Yr
King’s College London£26,550/Yr
University of Birmingham£27,126/yr

Masters In Data Science In UK: Admission Process

  • Students with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field can apply for a masters in data science in UK.
  • Some universities may accept applicants with an undergraduate degree in cognitive science, electrical engineering, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, physics, or psychology for their MS in data science programmes.
  • The related degree programmes should include coursework in statistics, mathematics, and other relevant subjects that contribute to working with data.

Documents Required For MS In Data Science In UK

When completing your application for this course at one of the best data science universities in UK, supporting documents are a must at this stage. Students have to make sure the following papers are examined:

  • SOP for Data Science
  • GMAT requirements are acceptable but not mandatory.
  • Official academic transcripts
  • Proof of English proficiency test scores
  • Letter of recommendation (two academics or professional)
  • Updated Resume/CV
  • Copies of degree certificates

Eligibility Criteria You Need To Fulfill 

To pursue a masters in data science in UK, international students must meet the following minimum criteria:

Degree RequirementA minimum second-class honours degree in Business Administration or an upper second-class honours degree in data science.
Average PercentageAn average mark range of 60% – 70% or equivalent is necessary.
PreferencePreference may be given to students with a professional undergraduate degree and relevant work experience.
English Proficiency Test ScoresIELTS – 6.5 bands TOEFL – 80 – 100PTE – 61 – 73

In exceptional cases, applications from international students with a lower level of education in relevant subjects may still be considered if they possess significant professional experience in a related field that compensates for the lack of a required degree. However, such cases are rare, and applicants are evaluated on an individual basis.

Cost Of Studying In Canada

The universities which offer masters in data analytics in UK generally have an average annual tuition fee ranging from £23,000 to £25,000. Among these universities, the University of Edinburgh stands out with the highest annual tuition fee of 32,500 for its masters in data science in UK.

The living expenses for international students in the UK include accommodation fees, transportation costs, meal expenses, and personal expenditures. The table below presents an overview of the living costs associated with several renowned universities in the UK:

ParticularsCost (Monthly)
Off-Campus Accommodation £408
On-Campus Accommodation£472
Food Cost£360
Utility Cost£189
Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation £1,154
Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation £1,218
Annual Cost of Living£13,848

Scholarships Offered For Masters In Data Analytics In UK

Financing masters in data science in UK can pose a significant challenge, particularly for students. Nevertheless, universities offer a wide range of scholarships for international students in the UK to provide financial assistance. Tabulated below are several scholarships, along with the amounts they offer:

Name of the ScholarshipUniversity OfferingAmount
John Fisher High ScholarshipsUniversity of Edinburgh50% of tuition fee waiver
Great ScholarshipBritish Council; GREAT British CampaignVariable amount
Chevening ScholarshipBritish Council; GREAT British CampaignVariable amount

Job Prospects Associated With Masters In Data Science In The UK

The UK provides a prominent environment for big data and related fields such as data science. Consequently, it serves as an excellent destination for job opportunities upon completing a degree in these fields. Specifically in labour data analysis, the demand for skilled workers has more than tripled over the past five years, surpassing the general increase observed in other industries. Upon finishing an MS in Data Science, students can pursue employment in various job roles in the UK. 

ProfessionAverage Salary
Analytics Manager£61,600 per annum
Data Scientists and Advanced Analysts£65,000 per annum
Data Analysts£39,500 per annum
Data System Developers£41,000 per annum
Functional Analysts£42,000 per annum


In addition to attractive median salaries and the rise of prominent industry players in data science and analytics, the UK provides an extra advantage. Businesses are now collaborating with educational institutions to develop programs in related fields to address the significant demand-supply gap. With the promise of competitive salaries, the UK ensures that you won’t be left empty-handed in terms of job opportunities. Given the current need for skilled labour, pursuing a master’s in data science in the UK is a worthwhile investment.


1. Is data science high paying in the UK?

Data scientists with internship experience and less than one year of total work experience are eligible for a standard salary and additional bonuses. As a result, the typical salary for entry-level data scientists in the UK is commonly set at £34,548.

2. What are the job chances after an MS in Data Science from the UK?

The employment prospects for students holding a masters in Data Science in UK are exceptional, with an impressive 96% employment rate. The high demand for this course translates into a wide range of diverse job opportunities available to graduates.

3. Does data science require coding?

Indeed, coding is an integral component of data science as it involves utilising programming languages such as Python and R to develop machine-learning models and handle extensive datasets.

4. How much does it cost to study MS in Data Science in the UK?

International students pursuing a full-time master’s degree in data science at UK universities can expect to incur annual costs ranging from approximately £23,000 to £35,000. These expenses cover tuition fees, living expenses, and additional academic-related costs. 

5. What is the duration of an MS in Data Science in the UK?

The full-time MS in Data Science programme in the UK typically lasts for one year, while select universities also provide the option of part-time study, extending the duration up to two years.

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Masters in Data Science in UK

Masters In Data Science In UK: Top Universities, Eligibility, Job Prospects & More

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