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Business Management Courses In Canada – Top Universities, Eligibility, Fees & More

Business management courses in Canada

The realm of business offers a wide array of thrilling roles, each contributing to organisations’ growth, development, or management. To seize global career opportunities in this field, you must be eligible to acquire the necessary academic knowledge and skills. These must foster a comprehensive understanding of business and its specific areas, such as finance, human resources, etc. 

Many individuals pursue business management courses in countries like the US, UK, Canada, etc. Since you are here, you must be considering studying a business management course in Canada. This blog discusses all you need to know about pursuing business management courses in Canada. 

Business Management Courses In Canada – Eligibility, Fees & Process: Highlights

Name of the programmeCertificate, Diploma, Bachelor’s or Masters in Management 
Duration3 years for Bachelors1-2 years for Masters
Eligibility CriteriaSSC and HSC mark sheets for Bachelor’s programmeBachelor’s from Canada or any other known university overseas for Masters
Required GPABachelors – 2.67Masters – 3.0
English Language Proficiency scoresIELTS: 6.5TOEFL: 80-100
Average Tuition FeeBachelors: CA $20,000 to CA $60,000Masters: CA $30,000 to CA $40,000
Average Salary after graduation CA $115,000

Top Business Management Courses In Canada 

In Canada numerous options are available for individuals interested in pursuing business management courses in Canada. Whether one seeks a bachelor’s degree, a diploma, a postgraduate programme, or a master’s degree, various business courses can be considered the best in Canada. The country offers diverse educational programmes, ensuring that aspiring students like you can find a suitable course that aligns with your academic and career goals.

These are some of the top management degrees in 2023 which are opted for by several students: 

  1. Certificate Management
  2. Diploma in Marketing & Sales Management
  3. Master of Business Administration
  4. Diploma in Accounting Programme
  5. Master of Business Analytics
  6. Master of Science in Business Administration
  7. Master of Management
  8. Bachelor of Commerce
  9. Professional Master of Business Administration
  10. International Master of Business Administration
  11. PhD in Business Administration

Best Colleges In Canada For Business Management

Business management courses in Canada

Canada boasts four universities ranked within the Top 100 worldwide, signifying a wealth of excellent educational institutions. Here are some of the top universities in Canada to consider for pursuing business management courses after completing 12th grade.

Name of the universityRanking Average fees
Humber CollegeQS World Ranking – #1423CA $32,000
Centennial College QS World Ranking – #1302CA $30,000
Toronto School of ManagementQS International Trade Ranking – #131-140CA $20,000
Fleming CollegeQS World Ranking – #1356CA $36,000
Conestoga CollegeQS World Ranking – #1567CA $32,000

Documents Needed To Study Business Management In Canada

To pursue business management undergraduate courses in Canada, students must successfully complete their 10+2 education from a recognised board, meeting the minimum marks specified by the university of their choice. A bachelor’s degree is mandatory for those interested in pursuing business management courses in Canada.

International students aspiring to study business management courses in Canada  must also produce these additional document requirements, which include:

Good GPA in bachelor’s and high schoolTypically ranging from 3.0 to 4.0 on a 4.0 scale
Language proficiency test scoresNon-native English speakers must demonstrate language skills through proficiency test scores. (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS)
12 years of schooling from a recognized boardRequired for admission to universities
Updated resume with prior job experienceSome universities waive the GRE score requirement for applicants with US work experience
GRE and GMAT scoresTypically required for admission to universities. Minimum scores vary, with better-ranked universities setting higher thresholds
Country-specific or course-specific documentsAdditional documents may be required based on the country or specific course of study

Test Scores To Be Aware Of

Students applying for business management courses in Canada have to be aware of the test scores to be presented at the time of application. These are some of them for the top Canadian universities.

Name of the universityIELTS/ TOEFLGRE/GMAT
Humber CollegeIELTS – 6.5 TOEFL – 580Not required
Centennial College IELTS – 6.5Not required
Toronto School of ManagementIELTS – 6.0GRE – 167
Fleming CollegeIELTS – 6.0Not required
Conestoga CollegeIELTS – 6.0TOEFL – 80Not required

Cost Of Studying Business Management In Canada

When considering business management courses in Canada, it is important to be aware of the estimated costs involved, which can range from CA $6,300 to CA $55,000, or up to approximately. However, several factors can influence this estimated cost, including:

ParticularsCost (Monthly)
Off-Campus Accommodation CA $550
On-Campus AccommodationCA $1,611
TransportationCA $100
Food CostCA $720
Utility CostCA $180
EntertainmentCA $60
GroceriesCA $64
ClothesCA $133
Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation CA $1,807
Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation CA $2,868
Annual Cost of LivingCA $21,684

It is essentially important to note that the fees for international students pursuing business management courses in Canada typically range from CA $19,000 to CA $56,000 per year. Students can explore various top scholarships available in Canada to alleviate the financial burden.

Career Opportunities After Completing Business Management In Canada 

After completing business management courses in Canada following 12th grade, you can expect an average annual salary of CA $60,000. Upon completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business management in Canada, as a graduate, you can explore various job roles, including:

ProfessionAverage Salary
Management ConsultantCA $96,457 per year
Business AnalystCA $83,855 per year
Supply Chain ManagerCA $80,357 per year
Business ManagerCA $67,523 per year
Marketing ManagerCA $64,844 per year
Sales ManagerCA $62,801 per year
Account ManagerCA $58,765 per year
Office ManagerCA $51,700 per year

Choosing Between Management Courses: MBA Vs MIM

Comparing MIM and MBA in Business Management reveals a valuable opportunity with the potential to significantly upgrade your standing in the global landscape. Your choice between the two depends on your personal preferences within the business realm. Therefore, it becomes essential to understand the fundamental difference between MIM and MBA courses to assess your preferred path accurately. 

Basis of DifferenceMIMMBA
Course duration10 – 12 months1 -2 years
Who is it for?Recent graduatesExperienced professionals
Tuition fee$24,000 – $140,579.20$61,487 – $160,864
Average Salary$68,000 – $106,000$169,000 – $228,000
Work ExperienceNo or minimum requiredAt least 2 – 3 years required
Curriculum FocusPractical, Experience-basedTheoretical
Career ScopeEntry-level PositionsMid-level Positions


The friendly locals and the availability of specialised courses make Canada a popular choice for international students. The country’s highly-rated colleges have affordable tuition fees and offer an excellent standard of living, making it a sought-after education destination in North America. Finally, choosing to study in this country has its own perks and privileges, which you will enjoy once you land here!


1. How many years is a business management course in Canada?

Business management courses in Canada range from 9 months to 4 years. In various business settings, students acquire knowledge of strategic management concepts that encompass essential aspects such as planning, organising, leading, and evaluating.

2. What is the salary for a Business Management in Canada graduate?

In Canada, the average salary for business management professionals is $114,831 per year or $58.89 per hour. Entry-level positions typically start at $82,124 per year, while those with extensive experience earn up to $154,492 annually.

3. What is the average cost of living in Canada for international students?

A student typically requires approximately CA $20,000 to CA $30,000 for covering tuition fees, varying depending on the chosen course and city. In addition to this, an estimated amount of CA $10,000 is needed to cover living expenses, including food and other day-to-day costs.

4. What is the salary in Canada after business management?

In Canada, the median annual salary for business management graduates is $116,676, equivalent to an hourly rate of $59.83. Those starting at entry-level positions can expect to earn around $82,432 per year, while highly experienced professionals can earn up to $153,342 annually.

5. Which subjects are included in business management courses in Canada?

Business Managementprogramme will encompass diverse subjects including finance, economics, accounting, organisational management, human resources, and marketing, providing you with a comprehensive knowledge base in the field.

6. How do I write a good SOP for Project Management?

To write a good SOP for Project Management; students should refrain from using bold font or emphasising specific words. Additionally, avoid employing colours or underlining for highlighting purposes. When writing in a conversational manner, be able to maintain a formal and respectful tone without being overly direct with the university. 

Thanks for reading this blog; If you want to read more such informative blogs; please check out the links below.

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Business management courses in Canada

Business Management Courses In Canada – Top Universities, Eligibility, Fees & More

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