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Pharmacy Courses In Canada: Top Courses, Universities, Eligibility & Cost

Pharmacy courses in Canada

The pharmaceutical sector in Canada has recently experienced a significant increase in international student admissions because of advancements in technology, cost-effective manufacturing methods, and increased investment. Pharmacy courses in Canada are widely available and highly pursued due to their exceptional quality of education. Moreover, the Canadian government recognises a high demand for pharmacists as professionals, making the opportunity brighter for students. 

If you’re considering studying pharmacy courses in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will explore some of the pharmacy courses and the finest pharmacy schools in Canada that offer it, along with the eligibility criteria and scholarships!

Pharmacy Programmes In Canada: Highlights

Before you read on, this table here makes sure all the important points in the blog have been covered. 

Graduate DegreesDiploma, Graduate Certificate, Post Graduate Diploma, Master’s
Duration8 months to 4 years
EligibilityGPA – 2.6 out of 4.0
Tests RequiredIELTS – 6.5 or above
Average Annual Tuition FeesCA $130,000
Average Annual SalaryCA $96,048
Top RecruitersPfizer, AstraZeneca, Apotex Inc., Biogen Canada, Opus Pharma

Why Study Pharmacy Courses In Canada?

Canada has grown into a multi-diverse country, not only in the case of students but also education. A surge has been observed in the arena of pharmacy as well and students considering a pharmacy course must have a look at the plus points below: 

  • Pharmacy courses in Canada include degrees such as  a Bachelor’s, MSc or Master’s in pharmacy in Canada. The country provides a favourable environment for PharmD education as well.
  • The Canadian government’s plan to invite over 1 million immigrants by 2023 enhances the job prospects for Pharmacy graduates. This will in turn create better employment opportunities for international students.
  • Young graduates can explore various career paths, including roles such as Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Healthcare Scientist, or Laboratory Manager, with an average annual salary of CA $65,000. 

Pharmacy Courses In Canada For International Students

Before choosing a specialisation, students will be asked to go for a degree. These are the degrees offered by the majority of Canadian universities to international students:

ProgrammeAverage Tuition Fees
BSc (Hons) PharmacologyCA $40,000 – CA $50,000
MSc PharmacologyCA $51,000
Diploma in PharmacyCA $30,000 – CA $40,000
Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)CA $40,000 – CA $45,000

Top Universities To Study Pharmacy Courses In Canada

Colleges offering Pharmacy courses in Canada are renowned for their exceptional research and top-notch education for international students. These institutions boast high-tech labs, provide excellent experiences, and have an outstanding placement scheme for students. Below, we present a curated list of the top pharmacy colleges in Canada:

Name of the UniversityTuition feesQS Ranking
University of TorontoCA $57,030 #34
University of British ColumbiaCA $50,000#34
University of AlbertaCA $40,000#110
McMaster UniversityCA $44,000#189
McGill UniversityCA $49,171#30

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for studying pharmacy courses in Canada are relatively straightforward. Many Canadian universities mandate the completion of an evaluation exam administered by the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) to qualify for pharmacist registration in the country.

Let’s explore the eligibility requirements:

  • Submission of academic transcripts along with a bachelors/master’s degree.
  • English proficiency test scores. 

Test Scores To Note

Name of the UniversityTOEFL scoreIELTS Score
University of Toronto88-996.5 or above
University of British Columbia90 or higher6.5 or above
University of Alberta1006.5 or above
McMaster University926.5 or above
McGill University866.5 or above

Documents Required

For international students seeking admission to pharmacy courses in Canada, the following documents are essential for a successful application:

  • Online application/form
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume/CV
  • Portfolio of sample design work
  • Sample written work
  • Confidential letters of recommendation
  • Financial documents

Cost Of Studying In Canada

The overall cost of studying different pharmacy courses in Canada generally falls within the range of CA $30,000 to CA $50,000 for the top colleges. 

When considering studying in Canada, the cost of living is a substantial component of the expenses incurred by international students, and it may vary for each student. These expenses include accommodation, meals, transportation, health insurance, and other personal costs. The table below presents the average expenses typically faced by international students studying in Canada.

ParticularsCost (Monthly)
Off-Campus Accommodation CA $550
On-Campus AccommodationCA $1,611
TransportationCA $100
Food CostCA $720
Utility CostCA $180
EntertainmentCA $60
GroceriesCA $64
ClothesCA $133
Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation CA $1,807
Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation CA $2,868
Annual Cost of LivingCA $21,684

International Scholarships For Pharmacy

Scholarships make it easier for international students to study abroad in Canada. There are a variety of international as well as government of Canada scholarships available. We have added a list of pharmacy scholarships below:

Name of the scholarshipAwarded by Award value
Alberta Graduate Excellence ScholarshipUniversity of AlbertaCA $12,000
Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)Government of OntarioCA $5,060
Science Graduate Student AwardUniversity of WaterlooCA $3,000
Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship ProgrammeCanadian Institutes of HealthCA $70,000
McCall MacBain ScholarsMcGill UniversityCA $10,000

Job Prospects After Pursuing Pharmacy In Canada

Top pharmacy colleges in Canada offer vast career opportunities to international students upon graduation in the pharmacy field. Certain regions in Canada, such as British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, and Brunswick, are experiencing a shortage of pharmacists, significantly enhancing your chances of securing a job after pursuing an M pharm in Canada.

To give you a clearer picture of careers after studying pharmacy in Canada, we’ve put together a table with the salaries for various pharmacy job profiles. Check it out below:

ProfessionAverage Tuition Fees
Hospital PharmacistCA $64,000
ScientistCA $144,651
Medical sales representativeCA $90,000
Research ScientistCA $92,000
Community pharmacistCA $95,000


Pharmacy courses in Canada have a unique structure, with options for both full-time and part-time programmes lasting 2 to 3 years. These courses can be research-based, thesis-based, or non-thesis-based, offering diverse progressions to help students gain expertise in their chosen fields. Finally, studying in Canada also opens up a golden opportunity for students from India and other countries to gain a PR. We hope that this blog helps you in making the right choice to studying abroad!


1. What are the fees for a pharmacy course in Canada?

Top pharmacy universities in Canada report an average total tuition fee of CA $130,000 to CA $170,000. 

2. What is the exam for pharmacy in Canada?

The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) Exam assesses the competence of pharmacists and pharmacist technicians. Successfully passing this exam authorises students to practice medicine in Canada.

3. Is pharmacy a good job in Canada?

Canada offers one of the highest average salaries for pharmacists globally. The annual income for pharmacists in Canada varies depending on experience, work location, specialisations, and other relevant considerations.

4. How many years is a Bachelor of Pharmacy in Canada?

The programme lasts for four years. Usually, students pursue science-related subjects for about two years or longer. Following that, they apply to a university’s pharmacy programme, which requires an additional four years of study to complete.

5. How long does it take to become a pharmacist in Canada?

It takes at least five years of Canadian university education to become a certified pharmacist.

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Pharmacy courses in Canada

Pharmacy Courses In Canada: Top Courses, Universities, Eligibility & Cost

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