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The Best Photography Courses Abroad – 2023

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Students who already have a passion for photography but want to improve their technique, experience, and professional prospects should pursue photography courses abroad. Universities have a lot of connections, so it might be a good method to meet people in the sector. In a photography programme, you will be able to show off your artistic abilities and build an extensive portfolio. You can study the theoretical principles of numerous kinds of photography degrees & courses such as portraiture, journalism, fashion, art history, and athletics, in addition to the practical aspects of photography.

Another advantage of studying photography courses abroad is having access to better resources and facilities. In this blog, I will list down the top and good photography schools from around the world. Let’s dive in and learn more about them. 

Best Photography Courses Abroad

Light & Life Academy 

The Light and Life Academy is unlike any other photography school in many ways. It strives to strike a balance between providing a well-structured course framework and complimentary study; studio and hallway study; theory and practical instruction to its students. The photography school focuses on strengthening students’ perspectives as well as their inner vision through its classes. The Light and Light Academy is India’s first institute dedicated only to professional photography.

Location: Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India

Courses Offered: The School offers two photography courses, viz. PG Diploma in Professional Photography and a Recognition in Nature and Travel Photography. There are also customized courses offered. 

The Goldsmith University Of London | Photography Courses Abroad

Goldsmiths University is an institution where innovation and creativity are valued. This university has 18 university departments, including Arts, Social Science, Humanities, and others. Goldsmiths is ranked among the top five universities in the world for Art and Design, as well as Communication and Media Studies, according to the QS world rankings. Some of the best postgraduate photography courses abroad are found in this famous school in London. 

Location: London, UK

Courses Offered: In Goldsmiths University’s photography school, there are two postgraduate photography courses. MA Photography & Urban Cultures is one, while MA Photography: The Image and Electronic Arts is the other. The MA Photography and Urban Cultures programme aim to teach students how visual depiction and urban philosophy are intertwined. The MA Photography: The Image and the Electronic Arts programme aims to teach students about the theoretical and empirical aspects of photography in order to advance the field of image-making through investigation.

New York Institute Of Photography | Photography Courses Abroad

The New York Institute of Photography is an online photography school. This online photography school is an all-encompassing programme that will teach you how to master your camera. The secrets of lighting, exposure, and lenses will be revealed. You’ll discover how expert photographers generate the perfect shot in any situation, as well as good composition. Weddings, landscapes, nature, animals, portraiture, workshop, still life, and more are just a few of the photographic genres covered in this course.

Location: New York City

Courses Offered: There are in total 5 online photography programmes. These are some of the best courses in photography namely Digital Photography, The Complete Course In Professional Photography, Photoshop, Marketing, The Fundamentals of Digital Photography, and Video Making along with Storytelling.

Speos International Photo School, Paris and London 

Speos is a top photography school that offers courses in collaboration with famous companies like Magnum. Speos has been educating photography for over 30 years and is recognised by the French government. For the best photography study abroad programmes, students choose Speos International Photo School. 

Location: Paris and London

Courses Offered: In Paris and London, Speos offers photography courses ranging from 5 months to 2 years. Photojournalism, Studio photography and CGI, Action and Sports photography, and Fashion photography are the courses available at the school. 

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Rochester Institute Of Photography, New York | Photography Courses Abroad

Through programmes that examine the depth and scope of modern imaging processes today and into the future, the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences cultivates inventive visual artists, professionals, and technicians. The schools’ career-focused syllabuses equip students for success in a range of industries, as evidenced by a job placement record of over 93 per cent. Here, photography is taken to new heights in order to foster an environment conducive to the invention.

Location: Hanriette, NY, USA

Courses Offered: RIT has more unique programmes to offer its students, unlike the usual photography programmes. The variety of courses are specifically offering majors in specific areas of study. It includes art photography, even biomedical photography, photojournalism, advertising photography, fine arts photography and more. 

Final Verdict:

Getting into these institutions is not easy; you must demonstrate that you are enthusiastic about photography and that you have a strong oeuvre that the school must accept before you are admitted. Choose a school based on the type of job you have done and what you’d like to accomplish in the future. These top photography schools are well-known worldwide, and a school that meets your needs may not be close by. So take your time and research them well on their websites before making a well-informed decision.


1. Which country is best for photography courses?

Switzerland is touted as the best country when it comes to studying photography. Their quality of education is not the only factor that lands it at the top spot but photography courses at universities in Switzerland are also affordable as compared to other nations. France, Australia and Germany are also other good options to pursue your passion for photography.

2. How long is the duration of a photography course?

In the majority of universities, the duration of a diploma in photography is one year. Undergraduate courses in photography usually come under the umbrella of visual arts or communication design. Undergraduate courses in photography are for 3 years. The latter is a comparatively intensive study and provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the course curriculum.

3. Which is the best photography course in the world?

Universities which host some of the best photography courses in the world are; The New York Institute of Photography, Photography Studies College in Melbourne, Parsons School of Design and the European Academy of the Fine Arts in Germany.

4. Which study is best for photography?

Undergraduate study in photography should be the preferred option of students wanting to pursue a career in the field owing to two factors; an undergraduate study always focuses on the in-depth study while also covering other related subject matter and the second factor is that students can always find brighter career prospects at the end of an undergraduate study.

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The Best Photography Courses Abroad – 2023

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