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Top 5 Courses After B Com In Abroad [2024 Updated]

Courses After B Com In Abroad

Students of commerce need more than just a B.Com degree today! As the competition is tough in the job market, one needs to think above and beyond. The more skilled you are, the more you are valued and become irreplaceable in any organisation or company in the commerce sector. It highlights the importance of opting for courses after a B.Com abroad. This blog will help you get familiar with the best courses after B.Com, their fees, top colleges, and job prospects in detail. Read till the end to learn everything in detail.

Courses After B.Com In Abroad & India: Scope In Different Sectors 

To ensure a strong beginning in their chosen field, individuals should strive to become experts through further academic and professional courses after completing B.Com. With these qualifications, they can secure employment in the banking, accounting, and finance sectors. Given below is a sector-wise bifurcation of the scope of courses after B.Com in India and abroad: 

SectorOpportunities in IndiaOpportunities Abroad
Banking and FinanceBanks, financial institutions, investment firmsInternational banks, financial institutions
Accounting and AuditingAccounting firms, audit firms, corporate financeMultinational corporations, global audit firms
TaxationTax consultancy firms, corporate tax departmentsInternational tax roles
Business Process OutsourcingFinance and accounting outsourcing companiesGlobal outsourcing firms
Government JobsGovernment organisations (accountants, auditors)International government bodies
RetailRetail companies (finance, operations)Multinational retail chains
ConsultingManagement consulting firmsMultinational consulting firms
EducationTeaching positions in schools, colleges, etc.Teaching positions in universities abroad
Finance and InvestmentFinancial roles in multinational corporationsInternational banks, investment firms
Information Technology (IT)Business analysis roles within IT companiesIT companies with a global presence
ManufacturingFinance and accounting positions in MNCsMultinational manufacturing companies

Best Masters Courses After B.Com In Abroad 

You can only build a career in the sectors listed above by taking relevant courses. Listed below are the top courses and the job prospects they offer so you can distinguish which course will help you shine in which field. 

1. Master Of Commerce (M.Com) 

The Master of Commerce (M.Com) is a postgraduate programme focusing on commerce, accounting, management, and economics. This two-year degree course provides career pathways in the corporate and finance sectors, with specialisations available in accounting, taxation, finance, and human resource management. The programme follows a four-semester choice-based credit system and is approved by the UGC. Upon completion of the course, students receive an academic degree from the university, which is designated as a Master of Commerce. 

Master Of Commerce (M.Com) Overview 
Course LevelPostgraduate
Course duration18-24 months
Course fees Tuition Fee Range per Year
USA – USD 19570UK – GBP 15580Canada- CAD16436Australia- AUD18993
General Eligibility Criteria to Study Abroad-Management aptitude tests: GMAT or GRE-Language proficiency tests: IELTS or TOEFL

Job Prospects 

Accounting, Corporate Analyst, Marketing Manager, Investment Banker, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, and Sales Manager are some of the careers available to international M.Com students. Given below are some of the salary ranges in different countries after pursuing an M.Com. 

salary ranges of Mcom course abroad

2. Masters In Business Administration

Certain countries have superior business schools compared to others, and the selection of Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand for abroad courses after B.Com is based on the high standard of education they offer. Canada is widely known for its robust education system and boasts a global network of universities and colleges, providing diverse programmes for students worldwide. Ireland’s education system ranks among the finest in Europe, offering students an outstanding chance for international exposure. 

Australia’s MBA programme stands out for its exceptional global perspective on business concepts and access to international networks, all at a competitive cost. New Zealand’s MBA programme has gained recognition from prestigious universities worldwide, further solidifying its status as a top choice for business studies. 

Masters In Business Administration Course Overview 
Course Duration1-2 years for full-time MBA2+ years for part-time MBA
General Eligibility Criteria to Study AbroadManagement aptitude tests: GMAT or GRELanguage proficiency tests: IELTS or TOEFL
Average Tuition Fee per YearUSA- USD 58524 UK- GBP 44093 Canada- CAD 40751Australia  – AUD 55675

Job Prospects  

Multinational companies recruit fresh MBA graduates with starting salaries ranging from 5 lakhs per annum to 25 lakhs per annum in India, depending on the institution where you earned your degree. Whereas an MBA is the best course to study in the USA after B.Com due to its high pay scale opportunities over here. Pursuing an MBA is considered one of the best career paths after completing a B.Com. Here are salary ranges if you are planning to build your MBA career abroad. 

salary range of MBA course abroad

3. Masters In Finance (M.Fin) 

If you’re a finance professional looking to expand your skill set, pursuing a Master’s in Finance abroad can be an excellent choice after completing B.Com. This programme equips you with the necessary knowledge for a career in investment banking and opens doors to other areas such as commercial banking, risk management, insurance, and commodities or energy trading within established industrial firms. 

Masters In Finance Course Overview 
Course Duration1-2 years
General Eligibility Criteria to Study AbroadManagement aptitude tests: GMAT or GRELanguage proficiency tests: IELTS or TOEFL
Tuition Fee Range per YearUSA- USD 31,231UK- GBP 22,764Canada- CAD 48,276Australia- AUD 36,810

Job Prospects 

MFin graduates abroad have promising job prospects in investment banking, asset management, risk management, corporate finance, consulting, private equity, hedge funds, fintech, and insurance sectors. They can pursue roles such as investment banker, portfolio manager, risk analyst, financial consultant, or FinTech specialist based on their expertise and interests.

salary range of Mfin course abroad

4. MIB (Masters in International Business) 

After completing a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) abroad, many students pursue specialised courses in areas such as the global economy, international marketing, financial management, strategic decision-making, and operations through Master of International Business (MIB) programmes. MIB programs are tailored to equip graduates with expertise relevant to corporate recruitment in an international context.

Masters In International Business (MIB) Overview
Course Duration 1-1.5 years 
General Eligibility Criteria Management aptitude tests: GMAT or GRELanguage proficiency tests: IELTS or TOEFL
Tuition Fee Range Per Year US: USD 28,754UK: GBP 32,134 Canada: CAD 38,644 Australia: AUD 29,909

Job Prospects 

Completing a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) abroad opens up the opportunity to pursue a master’s in business analytics, which is a rapidly emerging career path. As digitalisation continues to expand, there is a rising demand for proficient business analytics professionals in foreign markets. This field offers diverse job roles, such as data analyst, business analyst, quantitative analyst, and risk analyst. MIB is one of the best courses after B.Com in Australia as there is a scope for high pay scale for the related job profiles here. 

salary range of MIB course abroad

List Of Other International Courses After B.Com

Commerce is a vast field, and there are even more courses that you can consider just under master’s in Commerce. Given below is a list worth looking at: 

  • Master of Commerce (Professional Accounting)
  • Master of Commerce (Marketing)
  • Master of Business and Commerce (Accounting)
  • Master of Commerce (Advanced) in Applied Finance
  • Master of Commerce in Economics
  • Master of Commerce in Supply Chain Management
  • Master of Commerce (Agricultural) – Agribusiness Management
  • Master of Commerce and Management – Rural Finance
  • Master of Commerce (Business Law)

Application Process For Masters Courses After B.Com In Abroad 

The application process for master’s courses abroad after completing a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) typically involves several steps. Here’s a general overview of what to expect:

1. Research Programmes and Universities: Start by researching master’s programmes that align with your academic interests and career goals. Explore universities known for excellence in your field of study and assess their admission requirements.

2. Check Eligibility Criteria: Review the eligibility criteria for each programme, including academic requirements (such as minimum GPA and specific coursework), language proficiency (usually demonstrated through TOEFL or IELTS scores for non-native English speakers), and any additional requirements like standardised tests (e.g., GRE or GMAT).

3. Prepare Application Documents:

  • Transcripts: Request official transcripts from your undergraduate institution.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Obtain letters of recommendation from professors or employers who can attest to your academic abilities and potential.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP): Write a compelling statement outlining your academic background, career objectives, and reasons for pursuing the specific master’s programme.
  • Resume/CV: Update your resume or curriculum vitae to highlight relevant academic achievements, work experience, extracurricular activities, and skills.

4. Complete Online Application: Follow the application instructions provided by each university. Most universities have an online application portal where you’ll submit your personal information, academic history, and standardised test scores and upload required documents.

5. Pay Application Fees: Pay the application fees for each university you apply to. Fees can vary, so be prepared to budget for multiple applications.

6. Submit Application Before Deadline: Ensure that you submit your complete application, including all required documents, before the application deadline. Late applications are typically not considered.

What Are The Best Colleges To Study Courses At After A B.Com Degree Abroad? 

The universities listed below offer the best Masters in Finance in UK, Masters In Finance In Canada, Masters In Business Analytics In Canada and other courses after B.Com degree: 

Name of the UniversityQS Ranking 2024
La Trobe University#242
University of Birmingham#84
London School of Economics and Political Science#45
Yale University#16
University of Toronto#21
University of Sydney#19
Swansea University#307 
University of British Columbia#34
York University#353

How To Get A Job In Abroad After B.Com?  

The chances of getting a job abroad after doing a postgraduate programme are high.  You can consider some master’s courses after completing your B.Com to get a high-paying job. Here’s how you can get a job abroad after a master’s course after B.Com: 

  • Get relevant experience by doing internships, part-time jobs, or volunteer opportunities during your studies.  
  • Make an attractive resume or cover letter highlighting your experience, strengths, skill sets, etc. International experience, even if it’s within your home country, can be valuable.
  • Some universities offer job placement programmes or partnerships with companies abroad. Utilise these resources to explore job opportunities post-graduation.
  • Understand the visa and work permit requirements for the countries where you intend to apply for jobs. Research immigration policies and seek guidance if needed.
  • Be prepared to start with entry-level positions abroad to gain experience and establish yourself in a new environment. 

In conclusion, pursuing education after B.Com in abroad opens up a world of opportunities for students to enrich their knowledge and gain invaluable international exposure. The top countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand offer a plethora of prestigious universities and diverse programmes catering to various fields of interest. With the availability of scholarships and financial aid options, students can fulfil their aspirations of studying abroad and pave the way for a successful and rewarding career in the global business landscape. 


1. Which course is best after BCom for abroad studies?

The best course to study after BCom for abroad studies depends on your interests, career goals, and the specific field you want to specialise in. Some of the courses include- MCom, Master of Economics, MBA, Master of Finance, etc. 

2. Which exam is best after B.Com?

The best exam to take after BCom depends on your career goals and the field you wish to specialise in. Some of the exams include- GMAT, GRE, SSC, CMA, CAT, etc. 

3. What are the top countries for studying abroad after completing a B.Com degree?

The top countries for courses after B Com in abroad are the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. These countries offer prestigious universities and a wide range of programs for international students, making them attractive destinations for B.Com graduates seeking further education.

4. Are there any scholarships or financial aid options available for international students pursuing courses after B.Com in abroad?

Yes, many universities and governments offer scholarships and financial aid options for international students pursuing courses after B Com in abroad to support their education and reduce the financial burden.

5. What is the SOP for why business analytics?

An SOP for Business Analytics serves as a written document to advocate your candidacy for admission to a Master’s program in Business Analytics. This document is a valuable tool enabling you to highlight your skills and qualifications to the admissions committee.

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Courses After B Com In Abroad

Top 5 Courses After B Com In Abroad [2024 Updated]

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