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You Can Easily Study The Famous Courses In Oxford

Famous Courses In Oxford

Oxford is an international study destination, or at least on the top of a number of bucket lists of a number of students wish to study abroad. The university is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and has a QS World Ranking of 4 since the past 3 years. Some of the famous courses in Oxford such as Philosophy, Law and Literature have contributed to the high standing of the university. 

The following is an infographic shared by the University of Oxford on Twitter. The picture is self explanatory and guides you through the opportunities you are open to if you’re wanting to pursue your studies at Oxford. 

To help you find the direction and suggest the top courses in Oxford, I have created a list for you. Here are some of the famous courses of Oxford- read on to know more.

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Famous Courses In Oxford For Undergraduate Studies

University of Oxford offers 48 undergraduate courses to international students. The degrees cover a wide range of faculties such as law, humanities, language, theology and philosophy.  Here are some of the famous courses of Oxford- 

List of Degrees of the University of Oxford:-

BA In Archaeology and Anthropology 

The BA in Archaeology and Anthropology in Oxford is administered by the School of Archaeology. The course in Archaeology consists of theoretical as well as practical ways of learning. The full time course demands attendance in 4 one hour long lectures that take place throughout the week. The occasional practical sessions are organised a number of times per semester. The first year of the 3 year year course demands compulsory field work for 5 weeks. The first two weeks are organised at an excavation near the university and the rest 3 can be taken up anywhere in the world! 

In addition to this learning methodology, Oxford also encourages students to become independent thinkers and pushes them to submit individual works, essays and practice papers. 

The course gives a comprehensive understanding of diversity, human culture and studying the effects of evolution. What makes this world class course different from the ones that are offered in the rest of the world is the work opportunities available to you after the completion of your full time course. Almost all Oxford undergraduates are absorbed by well established organisations. In addition to that, you can also apply for a scholarship to study in Oxford if you are unable to meet the financial requirements of the university. 

As a part of your final year thesis and dissertation, you can opt for being  involved in field research as there also exist opportunities for work based learning.  It is one of the top majors at the University of Oxford.

BA In Economics and Management 

Economics and Management offered by the University of Oxford is one of the most prestigious courses. The acceptance rate for this course is only 6% and every year not more than 90 students are chosen to study Economics and Management at Oxford. It is one of the top majors at the University of Oxford

The degree offered by Oxford tests the students’ capabilities to solve the real world challenges of the society. To apply for this course, you need to crack the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA). This test, apart from the entry requirements for the degree, are aimed to test the problem solving attitude, aptitude and the potential to achieve objectives of the students. 

To be eligible for this undergraduate degree course, you need to compulsorily have Maths as a subject in all levels of matriculation. Additionally, you must score A Grade in all subjects as well as Higher Level in IB boards. Additionally, your score in mathematics must also be above average. 

You can also study Economics and Management at Oxford if you are an Indian Student. The Oxford Cambridge Society of India offers a number of scholarships for undergraduate, postgraduate and research students. 

BA OR MA English Language and Literature |Famous Courses In Oxford

English Language and Literature is one of the most famous courses in Oxford. 

What better place to learn the world’s most widely spoken language in the country of its origin? And that too in an institute that ranks 5 globally? 

Learning English at Oxford goes beyond studying the language itself. It involves development of an intellectual mind that makes contextual arguments. An approach to literary criticism, history, culture and development of the English language is only available at Oxford. 

Oxford’s English Faculty is the biggest in Britain and you will be taught and mentored by active scholars in the field of English and Languages. 

The curriculum at Oxford goes beyond learning in the walls of the classroom. In your 2nd and 3rd years of studies, you can choose to specialise in Medieval Literature and Language. You also get a 3 year access to the Bodleian Library that has an extensive collection of manuscripts from the 18th and 19th centuries. It is one of the best degrees from the University of Oxford .

Famous Courses In Oxford For Postgraduate Studies

Masters in Philosophy

It is often helpful to pursue philosophy as an undergraduate course if you are thinking about taking up Philosophy as a Master’s degree. Oxford University Philosophy Department one of the best in the world. Philosophy at Oxford is one of the most renowned courses that is well reputed to produce thought leaders. The extensive  curriculum it offers is also  regarded as training for doctoral studies. It prepares the students by making arrangements for their own programmes for supervision, classes and assessments. 

M Phil or B.Phil at Oxford prepares students to become contributors in the fields they are most interested in and develop in areas of teaching competence. You must be able to organise and reorganise thoughts for your learners and display sustainable arguments with proper presentation. 

To be eligible for pursuing Philosophy, one of the famous courses in Oxford, you must have a first class or strong second class, or an equivalent degree. The subject should be Philosophy or a closely related field. You don’t need to crack the GRE or GMAT to enter Oxford for Philosophy, however, you need to meet the English Language requirements of the University. It is one of the best degrees from the University of Oxford.

MA In Geography |Famous Courses In Oxford

You can become a part of one of the world’s most diverse, vibrant and inclusive schools in the world, The School of Geography and Environment of Oxford is one of the most successful Geography departments in the world. The courses and curriculum offered by the School of Geography prepares you for research oriented, teaching or field-related career roles. Additionally, it also offers four MSc courses which are full-time taught courses with a dissertation. 

Geography graduates of Oxford are open to explore a wide range of career opportunities that include the field of Geography and combine it with consultancy to central and local governments, management of conservation projects, heritage reaching and researching and the media.  

We hope this list of Degrees of the University of Oxford proves helpful for you.

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Famous Courses In Oxford

You Can Easily Study The Famous Courses In Oxford

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