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Universities with High Acceptance Rates in Australia – [Updated 2024]

universities with a high acceptance rate in Australia

Australia has more than 600,000 international students studying at its prestigious universities. The majority of these students are known to target universities which have high acceptance rates. Universities where their admission is highly possible. The 2023 figures on international students in Australia paint an impressive picture. Of the 2.5 million temporary residents in the country, a staggering one in ten holds a student visa – an unprecedented level. This all-time high defies any pre-pandemic apprehensions, making the nation’s status an academic mecca. 

Australia’s international education industry is driving significant economic momentum. Recent reports indicate that in 2022, the education sector contributed a staggering $29.8 billion to the nation’s economy, with international students accounting for an impressive $25.3 billion of that figure. The latest student enrollment data portrays the enduring nature of this trend. It’s crucial to acknowledge the substantial ripple effects of this growth, extending not only within the education realm.

Bar chart showcasing the preferred websites among international students in Australia.

Source: By Cecii 97 

You can zero down on your choice of university basis the best student cities in Australia as recommended by students. From that, you can see that around 3,33,913 international students live in New South Wales alone. Victoria and Queensland come next amongst the cities with the most affordable colleges with a high acceptance rate in Australia.

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Explore Highest Acceptance Rate Universities in Australia in 2024

Before you read about each mentioned university in detail, the table below should help you with the respective universities and the rates they have set for the academic year 2024:

Name Of The UniversityAcceptance Rate
University of Divinity74% – 81%
La Trobe University100%
University of Sunshine Coast82%
James Cook University74%
University of Canberra78%
Charles Darwin University75%
University of Newcastle80%
University of Adelaide75%
University of Tasmania75%
University of Melbourne72%

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne's campus: a vibrant hub of learning, with stunning architecture and lush greenery.

Acceptance Rate: 77%

Number of students admitted: 65,000

The University of Melbourne, established in 1853, is Australia’s second-oldest and one of the public universities in Australia. It provides a vibrant learning environment for approximately 65,000 students, including around 30,000 international students from over 130 countries. The university is divided into ten faculties which offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in over 100 subject areas. International students have access to a wide selection of over 600 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programmes at the University of Melbourne.

The University of Melbourne Acceptance Rate

The University of Melbourne’s acceptance rate is 77% for the 2024 intake. Popular courses like Commerce and Science are way more competitive than Education or Agricultural Sciences. So, for the in-demand programmes, you’ll need a higher entrance score to secure your spot. But the good news is that if you hit the guaranteed entry score for your chosen course, you’re automatically in – no ifs, ands or buts about it.

University Of Divinity

A captivating nighttime view of the University of Divinity church, featuring a striking steeple that adds to its architectural beauty.

Acceptance Rate: 74 – 81%

Number of students admitted: 53,531

Established over a century ago in the year 1910, the University of Divinity is known to be the easiest university to get into in Australia. It is one of the private universities of Australia, offering diplomas, undergraduate degrees, graduate certificates and diplomas, postgraduate degrees and higher degrees by research in the fields of theology, philosophy, and ministry. It is one of the best universities in Australia that offers 92% satisfaction to graduates. You will be required to pay an amount of AUD $300 as your application fee.

The average tuition fee for studying at the University of Divinity is AUD $14,688 per year. In addition to being one of the best universities with a high acceptance rate in Australia, the university also provides financial support for students through scholarships to study in Australia.

The University of Divinity Acceptance Rate

University of Divinity’s acceptance rate is between 70% – 81%. This is yet another Australian university that accepts the largest number of students on its campus each year. The friendly and achievable acceptance rate is a testament to that. But that doesn’t mean it’s a total cakewalk, either. You’ll still need to bring your A-game to the table. The good thing is that they lay out their entry requirements nicely and clearly.

La Trobe University

Two individuals strolling on a bridge, with a building in the background, at La Trobe University

Acceptance Rate: 100%

Number of students admitted: All students admitted

La Trobe University ranks among the best 1.3% of the total 20,000 universities in the world. The university is known to accept over 7,000 international students coming from 110 countries every year. Moreover, it has also secured a rank of 14 in Australia in terms of employability levels provided. One of the top universities with a high acceptance rate in Australia, it offers over 3,200 subjects in the following disciplines:

  • Science
  • IT and Engineering
  • Business and Commerce
  • Health
  • Law and Criminology
  • Education and Teaching
  • Arts, Social Sciences, and Communications

La Trobe University Acceptance Rate

La Tobe University’s acceptance rate is 100%. This means that the university follows an open admission policy and all students are accepted within its famed halls. All you need to do is submit all necessities, right from grades to documents within the given deadline. The admission committee will take some weeks to respond. 

University Of The Sunshine Coast

University of the South's latest addition at University of the Sunshine Coast, showcasing a contemporary building

Acceptance Rate: 82%

Number of students admitted: 18,275

The University of the Sunshine Coast is located in Queensland, Australia. It has an urban-style campus with over 16,000 students enrolled. Not only are the application fees nil but the USC university is known for accepting a large number of rural students in addition to international students. This makes it one of the universities with a high acceptance rate in Australia. The university offers more than 120 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a variety of subjects, such as engineering, tourism, tropical health care, genetics, and other marine sciences.

The University of Sunshine Coast Acceptance Rate

The University of Sunshine Coast’s acceptance rate is 82% for the 2024 intake. This is a clear indication that the university follows an admission policy which accepts the majority of students. To be precise, 8 out of 10 students are given a go-ahead!

James Cook University

Acceptance Rate: 74%

Number of students admitted: 13,000

James Cook University (JCU) is a comprehensive research-intensive university. JCU is ranked among the top 30 young universities by the Times Higher Education. Over 21,500 students from more than 100 countries study at JCU’s campuses. It offers various study options in subject areas, including business, arts and social sciences, environmental management, information technology, engineering, health studies, medicine, and law, to name a few.

James Cook University Acceptance Rate

James Cook University’s Acceptance Rate is 74% for the 2024 intake. While not overly stringent, this rate indicates that JCU maintains reasonable admission standards. Students shouldn’t assume it’s an absolute shoo-in, but with proper preparation and meeting the prerequisites, your chances are quite favourable. The key is putting in the appropriate effort – don’t simply coast by on assumptions. 

The University Of Canberra

University of Canberra sign with blue lettering and a kangaroo emblem in front of a modern building.

Acceptance Rate: 78%

Number of students admitted: 11,000

The University of Canberra has an acceptance rate of 89% with over 14,000 students enrolled at the university, of whom 2,100 are international students. It was established in 1967 as an open institution. The organisation was once known as the Canberra College of Advanced Education. It obtained its present name and university status in 1990. The university’s academic curriculum, which is broken up into five colleges of arts and design, business, government & law, health, education, and science & technology, covers a wide range of courses.

The University of Canberra Acceptance Rate

The University of Canberra has an acceptance rate of 78% for the 2024 intake. For those interested in studying at the University of Canberra, the current acceptance rate is fairly promising. While not quite as selective as some institutions, this rate indicates UC still has respectable standards for admission. It’s not simply a matter of applying on a whim. Prospective students should come prepared, ensuring they meet UC’s academic and application criteria.  

Charles Darwin University

A glass building with a lush green lawn, representing Charles Darwin University.

Acceptance Rate: 75%

Number of students admitted: 21,000

Charles Darwin Institute (CDU), which was established in 1989, is another university with a high acceptance rate in Australia, at 60%. The university has more than 21,000 students, of whom 2,000 are international students. CDU provided both a four-year degree and practical training and was Australia’s first dual-sector institution. It has five campuses and three training sites in Australia. The major campus of CDU is Casuarina, which is located in Darwin’s northern suburbs. The institution offers an extensive selection of in-depth courses in a variety of topics, including accounting, culinary arts, sports, social science, nursing, business, education, law, health, education, social work, and many more. 

Charles Darwin Acceptance Rate

Prospective students looking at Charles Darwin University will find the acceptance rate to be quite accessible. This rate suggests CDU maintains reasonable admission standards while still providing a solid opportunity for qualified applicants. An acceptance rate in this range means CDU isn’t simply allowing everyone through the door but it’s also not so stringent as to be unattainable for prepared students.

University of Newcastle

A modern architectural marvel, the University of Newcastle stands tall, showcasing its sleek design of metal and glass.

Acceptance Rate: 80%

Number of students admitted: 37,000

The University of Newcastle, situated in Newcastle, is a public institution founded in 1965. Its main campus is located in the Callaghan suburb of Newcastle and the university extends its presence with campuses in Central Coast, Singapore, Newcastle City in the Hunter and Sydney. The university provides a range of educational programmes which include certificates, diplomas and degrees, delivered through three colleges and thirteen schools. Before 2022, the university referred to its academic divisions as “faculties,” comprising five faculties and twelve schools. 

The University of Newcastle Acceptance Rate

For those considering the University of Newcastle for the 2024 intake, the 80% acceptance rate is certainly encouraging. This rate signals that Newcastle has achievable admission standards while still maintaining respectable academic expectations. An 80% acceptance rate is not a total open door, but it provides ample opportunity for well-prepared applicants.

University of Adelaide

Aerial view of University of Adelaide with a statue in front.

Acceptance Rate: 75%

Number of students admitted: 25,000

the University of Adelaide which is housed in South Australia, is a renowned research institution. It has four campuses and is highly regarded for its diverse array of courses, pioneering research endeavours and innovative teaching methods. Moreover, International students at the University of Adelaide have access to a wide range of educational opportunities, including 216 postgraduate coursework programmes, nine postgraduate research degrees and 159 undergraduate programmes.

The University of Adelaide Acceptance Rate

To successfully gain admission to Adelaide, applicants need to ensure they meet the university’s academic prerequisites and put together a strong, well-rounded application. Simply applying is not an automatic acceptance with a 75% rate. However, students who demonstrate they have the necessary grades, test scores, extracurriculars, and application materials will put themselves in a competitive position to join the 75% who receive an offer of admission.

University of Tasmania

Behold the University of Tasmania, an impressive stone edifice.

Acceptance Rate: 72%

Number of students admitted: 10,000

The University of Tasmania is a public research institution in Australia that currently hosts a diverse student body of 34,000 individuals, these include 4,500 international students from 147 countries. The university offers an extensive array of academic options, with over 100 undergraduate programmes and 130 graduate programmes to choose from.

The University of Tasmania Acceptance Rate

Prospective students looking at the University of Tasmania for 2024 will find the 72% acceptance rate to be quite attainable. This rate signals that UTAS has achievable admission standards while still requiring applicants to demonstrate their qualifications. A 72% rate is not an open door, but it provides a favourable opportunity for well-prepared students.

Admission Requirements

When applying to Australian universities, international students need to submit full details about their educational background. This includes listing all the courses, subjects and grades from their previous studies. It’s a critical part of the application process, as the universities need to verify that students meet the academic requirements for admission.

  • Standard X Mark sheet
  • Standard XII Mark sheet
  • Bachelor’s Degree / Provisional Certificate with mark sheet

Application Requirements

When applying to Australian universities, international students must provide certain details related to admission criteria, English proficiency, academic performance and more. The key requirements are as follows:

  • Secondary school reports/certificates and transcripts/mark sheets from final exams. It’s advisable to convert your grades to the equivalent Australian grading scale. IELTS and GMAT scores must be submitted if applying for an MBA programme. Minimum score requirements vary between universities, so check each institution’s website.
  • For an MBA or higher education program like a doctoral programme, you’ll likely need to provide work experience letters detailing your job roles, key responsibilities, and positions held. A comprehensive resume/CV is also mandatory.
  • A statement of purpose or personal essay explaining your career goals, interests, extracurricular activities, your chosen field of study and how you’ll finance your stay in Australia.
  • Two letters of recommendation from professors or professional contacts who can highlight your strengths, weaknesses and potential to excel in your chosen academic programme. 

What Is The Average Acceptance Rate Of Australian Universities?

Australia is home to many top-ranked universities with acceptance rates that are quite generous – ranging from 59% all the way up to 100% for some programmes.

However, it’s important to understand that getting accepted isn’t just about the numbers. Your academic qualifications, English language skills and the specific requirements of your chosen degree all play a big role. Certain programmes that are in really high demand or that attract an extremely competitive pool of applicants may have lower admission rates too. And any changes to government policies around international student visas can also impact acceptance at any given time.

Why Study In Australia?

These are just a few of the primary reasons to consider pursuing your education at an Australian university. We encourage you to explore the below reasons to be well aware!

Academic Excellence

The calibre of education offered by Australian universities is truly exceptional. It’s worth noting that virtually all of Australia’s institutions of higher learning are renowned for providing outstanding teaching and research facilities. In fact, Australia is home to 43 universities, an impressive 38 of which rank among the world’s best.

Enviable Lifestyle

Another compelling reason to pursue your studies in Australia is the unparalleled quality of life. Australia has out performed in OECD’s report across various factors such as disposable income, employment, education, health and more. If you’re seeking a stable nation where you can pursue your degree while positioning yourself for a lucrative career, Australia is an ideal choice.

Natural Wonders, Enviable Climate

Australia has the world’s most iconic and breathtaking natural attractions, drawing visitors from far and wide. From tropical islands, lakes and beaches to national parks, dense forests, and mountain ranges, the country has an unforgettable scenery.

Furthermore, Australia boasts a temperate climate that is exceptionally well-suited for students. With an average temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius, you can avoid the extremes of intense cold or heat, allowing you to concentrate fully on your studies.


What is the University of Melbourne acceptance rate?

The University of Melbourne’s acceptance rate stands at 77% for those applying for the 2024 academic year.

Which Australian university has the highest acceptance rate?

La Trobe has the highest acceptance rate in Australia, at a full 100%.

Which university accepts most international students in Australia?

RMIT University boasts the largest population of international students in Australia, totalling 26,590, closely followed by Monash University, which accommodates 22,140 international students.

Which University in Australia has the lowest acceptance rate?

The University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales have the lowest acceptance rate, both of which stand at 30%. This could be due to the top quality of education provided by the universities.

What is the easiest college to get into in Australia?

The University of Divinity is one of the easiest universities to get into in Australia.

Which university is best for international students in Australia?

The University of Queensland Australia, Monash University, the University of New South Wales, Australian National University and the University of Adelaide are some of the best universities for international students.

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universities with a high acceptance rate in Australia

Universities with High Acceptance Rates in Australia – [Updated 2024]

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