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Syracuse University Acceptance Rate 2024

Syracuse University Acceptance Rate

With cutting-edge research facilities and a reputation for providing world-class education, Syracuse University is a prestigious institution of higher learning. You need to be aware that this university is considered to be among the greatest in the world. Also, you must get ready for the test to be admitted. Getting into Syracuse is competitive and challenging. With a 52% Syracuse University acceptance rate, entrance is moderately selective.

What Is Syracuse University Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate for Syracuse University is 52% for the year 2024. Many factors complicate the admissions process. Yet, your GPA and test results are the most crucial aspects of the admissions process at the University of Syracuse.

The class that enrolled in Syracuse in the autumn of 2019 had an average high school GPA of 3.67. A 2017 investigation by Inside Higher Education found that this was better than the 3.38 on a 4.0 scale that represents the country’s norm.

Between 1180 and 1380 on the SAT, the middle 50% of the 2019 incoming undergraduate class earned. Similar to SAT scores, ACT scores range from 26 to 30. Although all of the Syracuse University system’s schools are eligible for the waiver, most member schools reported that test results were submitted last year by students. International students are required to present the IETLS certification as proof of their English proficiency.

The following table shows the typical GPA, SAT, and ACT scores of those admitted to Syracuse in the class:

Standardized Tests Score Range

The above grades surpass the University’s entrance cycle from the previous year. International students must submit their English Proficiency Test results and SAT and ACT scores. IELTS scores can be as low as 6.5, and TOEFL iBT scores can be as high as 90.

How Hard Is It To Get Accepted At Syracuse University?

Syracuse is a more challenging college, but there is a decent chance of admission for those who match the prerequisites. Of 39,682 applications, 23,489 were accepted last year. The school has stringent admission standards and often only accepts applicants who can receive a standardised test score in the top 18%.

Average high school students with a GPA of roughly 3.69 who get accepted to Syracuse University typically have a B+ grade point average. Most new first-year students finish in the top 25% of their high school class. 16% of those who were accepted decided to enrol in the institution.

Applications must be submitted by 1 January and cost $85 for Syracuse. According to the IPEDS, Syracuse University acceptance rate of 52% which means that out of every 100 candidates, 52 manage to get admission and be accepted to Syracuse University. Upholding the Syracuse University SAT cutoff scores and Syracuse University GPA cutoff averages is crucial to guarantee your admission.

Year Acceptance Rate

What Is The Demographic Profile Of Syracuse University?

The equal presence of students from various backgrounds in the student population signifies a college’s ethnic diversity. Most Syracuse University students are White, with few international students. There is a lot of racial variety in the school. A total of 45% of students identify as minorities or persons of colour.

The following table provides specifics on the ethnic breakdown, which are listed below:

Student BodyPercent
Asian American7%
African American7%
International 12%
Two or more races4%

What Are The Admission Rates And Enrollment Requirements For The Syracuse University?

Understanding the Syracuse University acceptance rate, admissions and enrollment requirements, and other relevant information are essential. Syracuse University evaluates student applications using the following prerequisites for admission and suggested supporting documentation. The Recommended portion is optional, and all required section materials must be submitted with your application.

  • Complete the Common Application.
  • Send in your ACT or SAT scores.
  • Payment of the $75 application fee
  • Please send your high school transcript.
  • Your senior year grade report must be submitted.
  • A counselor evaluation from a secondary school
  • Two scholarly references should be provided

With only 21% of the international student body, admission to Syracuse University takes a lot of work. Admission to some programmes at Syracuse University does not require a minimum GPA or scores on standardized tests. The keys to applying for admission are academic achievement, leadership abilities and Syracuse University acceptance rate. Understanding the pattern over time helps determine whether Syracuse University is becoming more or less competitive.

Syracuse University Intakes & Deadlines:

Their official portal explains the standard deadlines for applications to Syracuse University for international students. Nonetheless, it is advised that students begin their application process well before the start of the semester to ensure a smooth application process and adequate time for visa processing.

The deadline for transfer applications is December 1, while November 15 would be desirable. After November 15, transfer applications will be taken on a space-available basis for spring enrollment. Although the deadline for fall semester transfer applications is July 1, they strongly advise applying early. You should submit your application as soon as possible for the fall semester because some programmes have a limited number of spots, and transfer students are accepted on a rolling basis starting in late February.

What Can You Expect After Admission To Syracuse University?

  • Programmes Offered:

Syracuse search for a better world serves as the foundation for its transdisciplinary programmes. Teaching, research, and service drive faculty members to help students reach their full potential in a thriving intellectual community. 370 effective programmes are available at Syracuse University through Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, and Post Graduate Certificate programmes. Among those, five online courses are available through distance learning. The Field of Study & Major Program page at Syracuse University has information on all major programmes, including completion rates and earnings after graduation.

  • Facilities:

Syracuse is dedicated to developing basic research that broadens fundamental understanding, high-quality research that addresses urgent global needs, and curiosity-driven inquiry. Facilities run and maintain the University’s academic and administrative buildings, systems, grounds, sporting fields, elevators, parking facilities, and utilities. They are committed to excellence in all elements of facilities and are proactive in identifying and resolving concerns in your buildings and throughout the campus.

  • Tuition:

Syracuse University tuition cost is $60,135. Syracuse University’s tuition is more expensive than the $41,568 national average. The average net price for a student receiving need-based help is $37,241, which is the average cost of the University after financial aid and scholarships are deducted from the overall cost.

  • Alumni:

From their establishment in 1870, alumni of Syracuse University have left their mark on the world. Their graduates have constantly gone on to win recognition on a national and worldwide level for their accomplishments, whether in the human services field, the corporate world, the legal field, the entertainment industry, the arts, or any other field. And famous alumni include Joe Biden, Carmelo Anthony, Vera Farmiga, Grace Jones and Megyn Kelly.

Summing It Up:

The GPA and SAT/ACT scores are significant for getting into this University. The curriculum, recommendation letter, extracurricular activities, essays, and PI must all be given equal attention. You will get a solid understanding of other essential admissions standards and the normal Syracuse University acceptance rate. Enhancing the aforementioned factors can significantly increase your chances of dominating your rivals. Consider enrolling in a Prep Expert course to improve your GPA or test results before the application deadline.

Thank you for reading this blog.

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Syracuse University Acceptance Rate

Syracuse University Acceptance Rate 2024

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