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Masters In Business Analytics In Canada: Top Universities, Eligibility Criteria & More

US universities accepting 3 years bachelors

Canada has become an incredibly popular study abroad destination for international students. With its prestigious universities, reasonable living expenses, ample scholarship opportunities, and promising career prospects, it has truly become an attractive place for students. Masters in Business Analytics in Canada is one such programme in Canada which is highly ranked and pursued in the country.

Masters in Business Analytics in Canada is a comprehensive 1-2 year course designed to equip students with advanced analytical skills and business acumen. With a range of specialisation options and experiential learning opportunities, the MBAN programme offers a solid foundation for aspiring professionals seeking to excel in the field of business analytics. Pursuing an MBAN in Canada opens doors to a world of exciting possibilities. In this blog, we will cover everything you need to know about studying Masters in business analytics in Canada, from top universities, eligibility and admission criteria, jobs and salaries, and more.

Masters In Business Analytics: Highlights

Name of the programmeMasters in Business Analytics
Duration1-2 years for Masters
Eligibility CriteriaBachelors from Canada or any other known university overseas for Masters
Required GPA3.0 or more on a scale of 4.0
English Language Proficiency scoresIELTS: 6.5TOEFL: 80-100
Average Tuition FeeMasters: CA $30,000 to CA $40,000 per semester
Average Salary after graduation CA $115,000/ per year

Why Study Masters In Business Analytics In Canada?

Studying Masters in Business Analytics in Canada presents a compelling choice due to the country’s high-quality education system and popular universities. With top-ranking institutions offering comprehensive programmes, students can expect to receive a rigorous education that equips them with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the field of business analytics.

Canadian Universities: In Canada, there is a strong offering of Masters in Business Analytics programmes, with approximately 8 universities providing this degree. Notably, three of these universities have achieved a position within the top 100 in the QS World Universities Ranking for 2023, indicating their high academic standing and reputation.

Job Growth in Business Analytics: The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a significant increase in the number of jobs related to Business Analytics by 2026. It is estimated that around 110,000 new positions will be created, emphasising the growing demand for professionals with skills in this field.

Job Opportunities: Completing a Masters in Business Analytics opens up numerous job opportunities for graduates. With the increasing demand for professionals in this domain, individuals with an MBAN degree can explore various career paths. Furthermore, the average starting salary for MBAN graduates is around 23 lakhs INR per annum, indicating the potential for lucrative compensation.

Employer Demand for Business School Graduates: According to the GMAC survey conducted in 2018, a substantial 71% of employers expressed their intention to hire graduates from business schools specifically for analytical roles. More specifically, 52% of these employers seek candidates who possess an MBAN or a similar degree, highlighting the importance of specialised education in this field.

Top Universities For Masters In Business Analytics In Canada

Masters in Business Analytics in Canada

Canada is home to several top universities renowned for their Masters in Business Analytics programmes. These universities offer exceptional education and research opportunities in the field, providing students with a strong foundation in analytics and business strategy. With a combination of rigorous coursework, industry connections, and experienced faculty, these institutions prepare graduates for successful careers in the rapidly growing field of business analytics.

Name of the universityTuition Fees
University of TorontoCA $61,350
McGill UniversityCA $37,541
University of British ColumbiaCA $45,000- CA $70,000
University of WaterlooCA $64,701
Queen’s UniversityCA $45,219
York Schulich School of BusinessCA $84,100
HEC UniversityCA $34,100
Carleton UniversityCA $31,117
University of AlbertaCA $54,000
DeGroote School of BusinessCA $20,662

Eligibility & Admission Requirements For Masters In Business Analytics In Canada

Eligibility criteria for applying to the top universities in Canada for a Masters in Business Analytics encompass various aspects. Let us look into these general requirements:

Educational Requirements: Prospective applicants should have completed a bachelor’s or undergraduate degree in a related field, preferably spanning 3 to 4 years. A solid academic performance with a B+ average (87-89%) is typically expected. Some universities may have specific undergraduate degree prerequisites for admission, so it is crucial to verify this information.

English Language Proficiency Tests: Canadian universities typically mandate English Language Proficiency Tests, such as IELTS or TOEFL, for international applicants. The minimum average band score for IELTS is generally 7.0, while TOEFL requires a score of approximately 100 (home edition). However, these requirements may vary among universities.

Prior Work Experience: While not mandatory, having prior work experience or practical knowledge in the field of business analytics can significantly strengthen an applicant’s profile. Professional exposure, especially in subjects like calculus, statistics, programming, and related fields, can be highly beneficial and increase the likelihood of acceptance.

Other Test Scores: In addition to English language proficiency, universities may require applicants to submit scores from standardised tests like the GMAT or GRE. The minimum score for the GMAT is typically around 550, while a minimum score of 155 is often expected for the GRE. However, the specific score requirements can differ across universities.

Test Scores Required

Name of the universityGMAT ELP Requirements
University of Toronto550IELTS: 7.0TOEFL: 100
McGill University580IELTS: 7.0TOEFL: 100
University of British Columbia550IELTS: 7.0TOEFL: 100
University of Waterloo550IELTS: 7.0TOEFL: 100
Queen’s University600IELTS: 7.0TOEFL: 100
York Schulich School of Business680IELTS: 7.0TOEFL: 100
HEC University600French Language Proficiency: TEF/TCF
Carleton University550IELTS: 6.5TOEFL: 86
University of Alberta550IELTS: 7.0TOEFL: 100
DeGroote School of Business600IELTS: 7.0TOEFL: 100

Job Profiles And Salaries For Masters In Business Analytics In Canada

Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary (INR)Average Annual Salary (CAD)
Analytics Analyst31.76 lakhs52,440
Business Intelligence Analyst35.09 lakhs57,923
Information Technology Consultant39.76 lakhs65,640
Business Analyst43.16 lakhs71,257
Business System Analyst52.14 lakhs86,067
Data Scientist52.31 lakhs86,350
Senior Data Scientist52.6 lakhs86,827

Cost Of Studying Masters In Business Analytics In Canada

Tuition Fees: The tuition fees for studying business analytics in Canada vary depending on factors such as the college, location, course, and duration. On average, the fees range from 20,000 CAD to 50,000 CAD per year. Research-based and co-op programmes generally have higher fees, while some programmes may have comparatively lower fees. 

ParticularsCost (Monthly)
Off-Campus Accommodation CA $550
On-Campus AccommodationCA $1,611
TransportationCA $100
Food CostCA $720
Utility CostCA $180
EntertainmentCA $60
GroceriesCA $64
ClothesCA $133
Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation CA $1,807
Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation CA $2,868
Annual Cost of LivingCA $21,684


Is Masters in Business Analytics worth it?

Pursuing a Masters in Business Analytics in Canada opens doors to a world of exciting possibilities. This degree has the potential to boost your salary with experience.

What is the scope of MS in business analytics in Canada?

Pursuing a Business Analytics course in Canada offers promising prospects, with graduates from Canadian colleges earning an average salary of approximately 65,869 CAD.

Which is better MBA or MS in business analytics?

If you aspire to specialise in Business Analytics, pursuing an MSc is highly recommended. While an MBA provides a well-rounded skill set in general management with some exposure to data analytics, an MSc delves deeper into the field of data analytics, offering comprehensive knowledge and expertise.

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Masters In Business Analytics In Canada: Top Universities, Eligibility Criteria & More

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