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Top Private Universities In The UK For International Students

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The United Kingdom have a plentiful of universities for students to choose from. Private universities in the UK are usually smaller than their public counterparts, offering a more personalized and intimate experience. They also offer a wide range of subjects and degrees, including postgraduate degrees and professional qualifications. These private UK universities are not officially recognized by the British government as being on par with state-funded institutions but they do have some advantages over traditional state schools; they also tend to be more expensive but may offer better facilities or more innovative teaching methods. However, there are some drawbacks—some private universities may be less reputable than others so it’s important to do your research before applying!

Private Universities In The UK

List Of Private Universities In The UK

University Of Buckingham

The University of Buckingham is one of the oldest non-profit private universities in the UK. It is located in Buckinghamshire, England and was founded in 1973. The university has over 10,000 students and over 200 academic staff members. The University College at Buckingham (UCB) began accepting students in 1976. By the royal charter, it received university status in 1983. Through its five “schools” (or faculties), Buckingham grants Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. The university ranked at the 123rd position in the Complete University Guide National Rankings in 2023 and 108th in the Times Higher Education National Rankings in 2022.

Regent’s University London

Regent’s University London (RUL) was founded in 1838 as Regent Street Polytechnic by the Prince of Wales. The university grew and expanded, moving to Regent Park in north London by the mid-20th century, where it became known—and remains known—as Regent’s College. It is one of the best private universities in the UK. The school has campuses around the city: at Regent Street, which is located near Oxford Circus; on Regent’s Park Road; and at Harcourt House (formerly known as St George’s House).

University Of Law

The University of Law, also known as UL, is a private university in London. It was founded in Guildford in 1992 and moved to London in 1994. Since then it has grown steadily and today has campuses in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. The University of Law is the largest law school in the United Kingdom and was formed in 1962 as The College of Law of England and Wales. It offers law degrees, specialised legal training, and continuing professional development courses for British barristers and lawyers. Its beginnings can be found around 1876. The university has nine campuses in the UK, located in Birmingham, Bristol, Chester, Guildford, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, and Sheffield, in addition to an overseas campus in Hong Kong.

The American InterContinental University London (AIUL)

The American InterContinental University London is located in the heart of London’s West End. The university provides students with a range of academic and social opportunities, including study abroad programs in places such as Hong Kong, Madrid and Chicago. The courses offered at AIUL include accounting, business administration and management, finance, humanities, hospitality and tourism management, interior design and decoration as well as media studies. In addition to this core curriculum, all students are required to take at least one English language course before they can graduate from AIUL.


Private institutions tend to have smaller classes and smaller campuses than their public counterparts. This means that private universities in the UK are able to offer students more personalized instruction and guidance, as well as opportunities for research or internships that are specific to their areas of interest—whether it be business or engineering. It can be hard deciding whether going private or public is best suited for your needs. With so many options available, there’s bound to be at least one that fits your needs and interests. Whether you’re looking for a specific course or just want something new and different, this list should give you some ideas on where to start looking!

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Top Private Universities In The UK For International Students

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