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Personalised Study Abroad Counselling For Indian Students

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1 Year Courses In The UK For International Students

1 year courses in uk for international students

The UK is among the most sought-after study-abroad destinations and with slightly higher costs incurred to finish the studies. However, with specialised 1-year courses in the UK for international students, studying in the country no longer has to weigh down on your pocket with more affordable programmes than standardised degrees. 

International students can opt for one-year UG and PG programmes that will give them just the proper headstart to enter the workforce and start earning in a duration comparatively less than full-time degree programmes. 

In this article, we will learn everything we need to know about pursuing one-year courses in the UK as an international student.

Why Study One-Year Courses In The UK?

One-year courses in the UK for international students offer a lucrative opportunity to earn an Undergraduate or Postgraduate level degree in a shorter time than traditional two-year programmes offered by UK universities. Let us look at some of the reasons why pursuing 1-year courses in the UK might be a step up for your professional career –

  • One-year courses in the UK allow students to enter the job market sooner or progress more quickly to further studies. This is because one-year programmes are designed to be industry-focused, emphasising vocational education that will translate into hands-on skills for the students.
  • The intensive nature of one-year courses means students can stay focused on their studies without lengthy breaks between terms.
  • Earning a degree in a shorter period helps reduce tuition and living expenses for international students.
  • Many one-year courses are available on a wide range of subjects, providing flexibility to study specialised topics in depth. Further, with a range of course specialisations, international students have many course options to pick from.

Specialisations In One-Year Courses In The UK For International Students

There are several specialisations of 1 year courses in UK for international students to choose from. From Business Management and Marketing to Creative Arts such as Fashion or Film Studies, universities in the UK provide it all! With courses spanning one year, students get to study intensive curriculums covering theory and work on practical industrial projects. Some of the most popular specialisation areas offered in one-year programmes include –

  1. Business & Management
  2. Diploma in International Business
  3. Certificate in Marketing Management
  4. PG Diploma in Strategic Management
  5. Law
  6. Diploma in Paralegal Studies
  7. PG Diploma in Corporate Law
  8. Certificate courses in Intellectual Property Law, International Law
  9. Pharmacy & Health Sciences
  10. PG Diploma courses in Pharmacy, Clinical Research, Public Health
  11. Biosciences, Genetics, Nutrition & Dietetics
  12. Engineering
  13. Diploma Programmes in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  14. Automotive Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Renewable Energy
  15. Journalism
  16. Diploma in Journalism, Digital Media, Creative Writing & Publishing
  17. Film Studies, Mass Communications
  18. Psychology
    1. PG Diploma courses in Counselling Psychology, Child & Adolescent Mental Health
    2. Educational Psychology, Occupational Psychology

One-Year Diploma Courses In UK For Indian Students

International students can choose from various undergraduate and postgraduate level one-year courses at UK universities. Some of the popular 1-year Diploma courses in UK for Indian students are listed in the table below –

Course NameUniversityDescription
Diploma in Business ManagementUniversity of WestminsterThis one-year diploma programme from the University of Westminster gives comprehensive training in business principles, marketing, accounting and business analytics to help pursue careers in management.
Diploma in Fashion MarketingKing’s College LondonOffered by the renowned King’s College London, this diploma course offers practical learning in fashion branding, visual merchandising, marketing communications and international business strategies to build careers in fashion industries.
Diploma in Media & CommunicationGoldsmiths University of LondonStudents in this one-year diploma programme at Goldsmiths University explore areas of journalism, public relations and advertising by conducting in-depth research projects and media production modules to gain media industry skills.
Diploma in Creative WritingOxford Brookes UniversityBased at Oxford Brookes University, this diploma course focuses on developing narrative, poetry writing and editing abilities through workshops with professional writers and assessments to nurture skilled writers.
Diploma in ComputingUniversity of KentOffered at the University of Kent, students in this diploma programme build software engineering fundamentals, learn coding through projects and gain certification in areas such as cloud computing and cyber security.
Diploma in Civil EngineeringUniversity of ManchesterThe one-year diploma in civil engineering from University of Manchester involves studying subjects like structures, construction, energy and designing highways and bridges along with industry internships.
Diploma in Sports ManagementUniversity of StirlingThis diploma course from University of Stirling combines theory and practical training to understand areas like sports marketing, facility management, athlete development and event organising to start careers in professional sports.
Diploma in Design & MaterialsCoventry UniversityThrough experimental workshops and research modules at Coventry University, students get proficiency in product design, 3D modelling, material science and engineering to work as designers in manufacturing companies.
Diploma in Music ProductionBIMM InstituteAs part of this diploma at BIMM Institute, students gain sound engineering skills using industry-standard technology platforms and software, participate in recording projects and get a foundation to succeed in music production field.
Diploma in Early Childhood Care & EducationUniversity of East LondonOffered by University of East London, this diploma helps understand child development theories, pedagogy techniques and equips with skills to plan curriculums and work as trained staff in nurseries and kindergartens.

Cost Of Studying One-Year Courses In The UK For Indian Students

Tuition fees for 1 year courses in the UK -for international students typically range from GBP 9,000–18,000 (approx. INR 9–18 lakhs) per year, depending upon the university and course chosen. Programme costs may be somewhat higher for courses in sectors like Engineering, Sciences, Computer Studies, etc. However, one-year courses at UK universities still provide better affordability than 3-4 year undergraduate degrees. Check out various scholarships to study in the UK to get financial support to pursue one-year programmes! The table below will help students understand the cost of living in the UK:

ParticularsMonthly Cost (£)
Off-campus Accommodation£408
On-campus Accommodation£472
Total Cost of Living with Off-campus Accommodation£1,154
Total Cost of Living with On-campus Accommodation£1,218

Eligibility Criteria And Admission Requirements To Study One-Year Courses In The UK

The eligibility norms to enrol for one-year courses in UK universities are tailored to be pretty flexible and accommodate the requirements of international applicants. While the admission requirements and eligibility might vary depending on the course and university applied to, generally, students are expected to meet the following criteria –


As part of the admission process, international students must complete online applications, passport copies, and passport-sized photographs within stipulated deadlines. They will also need to furnish evidence of sufficient funds for living expenses and tuition fees.

Top Universities / Colleges In The UK For One-Year Courses

Universities in the UK invite international students to apply for an array of one-year programmes designed with fast-paced and intensive curriculums that keep in mind the requirements of international students. Whether you pursue a one year MBA in the UK as an Indian student or want to pick up some industry skills such as Fashion Design, Fine Arts or Law, you have a bucket full of options to pick your desired course. The following are the best universities offering 1-year courses in the UK for international students –

S.No.University/CollegeCourses Offered
1.University of LondonMSc, Diploma In Business, Fashion, Design, International Relations
2.King’s College LondonMSc, PG Diploma In Management, Nursing, Business Analytics, Public Health
3.University of ManchesterMSc, Diploma In Engineering, Arts, Data Science, Computer Science
4.University of LeedsMSc, Diploma In Media, Social Sciences, Education, Environmental Science
5.University of BristolMSc, Diploma In Law, Economics, Computer Science, Aerospace Engineering
6.University College LondonMSc, PG Diploma In Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Psychology, Architecture
7.Loughborough UniversityMSc, Diploma In Sports Industries, Product Design, Journalism, Events Management
8.University of GlasgowMSc, PG Diploma In Biological Sciences, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Education
9.Edinburgh Napier UniversityMSc, Diploma In Project Management, Forensic Science, Environmental Practice, Policing
10.Coventry UniversityMSc, PG Diploma In Business, Automotive Engineering, Graphic Design, Media Arts
11.Goldsmiths University of LondonMSc, PG Diploma In Criminology, Fashion, Psychology, Translation Studies
12.Newcastle UniversityMSc, PG Diploma In Computing, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture
13.University of LiverpoolMSc, PG Diploma In International Development, Mathematics, Physics, Maritime Studies

Career Prospects After Pursuing One-Year Courses In The UK

Pursuing a one-year specialised course from a reputed UK university entrusts international students with immense career prospects both within the UK and globally, and in an accelerated manner. The focused training and skill-enhancement open up mid-career opportunities alongside entry-level roles, such as mentioned below –

  • Graduates can work as Business Executives, Marketing Executives, Junior Financial Analysts in diverse companies.
  • Engineering diploma holders get placed as Service Engineers, Quality Assurance Officers, Machine Operators in manufacturing plants.
  • Those with Media/Journalism qualifications may start off as Content Writers, PR Executives, Associate Video Producers.
  • Law diploma graduates can assist lawyers as Legal Assistants, Paralegals in law firms and judicial departments.
  • Pharmacy diploma opens avenues as Clinical Research Coordinators, Laboratory Technicians in pharmaceutical industry.
  • Hospitality management programmes lead to placements in roles of Guest Service Agents, Sales Coordinators in hotel chains.
  • IT graduates secure jobs of Software Testers, Network Support Technicians, and Web Developers in tech companies.


What are the benefits of pursuing 1-year courses in the UK for Indian students?

The following are the benefits of pursuing one-year courses in the UK for Indian students: The Shorter duration allows early career start, focused training in specialist areas of interest, Industry-relevant skills for better employment, and so on. 

What are the fees for 1-year course in the UK for Indian students?

The average tuition fees for a 1-year undergraduate diploma or postgraduate certificate course in the UK range from £9,000-15,000 (approximately Rs. 8-12 Lakhs) per annum. The costs may vary slightly depending on the university and course chosen. 

What job opportunities are available after pursuing one-year courses in the UK?

Successful graduates can secure jobs in varying roles like Assistant Manager, Sales Executive, Marketing Coordinator, Paralegal, Clinical Research Assistant, Software Developer, etc.

Which course is best for Indian students in the UK?

Popular one-year courses suited for Indian students are Business management courses for admin roles, Computing courses for IT jobs, Healthcare programmes for medical sector openings, Design/Fashion courses for creative fields, and Law courses to assist legal professionals. 

Is one year Masters valid in the UK?

Yes, a 1 year Master’s degree is considered valid in the UK. International students can get a two-year work permit in the UK after one year of master’s programmes. 

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1 year courses in uk for international students

1 Year Courses In The UK For International Students

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