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MBBS In UK 2024: Fees, Top Universities, Scholarships, Job Opportunities

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MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery – is a physically and psychologically demanding course. Not only is it highly competitive, but it also demands extreme dedication from the student for several years. For Indian students interested in the medical field, the United Kingdom is one of the best countries for MBBS in 2023. It has been at the forefront of educational developments and technological advancements. MBBS in the UK is usually covered over five to six years. International students who wish to study MBBS in the UK must analyse several factors, like the course duration, fees, best universities and cost of living. Each of these aspects is elaborated in-depth in the following sections – our guide contains everything you need to know about a Medical Degree in the UK. Continue reading to find out!

Course Highlights

Learn everything you need to know about a medical degree in the UK, at a glance, from the table below!

MBBS in the UKDetails
Programmes offeredBS, BCh, ChB
Top UniversitiesUniversity of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of Edinburgh
Course structurePre-clinical (2 sem) + Para-clinical (3 sem) + Clinical (4 sem)
Average Duration5 – 6 years
Eligible age18 years
Acceptable Entrance TestsBMAT, UKCAT, NEET, GAMSAT
Available ScholarshipsGlobal Health Future Leaders Scholarship, Chevening Scholarship, Hulk York Medical School International Scholarship, Rhodes Scholarship, Imperial College Faculty of Medicine Scholarship
Average Tuition Fee£22,879 to £52,000
Average Annual Salary£58,778
Annual Cost Of Living£13,848

Why Study MBBS In The United Kingdom?

There are numerous reasons for a medical aspirant to pursue their degree in the United Kingdom. Apart from the high standard of living, quality education, ample job opportunities and scope for career growth, here’s why MBBS in the UK for Indian students is a wise decision:

  • According to QS News Rankings 2023, 43 universities in the United Kingdom made the list of 650 best medical universities in the world.
  • Indian students who pursue their medical degree in the UK are not required to write the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination Test in India.
  • Why pursue MBBS? The average salary of a doctor in the UK is 67% more compared to professionals in other health-related fields.
  • The UK ranks among the highest-paying countries in the world, surpassing Australia and Canada, with an average physician salary of £58,778.
  • Compared to other countries, like the US, where a medical degree takes around 7 – 9 years, it only takes 5 – 6 years to acquire your degree in the UK.

Top Medical Colleges In The UK For Indian Students


The best way to determine some of the top colleges is to refer to their global rankings. A list of some of the top medical colleges in the United Kingdom is given below, backed by relevant rankings.

UniversityQS World University Rankings 2023THE World University Rankings 2023Next Available Intake
University of Cambridge23October
University of Oxford41October
The University of Edinburgh1529January
The University of Manchester2854January
The London School of Economics and Political Science5637October
University of Bristol6176January/July
The University of Warwick64104September
University of Glasgow7313September
Newcastle University134139September
Queen Mary University of London117125September

London, being a vastly diverse city, attracts international students from all over the world. Although it is one of the costliest cities to live in, it offers several opportunities for career growth and development. A few of the top medical universities in London, exclusive to the capital city, are mentioned below.

UniversityQS World University Rankings 2023THE World University Rankings 2023Next Available Intake
Imperial College London610January
University College London822December
King’s College London3735September
St. George’s University of London301 – 350201 – 250October

Several Indian students prefer to return to their natives after their education and practise medicine there. However, it is only possible if the university or college they select is MCI-approved (approved by the Medical Council of India). This way, your MBBS degree attains more legitimacy. All the institutes mentioned above have been approved by the MCI. If you wish to explore other colleges, we have put together a list of some of the top MCI-approved medical colleges in the United Kingdom as follows –

Course Structure & Duration

While researching MBBS in the UK duration is another factor to consider. On average, an MBBS degree can be completed over five to six years. However, it also depends on the university. For instance, some universities may allow students to complete it in 4 years, while others may require even longer.

The MBBS curriculum must include the best practical and theoretical education, with cutting-edge technology to facilitate students. Since medicine and healthcare are rapidly developing, it is essential to keep up with the latest progress. The universities in the United Kingdom have a specifically designed curriculum that involves all these factors. It can be broadly divided into three phases according to the semesters.

  • Pre-Clinical (2 semesters): Anatomy
    – Biochemistry
    – Physiology
  • Para-Clinical (3 semesters): The Disciplines of Forensic Medicine
    – Toxicology
    – Microbiology
    – Pathology
    – Pharmacology
  • Clinical (4 semesters): Anesthesiology
    – Community Medicine 

– Dermatology 

– Venereology 

– Obstetrics and Gynecology

– Ophthalmology

– Orthopedics

– Otorhinolaryngology 

– Pediatrics

– Psychiatry 

– Surgery

– Anesthesiology Medicine

It may also be worth exploring a few medical courses that do require the candidate to write NEET – National Eligibility cum Entrance Test. We have compiled a list of top medical courses without NEET in 2023. Students can pursue a bachelor’s degree after the 12th in any of the following courses:

  • Anaesthesia
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Medical Transcription Course
  • Cardiology/Cardiac Technology
  • Paramedical Technology
  • Medical Imaging Technology
  • Agricultural Science
  • Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS)
  • Biotechnology
  • Biochemistry
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Perfusion Technology
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Genetics

Cost Of MBBS In The UK For Indian Students

Pursuing higher education abroad is never cheap. In addition to that, a medical degree is quite expensive. Several factors like transportation, food, utilities or recreation comprise the annual expenditure. However, the majority of the latter is formed by the cost of tuition. Expenses for application, visa, and registration of entrance exams must also be considered. The top five medical universities in the United Kingdom, with their course, duration and annual tuition fees, are mentioned below. Students can refer to these to get an idea. But it must be noted that the cost of tuition may differ from university to university depending on its popularity and standard of education. Applicants can also explore other universities to find options for the cheapest MBBS in the UK.

UniversityCourse/DurationAnnual Tuition FeesMbbs In The Uk Fees In Indian Rupees
University of OxfordBM BCh – 6 years£22,879INR 21.63 lakhs
University of CambridgeMB BChir – 6 years£52,000INR 49 lakhs
University College LondonMBBS/BSc Medicine – 6 years£39,363INR 37 lakhs
University of EdinburghMBChB Medicine – 5 years£27,456INR 25 lakhs
University of ManchesterMBChB – 5years£26,616INR 25.17 lakhs

MBBS In The UK Eligibility For Indian Students

While every university has different eligibility requirements, some components of the criteria remain similar for all universities. Furthermore, Indian students may have different prerequisites compared to other international students because of differences in the education system. Check out the criteria for eligibility below –

AgeAt least 18 years old
CertificationCBSE or ICSE certification required
Academic PerformanceMinimum 90% grades required
Entrance ExamsBMAT: 4.5 – 5.0<br>UKCAT: 650<br>GAMSAT: 60 – 66
NEET PercentileAt least 50 percentile in NEET required

Admission Requirements

Indian students require the following basic documents for admission to a medical college in the United Kingdom.

  • Mark sheet or academic transcript of 10+2 
  • Scores of aforementioned entrance exams
  • Scores of English language proficiency tests
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Details of any previous work experience
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume/CV
  • Proof of finances
  • Visa Documents

How To Apply For MBBS Medical Degree Abroad In The UK?

Universities typically do not discriminate between applications depending on the time of submission. However, students are advised to complete the application process as soon as possible since it will allow them time to take care of discrepancies or other formalities. The step-by-step process of applying to any medical college in the UK is given below –

  • Compile all the required documents in a file and verify them through the respective authorities of previous institutes.
  • Students can apply via the university’s portal or through UCAS – Universities and College Admissions Service. However, it is preferable to submit your application through UCAS since, via one form, students can apply to five different universities, each offering a different set of degrees.
  • A micro-mini interview will be conducted for the candidates after they submit the application form.
  • Once all the formalities are done, students can complete their Tier 4 visa application to proceed.

Top Scholarships For MBBS Students In 2023

As the cost of tuition in the previous sections suggests, emigrating to the United Kingdom for a medical degree can be quite expensive. Students can avail of any one of the numerous scholarships to aid their expenses. Some of the most helpful scholarships for Indian students are given below. Explore the following options, along with others that suit your needs. If these scholarships still don’t satisfy your requirements, search for medical schools that offer full scholarships to ease the burden of expenses.

ScholarshipsEligibilityAwarded Amount
Global Health Future Leaders ScholarshipIELTS: 6.5TOEFL: 80One year of relevant job experience£2,500
Chevening Scholarship for 1st-year postgraduate studentsAcademic record and leadership skills£18,000
Imperial College Faculty of Medicine ScholarshipMBBS students£1,000
Rhodes Scholarshipleadership skills and community service£15,141
Hulk York Medical School International ScholarshipInternational students enrolled in MBBS£8,737

Career After MBBS & Job Opportunities

The returns for an MBBS graduate are fairly high with respect to investments. MBBS is a highly sought-after degree since it has several options for specialisations, and each of them pays well. On average, the annual salary of a physician in the UK is around £58,778. For Indian students, these degrees are valid in India, and they can practise medicine in their native places. Moreover, they also have a high value since they’re acquired from the top universities. Some of the popular job opportunities for MBBS graduates with their respective average salaries are mentioned below.

ProfessionAverage Annual Salary
Invasive Cardiologist£2,76,000
Obstetrician/Gynecologist £1,97,000
General Medical Practitioner £1,38,000

Cost of Living In The UK

The cost of study in the United Kingdom is quite high. It can range from £22,879 to £52,000 depending on the specialisation, university, standard of education, popularity and location. However, to save on the costs of tuition, students can explore and find some of the cheapest MBBS colleges abroad for Indian students. On average, the annual cost of living in the UK is around £13,848. An effective breakdown of these living costs can be found in the table below. Other than the tuition fees, accommodation, travel expenses, health insurance, visa fees or other study-related expenses may be covered by the student’s education loan.

Item Cost of living in the UK (per month)
Off-Campus Accommodation£408
On-Campus Accommodation£472
Total Cost Of Living With Off-Campus Accommodation£1,154
Total Cost Of Living With On-Campus Accommodation£1,218
Annual Cost Of Living£13,848


Q1. What is the cost of studying MBBS in the United Kingdom for Indian students?

Ans: The cost of study in the United Kingdom is quite high. It can range from £22,879 to £52,000 depending on the specialisation, university, standard of education, popularity and location.

Q2. Is NEET required for pursuing MBBS in the United Kingdom?

Ans: To study MBBS at UK universities, you are required to have a 10+2 certificate and scores on tests, like UKCAT or BMAT. Indian students are also required to submit scores of NEET.

Q3. Is UK MBBS valid in India?

Ans: An MBBS degree acquired from any UK university is valid in India, as long as it is approved by the Medical Council of India or MCI. Furthermore, MBBS graduates don’t need to write the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination to practise medicine in India.

Q4. Is MBBS in the UK expensive?

Ans: Pursuing MBBS in any UK university is quite expensive since the cost of study can range from £22,879 to £52,000. The annual cost of living in the UK is around £13,848. However, MBBS graduates also earn much more compared to international graduates from other countries.

Q5. What are the requirements for international students to pursue MBBS abroad in the UK?

Ans: The student must be at least 18 years old. Applicants are required to write standardised entrance exams, like BMAT, UKCAT, GAMSAT and NEET. They also need to have a minimum average of 90% in previous classes.

Q6. How competitive is it to secure a spot in an MBBS programme in the UK?

Ans: Enrollment for medical degrees in the UK is highly competitive. Students need to have a strong academic record, relevant work or volunteer experience, and high scores in entrance exams to stand a chance.

Q7. How long does it take to complete an MBBS degree in the UK?

Ans: The average duration of an MBBS degree in the United Kingdom is around 5 – 6 years.

Q8. Is it possible to get scholarships for MBBS studies in the UK?

Ans: Students can avail of the numerous scholarship schemes for an MBBS candidate. Some of these are the Global Health Future Leaders Scholarship, Chevening Scholarship, Hulk York Medical School International Scholarship, Rhodes Scholarship, and Imperial College Faculty of Medicine Scholarship.

Q9. What is the process for applying to MBBS programmes in the UK?

Ans: Students can apply directly through the university’s website or the UCAS portal. After filling in the required details, submit the application. Students will have to appear for a micro mini interview to proceed. Once done, they can complete the visa formalities and proceed with the enrollment.

Thank you for reading our guide to “MBBS in the UK”! Let us know your thoughts or queries in the comments section below.

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MBBS In UK 2024: Fees, Top Universities, Scholarships, Job Opportunities

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