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List Of University Rankings In The UK In 2024

uk university

UK universities have consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. The legacy of high-quality education is still relevant with every ranking system having three to four UK universities in top 10. They offer specialisations across fields like STEM, law, arts, humanities and more. The STEM courses in the United Kingdom are known around the world for attracting the best and brightest students to their renowned, globally recognised lectures and courses. With so much information available, one must wonder about the global positioning of universities. 

In this blog understand the university rankings in the UK based on student reviews, curriculum, all-round development and more. 

University Rankings In The UK Via Complete University Guide 

The league tables rank the top universities in the UK overall and across 74 subject areas. Choosing the right university for your future can be challenging and the league tables are designed to assist by highlighting the leading universities in the UK and allowing you to sort them based on what matters most to you. Check the extensive parameters set of the league table rankings!

Top Ten Universities In The League Tables 

RankUniversityOverall ScoreSatisfactionResearch QualityEntry Standards
Max 100021241
1University of Cambridge1000 (100%)209 (98%)3.06 (77%)1.00 (100%)
2University of Oxford964 (96%)205 (97%)3.32 (83%)0.95 (95%)
3London School of Economics and Political Science946 (95%)195 (92%)3.16 (79%)0.65 (65%)
4University of St Andrews939 (94%)212 (100%)3.07 (77%)0.71 (71%)
5Imperial College London894 (89%)206 (97%)3.17 (79%)0.80 (80%)
6Durham University887 (89%)185 (87%)3.13 (78%)0.70 (70%)
7Loughborough University882 (88%)160 (76%)3.02 (76%)0.71 (71%)
8University of Bath870 (87%)181 (85%)3.19 (80%)0.73 (73%)
9UCL (University College London)855 (85%)190 (90%)3.14 (78%)0.72 (72%)
10University of Warwick845 (84%)173 (81%)2.96 (74%)0.59 (59%)

University Rankings In The UK – QS 2024

The QS World University Rankings comprehensively assess universities worldwide, offering valuable insights into their academic performance and reputation. In the United Kingdom (UK) context, these rankings serve as a benchmark for evaluating the country’s higher education institutions and their global standing.

QS Ranked Universities 

British Rank 2024Global Rank 2024UniversityOverall Score
12University of Cambridge99.2
23University of Oxford98.9
36Imperial College London97.8
522The University of Edinburgh86.1
632The University of Manchester82.2
740King’s College London79.3
845The London School of Economics and Political Science76.9
955University of Bristol72.4
1067The University of Warwick68.6

University Rankings In The UK – Times Higher Education 2024

The Times Higher Education (THE) University Rankings are a prominent tool for assessing the academic strength and international reputation of universities around the world. In the UK, THE’s rankings play a crucial role in evaluating the performance of higher education institutions and their contributions to research, teaching, and innovation.

UniversityCity/townUK Rank 2024World University 2024 RankWorld University 2023 Rank
University of OxfordOxford111
University of CambridgeCambridge253
Imperial College LondonLondon3810
University of EdinburghEdinburgh53029
King’s College LondonLondon63835
London School of Economics and Political ScienceLondon74637
University of ManchesterManchester85154
University of BristolBristol98176
University of GlasgowGlasgow108782

University Rankings In The UK – US News 2024

The US News University Rankings provide a comprehensive evaluation of higher education institutions globally, offering valuable insights into their academic excellence, research impact, and global reputation. Check the ranking here: 

Rank in UK in 2024UniversityCountryCityRank in Global UniversitiesGlobal ScoreEnrollment
1University of OxfordUnited KingdomOxford586.8N/A
2University of CambridgeUnited KingdomCambridge886.120,385
3University College London (UCL)United KingdomLondon1284.436,900
4Imperial College LondonUnited KingdomLondon1384.318,455
5King’s College LondonUnited KingdomLondon3377.929,240
6University of EdinburghUnited KingdomEdinburgh3477.832,800
7University of ManchesterUnited KingdomManchester63 (tie)73.8N/A
8University of GlasgowUnited KingdomGlasgow74 (tie)72.828,250
9University of BirminghamUnited KingdomBirmingham89 (tie)71.332,560
10University of BristolUnited KingdomBristol93 (tie)70.725,660
11Queen Mary University LondonUnited KingdomLondon100 (tie)70.220,485
12University of SouthamptonUnited KingdomSouthampton10469.7N/A
13London School of Hygiene & Tropical MedicineUnited KingdomLondon129 (tie)67.5N/A
14University of SheffieldUnited KingdomSheffield134 (tie)67.327,840
15University of LeedsUnited KingdomLeeds140 (tie)66.9N/A
16University of NottinghamUnited KingdomNottingham14566.7N/A
17University of LiverpoolUnited KingdomLiverpool146 (tie)66.627,145

How Do University Ranking Systems Work?

University rankings are essential for students pursuing higher education in various institutions worldwide. However, understanding how these rankings are formulated and their limitations is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of some prominent ranking systems:

  • QS World University Rankings (QS): This ranking system emphasises academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty-to-student ratio, research citations, and international student and faculty diversity.
  • Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE): THE rankings consider factors like teaching (learning environment), research (volume, income, and reputation), citations, international outlook (staff, students, and research), and industry income (knowledge transfer).
  • U.S. News & World Report Best Global Universities: This ranking system focuses on research performance, global reputation, and student outcomes (graduation rates, retention rates, and post-graduation placement). It also includes separate rankings for specific regions and countries.
  • League Tables: These tables, often compiled by national newspapers or magazines, may prioritise factors relevant to a specific country or region, such as student satisfaction, graduate employability rates, or entry requirements.

Important Considerations:

  • Methodology: Each ranking system uses its own unique methodology and weights different factors differently. What’s most important to one ranking may not be as significant in another.
  • Limitations: Rankings don’t capture the entire student experience. Factors like campus life, faculty mentorship, or programme-specific strengths might not be fully reflected.
  • Focus on Fit: Rankings can be a starting point, but the “best” university is ultimately the one that aligns best with your academic goals, interests, and learning style.

Beyond the Rankings:

In addition to rankings, consider these factors when choosing a university:

  • Specific programme offerings and strengths
  • Faculty expertise
  • Campus environment and culture
  • Financial aid and scholarships
  • Location and cost of living

By taking a holistic approach that considers both rankings and other crucial factors, you can make a well-informed decision about your university education.

Why Study In The United Kingdom?

The UK has high-quality education, drawing students from across the globe to its esteemed universities. Here’s why the UK remains a premier choice for international education seekers:

High-Quality Education:

The UK is known for its exceptional education, having a rich academic tradition, consistently topping global rankings, and attracting top-tier faculty worldwide. The UK’s educational ethos emphasises critical thought, ingenuity, and practical skills, grooming students for prosperous careers.

Respected Worldwide:

A degree from a UK institution holds universal esteem, signalling competence in English—an asset coveted by employers worldwide. With four universities among the QS World Rankings’ top ten, the UK’s academics remain unmatched on the global stage.

Shorter Course Duration:

The UK’s streamlined academic programmes offer accelerated paths to graduation, with undergraduate degrees spanning three years and master’s programmes typically lasting one. This streamlined approach enables students to commence their professional journeys sooner while minimising the financial burdens associated with extended study durations.

Work While You Study:

International students in the UK benefit from flexible work regulations, allowing them to gain up to 20 hours of employment per week during term time and full-time opportunities during breaks. Post-graduation, students can capitalise on a two-year work visa for undergraduate and master’s degree holders, extending to three years for PhD graduates.

Vibrant Culture and Diversity:

Beyond academics, the UK’s landscape and heritage provide a vibrant backdrop for student life. From historic landmarks to bustling metropolises, students can immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of culture and experience an array of entertainment options.

Affordable Costs:

Despite its prestige, studying in the UK remains affordable, with competitive tuition fees and a plethora of financial aid opportunities, including scholarships, grants, and bursaries. Combined with relatively lower living expenses, the UK offers a compelling blend of academic excellence and economic accessibility, making it a preferred destination for aspiring scholars worldwide.


Which university ranks 1 in the UK?

The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are two of the top-ranked universities in the UK. 

What is the most reliable UK university ranking?

The Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) and Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings are considered two of the most reliable UK university rankings.

What is a tier 1 university in the UK?

Tier 1 universities in the UK are those that are among the top-ranked institutions, such as the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.

What is the lowest-ranked university in the UK?

As per The Complete University Guide, Wrexham University holds the lowest position among UK universities in terms of ranking. Similarly, The Guardian’s assessment indicates that the University of Bedfordshire also ranks relatively low.

Which UK university is best for international students?

The University of St Andrews is known for being the most international university in Scotland and among the most international in the UK, making it a top choice for international students.

What is the hardest university degree in the UK?

Law, Chemistry, Architecture, Medicine, Economics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Neuroscience are identified as the most challenging fields of study in the UK.

Which university in the UK is easiest to get into?

Aberystwyth University stands out as the most accessible institution in the UK, boasting an acceptance rate of 96.1%.

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List Of University Rankings In The UK In 2024

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