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Details About The Top Universities In Liverpool 2023

universities in liverpool

Students can benefit immensely due to the comparatively inexpensive cost of living and tuition fees if they decide to attend any of the universities in Liverpool. If you are a student, who plans to move to Liverpool, you will be able to save your money and use it towards other enjoyable activities because rent and food are both low in this city. Department stores, also have a tonne of great deals and they frequently have discounts for students. Also, everything in Liverpool is accessible by foot, saving you money on transportation and allowing you to explore the city at your own pace.

Liverpool has a rich arts community. The city has more galleries and museums than any other UK city outside of London, and its theatres regularly present excellent performances. Just a few of the locations that contribute to Liverpool’s vibrant cultural scene are classic galleries like the Bluecoat and more modern ones like Tate Liverpool.

Now, let’s dive into some of the best universities in Liverpool for students and why applying to them can benefit you in many ways!

Top Universities In Liverpool For International Students

The University of Liverpool 

The University of Liverpool is a public research university with its main campus in the city of Liverpool, England. It was established as University College Liverpool in 1881 and received its Royal Charter in 1903. It is also recognised as one of the six “red brick” municipal universities in Liverpool and was the first to be called The Original Red Brick. It has three faculties with 35 departments and schools within them. In addition to being triple-crown accredited, it is a founding member of the Russell Group, the N8 Group for scientific collaboration, and the Russell Group.

The University of Liverpool’s campus covers a total area of 100 acres and is split into the North, Central, and South Campuses. More than 4,500 students are provided with housing by the university, which has a number of residential complexes on campus, including Dover Court, Greenbank Students Village, Crown Place, etc.

The University of Liverpool Management School offers undergraduate programmes, postgraduate taught as well as postgraduate research programmes in the management stream. There are 6 departments under the school of Marketing, Accounting and Finance; Economics; Strategy; International Business and Entrepreneurship; Work Organisation and Management; Operations and Chain Supply Management.


Ranking PlatformYearNational RankGlobal Rank
Times Good University Guide2022#33
ARWU (Shanghai Rankings)2022#101 – 150
The Guardian League Table2023#40
QS World University Rankings2023#190
Times Higher Education (THE)2023#176

Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool Hope University (abbreviated LHU) is an English public with campuses in many other locations. Saint Katharine’s College (formerly Warrington Training College), Notre Dame College, and Christ’s College are the three teacher preparation institutions that gave rise to the university. The university has an ecumenical legacy that is unheard of in higher education in Europe, with Notre Dame and Christ’s both being Catholic while Saint Katharine’s College was Anglican. 

A variety of programmes are available through Liverpool Hope University, including undergraduate, postgraduate teaching, and research degrees. There are programmes available in a wide range of subject areas, including biology, business, fine arts, history, physical education, and music. The university is divided into three campuses: the Hope Park Campus, the Creative Campus, and the Aigburth Campus, which is a residential campus. There are 6,000 students registered in total, including 35 overseas students from different nations.


Ranking PlatformYearNational RankGlobal Rank
The Complete University Guide (UK)2022#76
The Complete University Guide (UK)2023#89
The Guardian League Table2022#97
The Guardian League Table2023#99

Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores University (abbreviated LJMU) is a public research institution located in the city of Liverpool. The Liverpool Mechanics’ School of Arts which was founded in 1823, served as the university’s first academic home. Later, this was combined to become Liverpool Polytechnic. The Liverpool Polytechnic changed its name to Liverpool John Moores University in 1992 as a result of a Parliamentary Act. It bears Sir John Moores’ name, a local entrepreneur and philanthropist who gave money to the university’s forerunner organisations.

At the undergraduate and graduate levels, the institution provides full-time, part-time, and remote learning courses in 27 subjects. To qualified pupils, apprenticeships are also made available. The Science and business programmes of Liverpool John Moores University are among the most popular. In the fields of science, engineering, and business, there are 212 undergraduate degree programmes and more than 120 graduate degree programmes available to students.


Ranking PlatformYearNational RankGlobal Rank
ARWU (Shanghai Rankings)2022#701 – 800
Times Good University Guide2023#93
The Guardian League Table2023#75
QS World University Rankings2023##801 – 1000
Times Higher Education (THE)2023#401 – 500


1) How many universities are in Liverpool?

Three popular universities are located in the city whose education faculty is highly regarded and is ranked among the top in the nation. They include – The University of Liverpool, Liverpool Hope University, and Liverpool John Moores University.

2) Which university is better in Liverpool?

The University of Liverpool is among the top-ranked university in Liverpool that has ranked highly for student satisfaction, academic excellence, quality of education, and many other aspects on some of the top-ranking platforms around the world.

3) Is Liverpool cheap for students?

Liverpool is one of the most well-liked student cities in the UK and it has about 70,000+ students. The city boasts a vibrant student environment and is well-recognised for its affordable housing, entertainment, and living costs.

4) Where do most students live in Liverpool?

Smithdown Road in Liverpool is the place for you if you’re seeking the bustle of student life. It’s one of Liverpool’s busiest student neighbourhoods. Many students choose to live here despite the fact that it is rather far from the city centre but it also has accessible transport links that make it easy for students to commute. 

PS: If there’s anything more you’d like us to know about. Add it to the comments section!

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universities in liverpool

Details About The Top Universities In Liverpool 2023

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