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Masters in Engineering Management in the UK – Universities, Requirements, Costs, Scholarships, and Careers


If you’re thinking about pursuing a Master’s in Engineering Management, it’s important to look at your options carefully. In this guide, we’ll give you information about the best colleges for Engineering Management in the UK, what you need to be eligible, what they ask for in the application, what courses are popular and how long they take, how much it costs to study and live in the UK, and ways to get scholarships to help with your expenses.

1. Why Study Masters in Engineering Management?

A Masters in Engineering Management (MEM) is a specialized degree that prepares students for leadership roles in the engineering and technology fields. The program provides a strong foundation in engineering principles, business management, and project management. MEM graduates are in high demand in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and energy.

When it comes to MEM there are many benefits of studying in the UK, including

  • World-Renowned Universities: Three engineering management in the UK universities rank in the top 100 globally according to QS Rankings 2023, ensuring a high-quality education.
  • Technical Advantage: A Master’s in Engineering Management (MEM) provides a distinct advantage over an MBA by incorporating technical background and knowledge into your skillset.
  • Dual Career Boost: MEM programs are tailored for individuals seeking to advance their careers in both engineering and management, making it a well-rounded choice.
  • High Demand and Payment: Master’s in Engineering Management in the UK is highly sought-after and rated as #3 in the UK for demand and payment, indicating excellent career prospects.

2. Best Universities for Engineering Management in the UK 

Photo by Stanley Morales/Pexels

The UK has consistently ranked as a top destination for international students seeking a high-quality education. Here is a list of the top 10 universities for masters in engineering management in the UK.

Engineering Management Universities in UK QS 2023 Rankings by Subject: In UK 
Lancaster University#1
University of Dundee#2
Cardiff University#3
Swansea University#4
University of Exeter#5
University of Portsmouth#6
The University of Manchester#8
Sheffield Hallam University#9
Loughborough University#10

3. Eligibility

The admission criteria for several top-ranked MEM colleges in the UK are outlined as follows:

Bachelor’s degree or equivalentA degree in a STEM discipline is required.
English proficiencyIELTS – 6.5
TOEFL – 90
TranscriptsTranscripts of previous academic studies must be submitted.
Statement of Purpose (SOP)Applicants must submit an SOP.
Letters of Recommendation (LORs)Applicants must submit LORs.
Work experienceProof of work experience is required.
Passport copyA copy of the applicant’s passport must be submitted.

4. Admission Requirement

Listed below the following table summarizes the entry requirements for Masters in Engineering Management programs in the UK:

UniversityMinimum GPAAdditional Requirements
University of Bristol3.72 letters of recommendation, personal statement, CV, and relevant work experience
Warwick University3.0Personal statement and one reference (academic preferred)
University of Leeds3.0 and 3 years of work experienceNot specified
Brunel University, London3.0Personal statement, references, and interview
Swansea University3.7Interview
University of Hull3.0 or relevant professional experienceNot specified
University of Portsmouth3.0 or relevant professional experienceNot specified
University of Huddersfield3.0Not specified
Middlesex University3.0Work experience
University of LincolnBachelors in the industrial engineering-based subject or equivalent industrial experienceNot specified

5. Top Engineering Management Courses in the UK and Duration

Photo by Armin Rimoldi/Pexels
UniversityCourse NameDuration
University of BristolMSc in Engineering Management1 year
Warwick UniversityMSc in Engineering Business Management1 year
Leeds UniversityMSc in Engineering Management2 years
Brunel University LondonMSc in Engineering Management1 year
Swansea UniversityMSc in Sustainable Engineering Management1 year
Hull UniversityMSc in Engineering Management1 year
University of PortsmouthMSc in Engineering Management1 year
University of HuddersfieldMSc in Engineering Business Management1 year
Middlesex UniversityMSc in Engineering Management1 year

6. Tuition Fees

The cities of Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, and Glasgow are more affordable to live in than other parts of the UK. When moving abroad it is crucial to plan according to the cost of living in the UK. Leeds University and Middlesex University have the lowest engineering management in the UK fees among the top universities in the UK.

UniversityAnnual Tuition Fees (in GBP)
University of Bristol£24,000
Warwick University£27,160
Leeds University£28,000
Brunel University London£19,280
Swansea University£19,050
Hull University£17,200
University of Portsmouth£16,400
University of Huddersfield£15,500
Middlesex University£14,000
University of Lincoln£16,000

7. Scholarships

Studying abroad, especially in the UK, is a dream for many international students. It offers the chance to study at some of the best universities in the world, but it can be expensive. Most international students need financial aid or scholarships to study in the UK to cover their living costs and tuition.

UniversityScholarships OfferedAward Amount (in GBP)
University of BristolChancellor’s Scholarship Millennium scholarship50% tuition fees
Leeds UniversityAlumni Bursary10% off the fees 
Brunel University, LondonBanco de Mexico FIDERH Scholarship15% discount
Swansea UniversityWelsh Government 60+ Master’s Bursaries£4000
Hull UniversityMerit Scholarship£2000
University of PortsmouthChancellor’s Global Academic Merit Scholarship5000 fees reduction of 1st-year study
Middlesex UniversityAlumni Bursary20% waive off their fees.
University of LincolnAfrica scholarship£5000

8. Future Prospects

Photo by Sora Shimazaki/Pexels

Top multinational corporations (MNCs) such as Google, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and Intel offer jobs to postgraduates in various departments. Some of the most popular industries hire students with a Masters in Engineering Management (MEM) from the UK for positions such as Automation Engineer, Ceramics Engineer, Design Engineer, and Engineering Account Manager.

Here is a look at the salaries offered to MEM graduates in the UK:

Job TitlesAverage Annual Salary (in GBP)
Automation Engineer£68,700
Ceramics Engineer£57,700
Design Engineer£68,300
Engineering Account Manager£73,300
Broadcast Engineer£61,500


In conclusion, pursuing a Masters in Engineering Management in the UK offers a gateway to a world-class education, abundant career opportunities, and a truly enriching experience. With top-ranked universities, diverse courses, and scholarships, it’s an investment in a promising future. Join the ranks of skilled engineering managers, bridge the technical-business divide, and embark on a rewarding journey in the heart of innovation. 


1. How much does it cost to pursue Engineering Management in the UK?

The cost of studying Engineering Management in the UK varies depending on the university and program selected. Typically, international students can expect tuition fees ranging from £15,000 to £30,000 per year. Additionally, students should budget for living expenses, including accommodation, meals, and transportation.

2. What are the future prospects for Engineering Management in the UK?

The future outlook for Engineering Management in the UK is highly promising. The demand for engineering managers is projected to grow significantly as businesses seek professionals who can bridge the gap between engineering and business. Engineering managers play pivotal roles in product development, project management, and team leadership.

3. Is Engineering Management a favourable career choice in the UK?

Engineering Management is indeed a favourable career path in the UK. With high demand, engineering managers can anticipate competitive salaries. According to Indeed, the median salary for engineering managers in the UK is £58,000 per year.

4. What is the typical duration and structure of Engineering Management programs in the UK?

Most Engineering Management programs in the UK are full-time and last for one year. However, part-time and online options are also available at some universities. These programs typically cover a curriculum that encompasses engineering principles, business management, project management, and leadership.

5. Are there opportunities for scholarships or financial assistance for Engineering Management students in the UK?

Yes, there are several options for scholarships and financial aid for Engineering Management students in the UK:

  • Government scholarships: The UK government offers various scholarships for international students, including the Chevening Scholarships and the Commonwealth Scholarships.
  • University scholarships: Many UK universities provide scholarships specifically for international students. Students should reach out to their chosen university for details on available scholarships.

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Masters in Engineering Management in the UK – Universities, Requirements, Costs, Scholarships, and Careers

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