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What Is The Average Duke University Acceptance Rate?

Duke University Acceptance Rate

Duke University is a private higher education university founded in 1924. It is located in Durham, North Carolina. The campus is spread across 8,600 acres and comprises three campuses. Duke University is ranked 10th out of 443 national universities in 2023. The university has the highest quality faculty in academics and research. Apart from its academic facilities, one thing keeps Duke at the forefront, which is Duke University acceptance rate. In this article, we will discuss everything related to it in detail. 

What Is the Duke University Acceptance Rate?

Duke University’s acceptance rate is 7.4% overall. Duke University is one of the 50 most competitive schools for undergraduate admissions, and acceptance rates have declined over the past 8 years and will continue to decline. 

The total number of students admitted to Duke University for the academic year 2021-2022 is 16,780. Nearly 6,789 students enrolled in undergraduate courses, whereas 9,991 enlisted in professional and graduate courses. The Class of 2023 was the most daunting year in Duke University’s entrance history. Duke University received 41,613 applications for the Class of 2023, with 3,064 accepted for the academic year

The number of applications has increased by 11.6% from 2022-2023. It has been observed that early applications have also increased by 18.2% from 2022 to 2023. The number grew from 4,090 students in 2022 to 4,852 students in 2023. 

The students must maintain standardised scores to accomplish Duke University’s acceptance rate

Standardised TestsAverage Score Range

How Hard Is It To Get Accepted At Duke University?


Duke University’s acceptance rate is relatively low, with an overall acceptance rate of 7.4%. It means that for every 100 applications, only 7-8 students are accepted. For the class of 2025, the university received 49,555 applications. With the higher number of applications each year, it is crucial to consider that early applicants have a higher chance of getting into the university. 

Duke Early’s decision received over 5,000 applications, and out of these, 840 candidates managed to get enrolled in the university. Duke University’s acceptance rate is 16.7% for early decision students. Make sure that you build a well-built application and attend university interviews. The supplementary essays, English proficiency test scores, etc., form critical elements of the application. 

What Is The Demographic Profile Of  Duke University? 

Duke University invites approximately 9% of international students from across the world. It has a diverse population of students with a gender breakdown of male to female ratio of 47.35: 52.65. 

Here is a distribution of students in various programmes at the university-

Type of PopulationTotalMale Female 
Total students 16,1727,6578,515

Duke University acceptance rate include various races, and ethnicities among the student population and here is a breakdown of the total population- 

Student BodyPercent
Asian 21%
African American8.8%

What Are The Admission Rates And Enrollment Requirements For Duke University?

Duke University Ranking is consistently ranked among the best universities in the world, with QS ranking 50th and Higher Education ranking 25th. Candidates must remember that GPA, high school rank and performance, letters of recommendation from teachers, athletic performance, and participation in volunteers and extracurricular activities further enhance the application. 

If you wish to apply at Duke University, make sure you follow the given steps-

  • Visit the Duke University admissions website to fill out the application form with valid and updated personal information like name, residence, contact details, email, chosen programme, etc. 
  • You can apply via Coalition application or Common application by mid-august. 
  • Submit documents like high school transcripts, teachers’ reports or recommendation letters, resumes, previous internships, etc. 
  • Pay the non-refundable application fee of 95 USD and submit the application before the deadline ends. 
  • The students are informed of the application confirmation within a week. 
  • The students may have to appear in a virtual interview with the university admissions department. 

The  Duke University  Intakes & Deadlines 

Duke university acceptance rate encourages students to work hard and apply at the Fall and spring intakes. The admission department uses holistic methods to evaluate the academic and personal interests of the student. The students can apply via Early Decision and Regular decision. The university also considers  previous perspectives, backgrounds, internship opportunities, and more. Make sure that the document and ID requirements are handy. 

Applicants must apply by November 1 for early decision; the students can upload the financial grant requirement documents by November 15 and receive the application decision by Mid-December. For regular decisions, the deadline is December 20, while the decision is released in Late march/ Early April. The transfer students can apply by March 15, and the application decision is given in Mid-may. 

What Can You Expect After Admission To Duke University? 

Global ranking providers ranked Duke University among the top 100 universities in the world. Duke University is renowned for its academic excellence, teaching faculty, labs, and classrooms. Duke offers intricate opportunities through programs like Bass Connections and Focus. The extravagant academic opportunities, internships, research apprenticeships, and scholarships stimulate a supportive community with an ambition to provide better life skills for the students. 

Programmes Offered 

Duke University offers undergraduate, postgraduate, professional, and certificate programmes in 50 majors and 80 divisions. Some of the top programmes you can study after the Duke University acceptance rate is fulfilled include  Computer Science, Biology/Biological Sciences, Political Science and Government, Computer Engineering, Public Policy Analysis, General Studies, Econometrics and Quantitative Economics, Research and Experimental Psychology, Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Neuroscience. The university has a high retention rate of 98%. 


Duke University campus is spread across 8,600 acres with amenities to develop socially and physically. It comprises academic buildings, libraries, athletic facilities, laboratories, research facilities, a fitness centre, security surveillance, dining, a Golf club, a gymnasium, a tennis stadium, and student accommodation.  


Duke University has a high tuition fee, with an average fee costing 63,000 USD per annum. The net price of a university after aid and scholarship funds is $27,393 for the average student receiving scholarships or merit awards. Other expenses may include health fees, accommodation, transportation, books, supplies, personal expenses, and food. 


Duke University has a large community of more than 150,000 members worldwide. It is renowned for its high retention rate and placement rate among graduates. Some of the notable alumni members of Duke University include Melissa Lisa Borders, Martin Dempsey, Chad Dickerson, Amy Hood, Lesa Kennedy, Sean McManus, Sylvia Earle, Paul Farmer, Neal Keny-Guyer, Shannon Huffman Polson, David M. Rubenstein, Seth Curry, Adam Silver, Richard Nixon, Ken Jeong, Tim Cook, and Bernstein. 


Duke University’s acceptance rate is high, and it is one of the most highly reputed institutions in the United States. You can use the information shared above to process the acceptance rate and requirements to successfully grab a seat at the university.

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Duke University Acceptance Rate

What Is The Average Duke University Acceptance Rate?

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