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University of Washington Acceptance Rate for 2024

University of Washington Acceptance Rate

The University of Washington is a prestigious public research university on the West Coast in Seattle, established in 1861. It is ranked the 16th best university for higher studies globally. 35,582 native and international students enrolled in more than 113 undergraduate and 268 graduate programmes in the fall of 2020. It is competitive in its admission rate and experiences high student retention, with 90% post-admission speaking volumes of its academic excellence and quality. Let’s learn more about the University of Washington’s acceptance rate for 2024.

What Is the UW Acceptance Rate?

The University of Washington’s acceptance rate is 51.8%. It implies that for every 100 applicants, 51 candidates are selected and offered the admission letter.  It is a fairly selective institution, but interested candidates must fulfil specific and elaborative eligibility criteria to secure a seat. 

The university observed a high number of applicants, with 48,840 candidates for the class of 2025, with approximately 26,121 applicants accepted during the application process. The students in the top 18 in their class experience high chances of being admitted into the university. The university has competitive eligibility criteria with average GPA, ACT, SAT, and Essay Writing as the focal point for admission tests. 

Exam Requirements: Students with a GPA of 3.75 on a 4.0 scale, i.e. A-students, are regarded as excellent and enhance their chances of acceptance by the university.  The SAT scores must be at least 1200 to apply at the university. The students among the top 22% of the SAT test takers have an improved chance of enrolling. ACT plays a crucial role in getting admission into the University of Washington. University mentions  a minimum score of 27 or above to secure admission. 

The following table shows the average GPA, SAT, and ACT scores to get admission at the University of Washington: 

Standardised TestsAverage Score Range
TOEFL 92 and above 
ACTComposite Score: 31-34

NOTE: The eligibility criteria may differ based on the chosen course. However, the students must fulfil this minimum criterion to satisfy the University of Washington acceptance rate. 

How Hard Is It To Get Accepted At the University of Washington? 

The University of Washington’s acceptance rate is competitive. It requires the students to go through the application process, qualify for the tests, and submit an excellent essay to get enrolled at the university. The university accepted approximately 24,467 candidates out of 43,778, with an acceptance rate of 56% in the last few years. 

The University of Washington has competitive admission criteria. It is also considered one of the toughest institutions to get into in the Washington area compared to other state colleges. Your selection will solely depend on the quality and strength of your application. 

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The candidates must apply early, focus on English proficiency tests and Essay writing skills, and ensure everything is in order when submitting the application. Once you meet the given requirements, you are highly likely to get admitted to the university. 

What Is The Demographic Profile Of the University of Washington? 

The University of Washington is one of the most diverse institutions in America, with students belonging to various ethnicities. The male-to-female student ratio at the campus amounts to 46:54. US non-residents make up 51% of the total population of the student body. 

Here is the average demographic of the student body of the University of Washington: 

Student BodyPercent
Asian 25.5%
African American5%

What Are Enrollment Requirements For the University of Washington?

The University of Washington’s admission team checks the application’s quality apart from the average criteria of the University of Washington acceptance rate. Selection of application is based on the scores in high school, extracurricular activities, GPA, SAT & ACT scores, Essays, Volunteer participation in community service, internships, cultural observation, view of the world, and qualities of the candidates that set him apart from others. 

Here is the application process to secure a seat and fulfil the criteria for the University of Washington: 

  • Students must apply via Coalition Application Portal. 
  • Register an account and input the required details like the name, country, highest qualification, accomplishments, etc. 
  • Add ‘The University of Washington’ to the list of chosen universities. 
  • Apply for contact sharing along with your demographic details with the universities. 
  • Complete the on-screen instructions and submit the mandated documents, standardised test scores, internships, and other accomplishments. 
  • Pay the non-refundable application fee of 80 USD and after the final review, apply. 
  • The university will contact the applicants who qualify for the rounds of tests. 

The university is acknowledged for its graduation rate, with 94.8% of students graduating across all undergraduate and graduate programmes in 2020-21. 

The University of Washington Intakes & Deadlines

To get an idea of the University of Washington acceptance rate, you must understand that there are two intake sessions for the candidates. The undergraduate students must apply at the university during Spring and Autumn, while the postgraduate candidates must apply as per the specific programmes. 

The application for first-year admissions opens on September 1, while the applications for FAFSA and WASFA open on October 1. The application details for post-baccalaureate candidates for FAFSA+ WASFA candidates are released on October 1, and the application dates for the summer and autumn quarters begin on December 15. 

The application deadline for first-year admissions closes on November 15, while the test scores submission deadline for the summer and autumn quarters is December 31. The university declares its decision between March 1 and 15. 

The deadline for Post Baccalaureate applications ends on February 15, and the university decides between May 1 and June 30. 

What Can You Expect After Admission To the University of Washington?


The University of Washington is a prestigious institution with high-class developments in research, academics, scholarships, and sports opportunities. It offers hundreds of undergraduate and graduate programmes to ensure students receive the highest placement rate post-graduation. 

  • Programmes Offered 

University of Washington’s acceptance rate is competitive as it offers various popular undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional degree programmes in the fields of Business, Engineering, Social Sciences, Arts, Humanities and Design, Computer Informatics, Marketing, Business Management, Health Professionals, Psychology, Media and Communication, Law, Nursing, and Medicine. It is ranked among the top 10 global universities in academic excellence. 

  • Facilities 

University of Washington’s acceptance rate is high as it is well facilitated with a wide range of equipment and resources for the students to upkeep their needs. Some highlights include the Burke Museum of National History and Culture for learning with vast collections of Geology, Biology, Anthropology, and other crucial research papers, Networking and computing resources for news, articles, and magazines. It also includes the Hall Health Primary Care Centre, Henry Art Gallery, Language Learning Centre, University library with 7 million volumes of data, Theatre, and Research facilities. 

  • Tuition 

The international students who wish to study at the university must pay an annual Undergraduate fee of 40,000 USD with accommodation costs of around 14,000 USD and Books and supplies at 900 USD per annum. The average graduate fee for international students costs 24,000 USD. 

  • Alumni, 

Some of the eminent alumni members from the university include Beverly Cleary, Bruce Lee, Emily Compagno, Hope Solo, Julia Sweeney, and Rick Steves. 


The students can read the details mentioned above to get insights on the average University of Washington acceptance rate 2024 and secure seats in their desired courses. 

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University of Washington Acceptance Rate

University of Washington Acceptance Rate for 2024

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