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What Is The Average American University Acceptance Rate 2024?

American University Acceptance Rate

American University, also called AU, is a non-profit, private university established in 1893. It is located in Washington, D.C. It comprises 14,000 native and international students in over 80 bachelor and postgraduate programmes. American University’s acceptance rate for 2024 is 64%, and the graduation rate is 79%. The education level, facilities, and campus amenities ensure students can access the best facilities. Lets understand the American University Acceptance Rate in this blog.

What Is the American University Acceptance Rate?

American University’s acceptance rate is an average of 64% and highly competitive. In the year 2020-21, the acceptance rate was 39%. It implies that only 39 candidates are selected out of the 100 applicants who apply at the university. It is necessary to note that universities with higher acceptance rates have higher admission standards but are still accessible to many students with exception applications. 

It also experiences a high student retention rate of 85% of students who continue to study post completing their academic year. Following are the elements considered in the application for admission- Standardised test scores like SAT, ACT, GPA, TOEFL, high school transcripts, etc., are crucial for the application. 31% of applications stand out out of the thousands of applications submitted each year. 

To fulfil  the American university acceptance rate, you must showcase the following standardised test minimum requirements. 

Standardised TestsAverage Score Range
SAT1310- 1460 
IELTSUndergraduate: 6.5Graduate: 7.0 
TOEFL Undergraduate: iBT- 85Graduate:  IBT: 100 CBT: 250 PBT: 600
ACT29- 33
DuolingoUndergraduate: 115Graduate: 120
PTEUndergraduate: 60Graduate: 68
GPA3.0 to 3.70

How Hard Is It To Get Accepted At  American University? 

American University’s acceptance rate is difficult but possible to crack. It is a prestigious university and is highly selective in the choice of students. Three critical scores include the SAT, GPA, and ACT scores. The highest accepted GPA at the university is 3.65. The students with a mix of A’s and B’s with more A’s in the performance records. Taking AP or IB classes can help boost your GPA and show your ability to take college classes.

If your GPA is below the school average, you’ll need a higher SAT score to compete with other applicants. A stronger resume and application are crucial to ensure higher chances of admission. 

American university acceptance rate is highly competitive. Thus, it is advised that the students apply early, focus on English proficiency tests and Essay writing skills, stay on top of their interviews, submit documents on time, and ensure everything is to be admitted to the university.

Here is the class profile for the year 2021 to give you a better idea of the highly selective admission process:

Applications Received18,950
Percentage of Applications Accepted31%
Retention Rate85%
Graduation Rate79%
Total Undergraduate Enrollment7,953
Total Graduate Enrollment6,048
International Students11.80%
Countries Represented123

What Is The Demographic Profile Of American University? 

American University observes an enrollment of 33% online/ hybrid students and 67% offline or on-campus students, and a student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1. American University is diverse and has a male-to-female student ratio of 38:62. 13% of the student body is made up of international students. 

Here is an overview of the student body’s demographics at the American University campus:

Student BodyPercent
Asian 6%
African American10% 

What Are The Admission Rates And Enrollment Requirements For American University?

American University’s acceptance rate implies that getting admission into the institution is difficult without a robust application. The university offers online certificates and associate, bachelor, master, doctorate, and diploma programmes. It provides multiple extracurricular activities for the complete development of the students. 

Here is the application process to secure a seat at the American University-

  • Interested candidates must visit the official website and choose ‘Apply Online’. 
  • Complete the online application form by signing in or starting a new application. Enter the name, academic programme of choice, contact details, and country, and register on the platform. 
  • The university department will connect with the candidates via email or phone once the registration is complete. 
  • Complete the application by submitting the required documents like high school/ higher secondary qualifications, letter of recommendation, passport copy, financial certificates, English language proficiency test scores, and standardised test scores. 
  • The applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. 
  • You will be notified of the application status within two to three weeks. 

The  American University Intakes & Deadlines 

American University conducts admission intakes in the Fall and Spring semesters. Understanding the intake periods gives insights into the last day to submit the essential details and the expected American University acceptance rate. 

To accomplish the American University acceptance rate during the fall semester, the admission deadline for all transfer students is May 1. The freshers can apply for an early decision by November 15, while the early decision 2 and the first-year student regular admission decision deadline is on January 15. 

To get admission during the Spring semester, the freshman regular decision students and all transfer students must complete the application with document submission by October 1. The international students must submit their application by September 1. 

The university advises the students to submit their application under the Early decision application to gain access to early admissions and potential financial aid access. 

What Can You Expect After Admission To American University? 

Once you accomplish the American University acceptance rate, you become a part of the top-class AU community. Students at AU University stand out for their Leadership, service, and ability to rethink global and domestic challenges and opportunities, creating a world around them and inspiring leaders of tomorrow. It is ranked 72nd best national university by U.S. News and World Report 2022-23. 

Programmes Offered 

American University provides undergraduate, graduate, certificate, and professional degree programmes in areas of study like International relations and affairs, Political science and government, Business administration and management, Multi-/interdisciplinary studies, Criminal justice/safety studies, Public relations/image management, Economics, Finance, Psychology, Public health, Journalism, Legal studies, Film/cinema/video studies, History, Computer science, Accounting, Business administration, management and operations, Mass communication/media studies, and General Literature, Biology/biological sciences. It is ranked 1st for Best Doctorate in Mass Communication and Media Studies Programmes, 2nd for Best Master’s in Game and Media Design Programmes, and 3rd for Best Online Doctorate in Educational Leadership Programmes. 


American University’s acceptance rate is high due to the extensive facilities offered to the students. Some essential university facilities include Fitness Center, Recreational Sports and Fitness Facilities, Reeves Aquatic Center, Bender Arena, libraries, laboratories, etc. 


American University has a high tuition fee. The overall tuition fee for full-time undergraduate students is 53,000 USD per annum, while the graduate fee is approximately 34,500 USD. The students can participate in the campus meal plan, accommodation, etc. The cost of living in the US is around 10,000 to 18,000 USD. Books and supplies cost 800 USD 


Some of the notable alumni from American University comprise Caroline Aaron, Max Brooks, Patrick Butler, Alisyn Camerota, Neil Cavuto, Elizabeth Chomko, Susan Davis, Meg DeLoatch, Atiaf Alwazir, Charles R. Black, Jr., Sara Dunlap Jackson, Pongpol Adireksarn, Mauricio Pimiento, John B. Craig, Cameron R. Hume, and William J. Boarman. 


American University is a highly ranked student-centred research institution. The students have an average salary of 47,000 USD within 6 years after graduation, and it has an internationally renowned faculty ensuring the highest quality of education. The students can use the guide above to improve their chances of enrolment at AU.

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American University Acceptance Rate

What Is The Average American University Acceptance Rate 2024?

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