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Virginia Tech Acceptance Rate 2024: Fees, Intakes

Virginia Tech Acceptance Rate

Virginia Tech is a land grant public research university in Blacksburg, Virginia, founded in 1872. The university is ranked 62 out of 443 National Universities. It has a population of more than 37,000 students, of which 9.6%, i.e. 3,547 international students, comprise the student body. It has a high graduation/ student retention rate, and 80% of the students experience the academic experience and top-notch research quality. Throughout this article, you will learn more about the Virginia Tech acceptance rate in 2024.

What Is the  Acceptance Rate of Virginia Tech?

Virginia Tech is one of the most competitive institutions in the US. Virginia Tech’s acceptance rate for the year 2024 is around 56%, implying that 56 students out of 100 are selected to be part of this prestigious institution. It is also observed that the early applicants for 2023 have a higher acceptance rate of 67%. In the Fall of 2021, over 42,055 candidates applied for admission, with approximately 22,400 students admitted to the institution resulting in a 56% acceptance rate.

It is moderately competitive and expects students to display their best performance in the application. The students must submit the standardised ACT, SAT, and GPA scores to fulfil the basic requirements stated by the institution. Overall, students with straight A’s have a higher chance of fulfilling the Virginia Tech acceptance rate than those who do not. You can also take part in IB and AP tests to showcase your capabilities to the Admission authorities at the institution. 

Exam Requirements: Students must have a GPA score between 3.75 to 3.99, a minimum SAT score of 1200 and an ACT score of 25. Students who meet the minimum requirements can improvise their admission rates drastically. 

Here are some of the standardised tests’ average scores required for Virginia Tech- 

Standardised TestsAverage Score Range
SATReading and Writing: 610-690Math: 600-720

Virginia Out-of-State Acceptance Rate 

Virginia Tech out of state acceptance rate is more than the in-state Virginia Tech acceptance rate. In 2021, it was observed that the out-of-state acceptance was 76%, while it was 63% for the in-state candidates. Here is an overview of the out-of-state Virginia Tech acceptance rate differences-

  • GPA requirement is a minimum of 4.2 for transfer students implying the need for a higher GPA for transfer students. 
  • The transfer rate for African-American first-year students was 93% in 2021-2022. 
  • In 2021-22, the Virginia Tech acceptance rate for Hispanic students has increased to 64% compared to earlier acceptance rates in previous years. 

How Hard Is It To Get Accepted At Virginia Tech? 

Virginis Tech’s acceptance rate is moderately selective and presents various student requirements. The key factors determining admission assurance include standardised test scores, documents, application requirements, and GPA. In the fall of 2022, Virginia Tech received 45,238 applications for first-year students. The first-year students constitute 7,100 from 47 states, provinces, and 62 countries. 

Virginis Tech is competitive. Thus, the students must ensure that they present their previous internships, employment, high school achievements, etc. The strength of the application is one of the crucial determiners of the application. 

What Is The Demographic Profile Of Virginia Tech?

Virginis Tech is a diverse institution with a male-to-female student ratio of 57:43. International students make up 9.6% of the total student body. It welcomes various ethnicities. There are over 29,112 undergraduate and 4,399 graduate students. 

Here is a rundown of the average demographic profile of the students in Virginia Tech- 

Student BodyPercent
Asian 10.9%
African American4-5%

What Are The Admission Rates And Enrollment Requirements For Virginia Tech?

The admission department at Virginia Tech is quite selective in the selection of students for the university. To get a chance to enrol at Virginia Tech, make sure to submit the English languages requirement like TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and Duolingo, and academic requirements like scores in maths, laboratory science, etc. 

Here is the application process to fulfil the application process of Virginia Tech-

  • To apply at Virginia Tech,  head to the website and choose undergraduate, graduate, or transfer application. 
  • Click on ‘Apply Now with the Common App’. 
  • You can choose ‘Apply for first-year’ or ‘Apply for transfer’. 
  • Sign in or Create an account on Common App. Enter the necessary details like name, education qualifications, etc. 
  • Include documents like internships, previous accomplishments, high school achievements, and standardised test scores. 
  • Submit the application form. 
  • The admissions department will check the application and revert to the selected students. 

Virginia Tech Intakes & Deadlines 

Virginia Tech intake is offered during Fall and Spring. The undergraduate and postgraduate admissions are conducted during the fall and spring intake sessions. 

The application for undergraduate admission deadline is 1 November for early decision rounds, while the deadline for regular decision is 15 January. 

The transfer students can apply by 1 October for Spring entry and 1 march for summer and fall entry. The applicants for graduate programmes can apply by 1 April. The decision for undergraduate early decision applications is released on 15 January, and regular decisions are released in early march. The results for graduate applications are offered on 15 May. 

What Can You Expect After Admission to Virginia Tech? 

Virginia Tech’s acceptance rate is fair as it takes an engaging approach to teach students. It is one of the leading research institutions. The university carries out its land-grant mission of turning knowledge and skills through technological leadership, endorsement for local, regional, and statewide economic growth, and job creation.

Programmes Offered 

Virginia Tech is popular for its engineering programmes, as stated in the Princeton Review. The University provides over 37,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with an opportunity to participate in  280 undergraduate and graduate degree programmes. Some programmes include Design, Engineering, Research, Science, Technology, Liberal Arts, Business, Education, Finance/Accounting, Government/Political Science, Health Science, Performing Arts, and Social Science. 


The facilities at Virginia Tech include Athletics, Co-op/Internship Opportunities, Disability Services, Greek Life, Intramural/Club Sports, LGBTQIA Services, Military/Veteran Services, On-Campus Housing, ROTC Program, Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research, Veteran Fee Waiver, Experiential Learning; Service Opportunities; Corps of Cadets; Top-Ranked Dining.


Virginia Tech’s tuition fee is 14,174 USD for in-state students and 33,253 USD for out-of-state students. The average national tuition cost for out-of-state students is estimated to be 27,028 USD. Nearly 54% of Virginia Tech students receive financial aid. In addition, the rooms and board fee includes 4,310 USD, books and supplies cost 1,100 USD, and other expenses incur 3,350 USD.


Some of the famous alumni from Virginia Tech are Markus Breitschmid, Julian Ashby Burruss, Jimmie W. Monteith, Jr., William M. Clemons, Richard Baker, Steve Bannon, Roger K. Crouch, Henry C. Groseclose, Deborah Hersman, Mike Michalowicz, Brian Sullivan, Camille Schrier, Hoda Kotb, Gerry Beckley and more. 


The students can find all the Virginia Tech acceptance rate details in the article above. Virginia Tech checks the overall student involvement in extracurricular activities, volunteer ship, leadership qualities, past experience, and work ethics.

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Virginia Tech Acceptance Rate

Virginia Tech Acceptance Rate 2024: Fees, Intakes

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