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The Best Paid Survey Sites That Will Earn You Money

best paid survey sites

Have you ever wondered about how it feels to be paid for giving an opinion? That’s what paid survey sites are all about! There are a number of market-researching companies that believe in the power of a consumer and find their feedback essential to the growth of the business. On that note, they conduct surveys and value opinions by  rewarding the respondents with money. Now your next big question best paid survey sites would be: What are the best paid survey sites through which I can earn money? We’ve got your answer in this article by listing the high paying surveys of the top sites. Afterall, we all need some pocket-money to save up for our travel plans!

How Much Time Will It Take To Fill A Survey?

Take a look at the table below to understand the average length of time you’ll be spending on these best paid survey sites.

best paid survey sites

Source: Survey Monkey

If you’re under the assumption that answering longer surveys that pay consumes time, you’re under the wrong impression. According to a survey conducted by Survey Monkey, the maximum amount of time that you’ll be taking in order to complete a long survey with 26-30 questions is 9 -10 minutes. So, don’t you think it’ll be worth those 10 minutes that’ll help add up to your piggy banks!

The Best Survey Sites To Get Paid


Swagbucks, is hands down, one of the best paid survey sites. It typically takes about 24-48 hours to reward you and staying up-to-date with the surveys and answering them as and when they surface can help you earn an amount equal to $ 800. While the cash funds are directly deposited into your accounts, the electronic gift vouchers will be sent to you via mail. 

  • Average Payment per Survey: 50 to 500 SB (or $0.50 to $5.00)
  • Time Investment: 5-25 minutes per survey (most surveys)
  • Minimum Earnings to Cashout: $3

100 SB = 1 dollar. You receive rewards when you qualify for and complete the survey.

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Inbox Dollars

Inbox offers the best paid surveys in terms of lengths, topics, catering to different sets of demographics. There is a survey pre-screener to ensure that you are a part of the select target audience. You also need to be 18 + in order to qualify for filling out surveys from this site.

  • Average Payment per Survey: $0.50 – $5.00
  • Time Investment: 5-25 minutes per survey (most surveys)
  • Minimum Earnings to Cashout: $10


If you’re a shopaholic and make use of discounts, offers, and vouchers often, then MyPoints will be one amongst your best paid survey sites. They reward you with tons of shopping offers. Once you get a considerable number of points, make sure to redeem them and get some free gift cards to Amazon,  Best Buy, Target, and so on. They also offer prepaid Visa gift cards. 

  • Average Payment per Survey: 50 points to 500 points (roughly $0.25 to $3)
  • Time Investment: 5-30 minutes per survey


Toluna is a trusted online survey panel with daily online best paid surveys rewarding you as cash or vouchers. They work on behalf of half of the world’s leading companies and come in the list of the best paid survey sites They help companies who want to know opinions regarding their products, services, and issues. 

Average Payment per Survey: 1,200 – 50,000 points (80,000 points gets you a $ 20.64 voucher)
Rewards: PayPal payments, Amazon and high-street vouchers

best paid survey sites

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys, previously known as Mintvine conduct frequent global market research based surveys. They provide a high volume of paid surveys. You can get money or gift cards as rewards. One advantage is that they are fast paying. You can also earn points via referrals wherein you refer these surveys and sites to a friend and you earn a certain percentage of everything they earn.

Average amount per Survey: 50 – 500 points where 100 points = $ 1.
Minimum Earnings to cashout: $ 10

Valued Opinions

Valued opinions track their demographics and send out online surveys to them if they match the requirements. The surveys are usually quite interesting and can take anything from 10-30 minutes each, so within just one hour you could bag yourself a $13.76 voucher.

Average amount per survey: $ 1.3 – $ 7
Minimum Earnings to cashout: $ 10

Reminder: These are the best paid survey sites that will use your profile only relevant surveys to take part in. 

To conclude, there are many ideas that can help you make money, answering surveys is one of them. A lot of people want to make easy money that doesn’t consume their time and doesn’t require investments or deposits. So make use of these surveys and earn easy money with the help of the above sites. 

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best paid survey sites

The Best Paid Survey Sites That Will Earn You Money

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