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The Top 20 Most Common Myths About University

 As a student, it is often pressurising to arrive at a decision in terms of selecting a university. Your choice of university is often based upon factors such as the degree provided, your field of interest, the position of the university, and you might even want to take the pandemic into consideration for selecting a university. Student reviews and opinions also majorly influence this process. However, there are some completely false college myths that tend to discourage and distract a student like you to confidently go ahead with your decision. We are here to remove such delusions by presenting to you the 20 most common myths about university that might hinder your decision making process.

# Myth 1 – Bigger University = Better Options

One of the most common myths about university that 3 out of every 4 students have is about the university size. Didn’t you assume that a bigger university offers a broader, richer undergraduate experience with better teaching, wider selection of courses and a more diverse student body than any regular undergraduate college ? It may be true that a reputed university may have more options, but better? It’s more about the quality of the teaching that gives a student an intellectual experience. There are many colleges that offer multiple opportunities, benefits of exposure, and even the best of faculty. 

common myths about university

# Myth 2 – Everyone Graduates In 4 Years

Many students plan their further studies based on the fact that their graduation will be completed within the span of 4 years. But these common myths about university often mislead a student’s future decisions. There are many times a student strays away from his/her path of study by opting for additional courses or programmes. In fact, a research done by the National Center for Education Statistics stated that only about 41% of students graduate within 4 years. That’s lesser than the majority!

# Myth 3 – You Are On Your Own

You are wrong if you’re like most international students who have common misconceptions about university that they are going to be on their own when it comes to academics. You may fear that you might not have the right kind of resources to support your studies and you are to figure everything out in an altogether new country. But universities often include counseling sessions inclusive of tutoring services, professor’s additional office hours, and a variety of workshops offering writing and studying skills. So do not hold back at such times and feel free to avail such sessions.

# Myth 4 – Time Management Is A Task

Amongst the many common myths about university, not being able to manage time well between their study time and work time is a huge issue. A lot of students enroll into a university assuming that alongside their studies, they will have to mandatorily work in order to cover their otherwise exorbitant tuition fees. While that may be true to an extent, if students are aware about the different scholarships available for them, the hassle of being overburdened with heavy expenses can be removed. 

common myths about university

# Myth 5 – The First Year Of Study Is Not As Important As The Other Years

In the new excitement of joining a university and exploring campus life, we often think that the first year studies only do a recap of your previous studies and cover only basic concepts. But with that frame of mind, you may miss out on a lot of additional information that could be covered during your course of study. So remove this from your list of common myths about university and manage your time well so as to focus on your academics as much as other aspects!

# Myth 6 – It Is Hard To Get Into College

Says who? Anyone who graduates from high school with decent grades have a number of college options for them to get into. There are thousands of 4 year undergraduate colleges, 2 year community colleges, and technology based institutions. So break free from these common myths about university and send your applications right away!

# Myth 7 – Study Abroad Universities Require IELTS 

Yes, many universities insist on giving standardized tests like IELTS. If only students like you and me knew that there are many universities you can get into without IELTS. So do not stress on paying separately for giving the test. If your English grades from your previous studies were good enough, that would do just fine!

# Myth 8 – Student Loan Repayment Is Impossible

Do not make the mistake of limiting your options only to affordable universities just because you think that you cannot repay the student loans. In reality, you can start repaying the loan only after you start earning a minimum amount. Moreover, educational loan providers are flexible with their options by ways of allowing for EMI payments as well. You can look up UniCreds if you want flexibility in opting for such student loans. 

common myths about university

# Myth 9 – You Will Not Get A Job

One of the most common myths about university that every student has is the fear of not getting a job post graduation. But universities often tie up with top organizations and additionally provide career counseling services to students with opportunities for graduate schemes and placements as well. 

# Myth 10 – It’s More About Partying

Common misconceptions people have about university is that a university life is more about partying and making friends. But in the end, isn’t it all a matter of choices? While you can choose a party-dominant lifestyle and turn up hungover every second day, you can also opt for maintaining a steady balance where you get the best of both worlds.

# Myth 11 – You Won’t Eat Well

Remove the myth of not being able to eat well from your common myths about university. If you know what’s good for your body well enough and strike a balance between healthy food and junk food, you are never going to face the issue of not eating well. Some days can be as boring as bread and beans and sometimes pizza nights may get the better of you. Plan well and manage your time well if you want to erase this myth.

9 Truths And Myths About University

It is better to get good grades than take up challenging coursesChallenging courses gear you better for your further studies/employment
In order to choose a college, you need to decide on your careerCollege is where you explore options and pave way for a career path
Extra-curricular activities will compensate for average/poor gradesOut-of-class activities only add up to your application but cannot replace your academic scores
The best time to visit college is after being admittedVisiting college before application gives more clarity to the student
Liberal art colleges do not have good science programmesLiberal art colleges dedicate as much time to science related courses as arts
Only the best students receive financial aidsWhile merit-based scholarships are for outstanding performers, there are need based scholarships and other financial aids available too 
En-suite accommodations are the bestShared studio apartments have a number of interesting options and can be more student friendly at times
You need to buy everything before you leave for universityIn the age of online shopping, the hassle of packing and preparing need not be stressed upon
Community College <<< Traditional CollegeNo degree is better than another as long as you are aware of where you’re heading.

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The Top 20 Most Common Myths About University

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