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The Wisest Alternatives To University

What has made the alternatives to university so popular is the unstable economy in every nation across the globe. A report by Mckinsey & Company reported by John Hopkins University shows that the enrolment into college and university will see a gradual decline by 2029. 

If you’re thinking of being one of the contributors to the trough  the global university enrolment rate faces, you’re absolutely thinking safe are being wise in exploring your options. 

Apprenticeship and Studentships Are Perfect Alternatives To University

Apprenticeships offer great alternatives to University studies. In all essence, being an apprentice is like having a job. You spend a majority of your time, say 80% in developing yourself as a skilled professional and the rest of your time as a student. Usually, you will be reporting to the same tutelage of colleagues in the hierarchy you are working under. More often than not, you end up working with the same organization either in the same department or rotated across departments based on your potential. 

One might say that’s just like having an internship, however, you can become an apprentice as an alternative to studying at a university. You are eligible to apply for an apprenticeship job just as you turn the age of 16. 

Another way to look at Studentships is earning money to learn a skill. Imagine loving what you do and doing what you love! Apprenticeship programs are available in the UK as well as abundantly available in the USA. 

Foundation Courses Instead Of Higher Studies


Foundation Courses are especially created for those students who cannot commit to a full time degree. The qualifications and skills you gain through a foundation course is enough to get you into Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in any of the international universities. More often than not, foundation courses are organised with universities in partnership with schools and colleges. 

It is not necessary that you apply for a foundation course in the country you are born. That is the point of a foundation course. They are designed to help you explore your passion and become skilled professionals in the areas that light a spark in you. 

Alternatives to university such as foundation courses have no entry requirements. You start working on projects, build your track record and demonstrate skills in the two to three year course. 

Invest For Your Own Business 

If you’re thinking of skipping university and building your skills set  and mind-set by working as trainees, apprentices or interns, I know you think about the next step to growth, we have all been there. It might be a good time to start investing for your own business. 

The returns of owning a business are indefinite and the seeds to that beanstalk lie in your bank accounts. 

If you’re thinking about starting a business right away, you must be the fierce and bold kinds who often make it to the top. But in all its merit, owning a business is one of the finest alternatives to university and higher education. Not only must you become independent and powerful, owning your business is a full time job and you are your own boss. 

Everyone has an entrepreneurial mindset, they just need to know where to find it and not how to find it. Take time to think about what you could invest in that would help you warn indefinite returns. 

A Gap Year Is An Alternative To University Education

When I say gap year, I don’t mean stay at home, eat and binge on Naruto. A gap year is a break between studying and working. Usually, when taking a decision post high school, students are caught in the dilemma of whether to work or study. It is also common that students at that stage are unsure of what they actually want to do. The reason for your gap may be anything, but to make the most of the 365 empty days on your calendar, it is your onus to make the most of it. Most students prefer finding internships and pursue courses of their desire. They might or might not be related to the field of study in school or college. Additionally, you might also want to consider working for a community or investing time in conservation and protecting the environment. 

Think of your gap year as a bonus year. The year you get to fill your CV with hints of your personality and convey one easily what you can achieve. 

You might also want to go abroad, study a short term course and come back. In addition to that, if you are confident in your craft and are ready to share your professional skill set, you can also apply for internships abroad. 

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The Wisest Alternatives To University

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