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Our Top 5 Recommendations On How To Get A Job After College

how to get a job after college

It is your final year of college and you must have already applied for graduate schemes by now. You are bombarded with questions like “What plans next?” or “What are you doing after your university education”. It must be pressurizing for you to answer these questions and you always wish you had a solid career plan in mind so that you could confidently respond to such questions. Today, I’m going to share with you some of the top recommendations by UniScholarz on how to get a job after college.

Before we proceed, I recommend that you take a look at the below chart explaining the top challenges faced by fresh graduates on how to find a job after graduation.

how to get a job after college

Source: Entrepreneur

What we can understand from here is that 60% of fresh grads face the challenge of having a prior work experience which most organizations look for. 39% face challenges in how to get a job after college simply because they do not know where to find jobs. 26% of the students may find job offers and may even apply but they lose out when it comes to interview skills. 18% of the grads need to level up their CV making skills. They can start off by working on the common mistakes in a resume to avoid. Writing a cover letter is challenging to 11% of the grads and only 3% have other reasons.

In this article on how to get a job after college, you will learn how to overcome these challenges as we put across our top recommendations for students like you to get started.

How To Find A Job After College Graduation: Create A LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. On LinkedIn, you are represented as a brand and you need to build your career prospects by way of updating your profile with your acquired skills. One of the main challenges faced by grads (as per the chart) was how to find a job after college with no experience. Create a LinkedIn profile even if it’s just a bare-bones list of your previous education, your participation in extracurricular activities, your skill sets, and a summary of the career that interests you. It will answer your questions on how to get a job after college. Since it is a space for both employers and employees, you never know when you get lucky and which recruiter finds your profile interesting. Make sure to not only update your profile not only with your CV, but also skills that you acquire other than a great resume.

How To Get A Job After College: Find A Mentor

As per a Forbes survey conducted, almost 70% of students said that they had a mentor. Your mentor could be your mother, your professor, a family member, a friend, former/current employers, or someone you found via social networking. You can overcome the problem of where to find a job (as per the chart) by finding a mentor. It is recommended that you find a mentor who is preferably from the same field because they know the industry well and they can guide you along your career path. Again, you can find potential mentors on sites like LinkedIn where there will be tonnes of experienced people who would have undergone the same issues as you but have now excelled. 

How To Get A Job After College: Use Your University’s Career Services

Most of the universities/educational institutions provide placement opportunities for the students. Organizations always want to recruit talent who have the potential to contribute to them and help them grow. In that pursuit, they tie up with universities and offer placements via their career services for students. These career offices will connect you to an alumnus from the same field (who could also be your mentor). They will also guide you through your CV, cover letter writing, and interview preparations so you as a student need not count that as a challenge in finding a job.

how to get a job after college

How To Get A Job Out Of College: Find An Internship

To get an internship means to get trained via work experience in the area of your interest. Irrespective of whether your internship pays you or not, big companies often recruit students as interns before accepting them full-time. It is a mutual benefit in the sense that while you as an intern are trained as per the industrial norms, the organization observes you and shapes you to become job-ready. You are also contributing to the organization by completing the assigned tasks. If you did not have prior work experience, you can now add an internship in that section too so your chances of getting a job are higher.

How To Get A Job After College: Be A Part Of Professional Groups

Did you know that there are several professional or industry-specific associations that you could be a part of? While some universities are affiliated with these organizations, you can find these groups online and strongly network with them. You will receive updates regarding vacancies in your particular field, and tips on how to acquire the required skill sets, and everything else relating to finding a job.

I hope this blog on How To Get A Job After College was useful to you. If you find tips, tricks, and guides helpful, make sure to read these blogs:

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how to get a job after college

Our Top 5 Recommendations On How To Get A Job After College

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