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Student Saver: Best Loyalty Cards Of 2024

Best Loyalty Cards Of 2021

If you are a student looking to study in the UK, you might have made a checklist of the things you need for a smooth transition from your host country to the UK. You might also be aware that the standard of living in the UK is on the higher side and that you need to make a budget for yourself to help you save money. We already spoke to you about the best money-saving meals in the UK and the USA and now it’s time to help you earn rewards, offers, and discounts as a student in the UK. The best loyalty cards of 2024 are going to help you receive monetary rewards and discounts. 

If you are already in the UK, you might know that British citizens love doing charity, scratching lucky draws, and earning free rewards. This peculiar characteristic of the country has made it easier for its commerce brands to attract and retain customers to their stores. 

To help you find the best loyalty cards for students for this year, we have organized the best loyalty cards of 2024 in the UK. 

But before we talk about that, are you sure you understand what a loyalty card programme is? 

What Is A Loyalty Card Program? 

You might have been prompted by a sales personnel asking you to sign up for the store’s loyalty card programme, rapidly describing all its benefits and details. If you have experienced this and have rejected their offer, let me tell you that you missed out on a generous deal. Loyalty card programs are launched with the main objective of increasing customer retention. The store understands that the customer is king and it is as important to cater to your needs as it is to sell the products on the racks.  

How to make the customer happy? It is usually done by offering them perks, rewards, small stamps for loyalty cards, and monetary benefits. In order to increase the customer’s lifetime value and pave a way for them to come back to your store again.

It works as an encouragement for the customers to shop at your store in exchange for exclusive discounts and offers. In addition to that, the more they shop at your store, the more they earn these rewards and are eligible to receive exclusive benefits on products and purchases. 

The United Kingdom has been a world leader in the area of customer loyalty management and retention since 1981. The Passcard, later known as Passkey, was the first loyalty scheme introduced in the UK. As the years went by, a newer competition was created, the country realized that rewards are the most important part of loyalty in a B2C environment. 

Research by YouGov, Britain’s internet-based market research platform, found that 83% of the British population want a loyalty card program to help them save money. 

…and finally the question

Which Are The Best Loyalty Cards Of 2024? 

Sainsbury’s Nectar Card | Best Loyalty Cards In The UK

Nectar Card is one of the best loyalty cards of 2024 in the UK. There is a full list of brands where you can earn and redeem points on your nectar card. Nectar card by Sainsbury’s offers a dynamic nectar system where you don’t necessarily have to shop at Sainsbury’s and can only want to use specific brands. Moreover, the loyal customers are rewarded with Nectar points for just searching for some products on the online store. 

The benefits of having nectar include but are not limited to; earning £1 for qualifying spend. Qualifying spend is nothing but nectar offers for the purchase of a specific product from a product category. 1 nectar point for every time you fill fuel from a Sainbury’s garage. These nectar points are calculated at the end of each transaction, with the difference on discounted products. 

Boots Advantage Card | Best Loyalty Cards For Students

Boots is the UK’s leading chemist that introduced a loyalty programme in the year 1997. Ever since investing in the  £30 million scheme, the brand has seen an increase in the level of customer satisfaction, higher retention rate, and establishing the success of being one of the best loyalty cards. 

The Advantage card is known to be generous and well-reputed in the UK. The advantage card is prominent in the UK because Boots goes beyond earning profit through returning customers. The brand has invested in building communities through this programme such as for females of pregnant families, women, students, and senior citizens.  

Boots has managed to deploy targeted sales by using customer behavioral data. The purchase decisions made by the holders of the Boots advantage card received exclusive customized offers, personalized packages, and more. 

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Nando’s Card 

Nando’s loyalty card is one of the most convenient, practical, and best loyalty cards in the UK this year. The philosophy of the program is simple, on every bill that’s above £7,  you will earn 1 ‘Chilli’. On every 3rd, 6th, and 10th chili you earn, your rewards look something like this:

Source: Nandos

You can win extra dishes such as starters, small and medium-sized pizza, or even whole chicken with combo meals on redeeming the rewards. 

Co-Op Membership 

Co-Op members are observed to be one of the happiest customer lots. This is because, if you follow the trails of earning Co-Op points, buying selected items from each product category, 2p from every £1 is deemed as a point. You can also win exclusive offers, and discounts on products with benefits extended to family and friends. Non-Co-Op members have been reported to spend £15 more than Co-Op members on products such as fuel, cigarettes, couriers and postages, small stamps for loyalty cards, and clearance items. 


1. What are examples of loyalty cards?

Examples of loyalty cards include the Tiered loyalty program, Subscription-based loyalty program, Value-based loyalty program and Points-based loyalty program. Benefits of these cards may include a percentage off the purchase, points toward a store gift certificate, or discounted prices on specific items.

2. What type of card is a loyalty card?

A loyalty card is a card given to a customer by a supermarket or chain store that is used to track credit points earned for money spent in the store. The loyalty card records your eligible purchases as well as any rewards you’ve earned. Loyalty cards are not credit cards, but they are a good way to accumulate points for hotels or retailers you frequent.

3. What are loyalty cards called?

A loyalty card is a paper or plastic card, typically the same size as a credit or bank card, that is given to retail customers in exchange for benefits not available to non-cardholders. Loyalty cards are cards given to customers by businesses. Businesses use them to thank customers for purchasing goods or services, as well as to keep track of what customers buy. The card is also known as a club card, a points card, a rewards card, or an advantage card.

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Student Saver: Best Loyalty Cards Of 2024

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