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Top Universities In London For MBA 2024

medical universities in London

London’s MBA programs are among the best in the world. London is a business hub for the UK and also its financial capital. This is because the city is home to a number of businesses that perform well in the country’s stock market. Moreover, the city has ample job opportunities for recent graduates. The city is a great place to kick off one’s career. Millions of students come to join some of the top universities in London for MBA.

List of Top Universities in London For MBA

1. London Business School 

Universities in London for MBA, eligibility for london school of business

London Business School has been ranked the best business school in Europe by Financial Times and has been ranked #6 by QS World rankings.  It has been providing degrees in Masters, PhD, MBA since 1964. The business school is known for offering world-class education, especially in the fields of Management, Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and more.

Every year more than 1,000 students join London Business School from overseas. The school offers a wide range of resources and facilities to its students. The supreme quality of its education is what makes it one of the top universities in London for MBA.  It also offers a number of scholarships to students based on their merit and needs. Moreover, London Business School also has a high rate of student dispersion in the job market. This means a considerable number of students who graduate from this university end up in high paying jobs. London Business School is truly one of the best business universities in London.

The list of courses offered by London Business School in order of rank are:

  • MBA  – #1 
  • Masters in Finance – #1  
  • Masters in Management – #2
  • Executive MBA – #3 
  • Masters in Management – #5
  • Executive MBA (Dubai) – #6

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2. Imperial College London

MBA courses offered by Imperial Business School aim to transform talented individuals into business leaders. The school’s business-led activities that involve innovative thinking makes it one of the top universities in London for MBA. Apart from that, the school’s global network and reach allow students to establish themselves in their industries. With world-class faculty that are leaders in their own subjects, students are prepared to solve the real-world problems. 

Imperial Business School offers a number configurations for students to learn MBA. They are as follows: 

  • Weekend MBA 

This is a part-time course that helps students develop their careers. Here, working students also pursue MBA on the weekends. This allows students to strike a balance between a demanding job and education. This is a 21-month program that has a rigorous curriculum and helps students associate with business leaders to enhance their career prospects. 

  • Global Online MBA
    This course is ranked #1 in the UK and #2 in the world by QS world rankings for online MBA. This is a part time distance learning MBA program. Its modules include entrepreneurship, marketing, analytics leadership and strategy. The course also gives students the liberty to complete the Global Online MBA Course in – 21, 24 or 32 months as per their convenience. 
  • Full-Time MBA Program
    This is a classic MBA program with an extensive approach to a wide range of projects. These projects with the academic curriculum are bound to turn individuals into leaders and innovative thinkers. This full time course is taught in London and allows students to learn and develop their entrepreneurial skills. Students from all continents join this course such as Africa, Europe, Asia etc. 

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2. Cass Business School, City University London 

Universities in London for MBA, eligibility for london school of business

City University’s Cass Business School is located in the heart of London. It ranks #3 in the UK for MBA and is among the top universities in London for MBA. The university offers four types of courses to meet the demands of students who want to learn MBA at this college. These are as follows: 

  • Full Time MBA  

This is a 12-month course that focuses on intensive learning and practical application of knowledge. The course is led by world-class faculty and who shape students into becoming professionals and contributors in their field of study. 

This course offers a blend of academic studies as well as projects such as live projects, consultancy projects and workshops that mould students into decision-makers and leaders who can build and work in teams.

  •      Executive MBA
    This program delivers the course twice a week for a period of 24 months. Executive MBA delivered by Cass Business School has inspired over 6,000 with a minimum of 12 years of work experience to enhance their entrepreneurial skills. This course will help you build a deep understanding of business and management. 
  • Modular Executive MBA 
    This module is similar to the Executive MBA program. However, the course is delivered every weekend for a period of 24 months. Moreover, only candidates with 13 years of world experience are eligible for this course. 

3. University of London 

The University of London ranks 10 in the world for MBA according to QS World rankings. Being one of the top universities in London for MBA, the course offered by the university is designed to develop a student’s business acumen. Moreover, students who have studied at Queen Mary, University of London are eligible for a 20% bursary. The following are the modules and structure of Global MBA offered by the University of London: 

Global MBA by University of London 

Offers six core modules and 4 optional modules. With this, students also need to complete a strategic project. To gain a specialist MBA, your chosen modules and strategic projects should be from one of the following subjects: 

  • Accountancy 
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation 
  • Law
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Leadership 

Students must meet the English language requirements of the university before applying for this university’s MBA. 

4. London School of Economics

MBA at London School of Economics based on three pillars: Strategic Environment, Human Element and The Financial Toolkit. Partnered with New York University (NYU) and HEC Paris, LSE offers two types of MBA programs: 

  • TRIUM Global Executive MBA 

This is an 18 month taught program comprising 6 on-site at multiple locations across the globe.  This course goes beyond traditional classroom learning and extends to develop students into experienced professionals with diverse perspectives. It offers a dynamic academic roadmap that includes a global, digital and entrepreneurial environment.

  • MBA Essentials

This is an online course offered to students to help them thrive in any business environment. It consists of 10 modules that are covered over a period of 10 weeks. The self-paced classes help students the flexibility to learn whenever or wherever. 

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medical universities in London

Top Universities In London For MBA 2024

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