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Tips For Nailing A Skype Interview

Benefits Of Part Time Jobs For Students

In this blog, you will be getting tips for nailing a Skype interview. So if you have a job/internship interview coming up on Skype for any role whatsoever make sure you stay tuned because this will help you ace that interview. 

Here I will give you 7 Skype interview tips you do not want to miss, along with an example of a Skype interview question and scripted answer that you can use. Also mentioned here are three important tips for structuring your answer for the most common interview question asked, “Tell us about yourself.” Followed by those tips is a bonus sample scripted answer to that interview question which will help you ace the interview you have really been looking forward to!

7 Tips to help you get through that Skype Interview

Nailing A Skype Interview

#1 Be Familiar With Skype At Least 24 Hours Prior!

Now, I have heard numerous stories of people downloading Skype 10 minutes before their interview starts, and there is an update that needs installing! You must make sure to get familiar with how Skype works. Make sure it is fully ready to go and you know how to navigate Skype. This demonstrates to the interviewer that you are organized and professional. The last thing we need when your skype interview starts is that you don’t know how to use it or you run into problems. So you can’t say to the interviewer, “Sorry! This is the first time I’m using Skype.” Make sure you are familiar with the application and know how to use it well. 

#2 Choose The Perfect Spot! / Nailing A Skype Interview

Choose the room where you will be undertaking the interview carefully. What does it look like behind you? Is there sufficient lighting in the room? We want the background to look professional. Now that can be achieved by simply having a plain background that works absolutely fine for online interviews of any sort! 

#3 Tell Everyone In Your Household Not To Disturb You! / Nailing A Skype Interview

Tell everyone in your household not to disturb you for the duration of your interview because if someone walks into the room it looks very unprofessional. If you have any pets in your household make sure you keep them out of the room. The last thing you want is your pet jumping up on your table. Make sure there is no background noise as well from your phone, make sure it is on silent, or maybe turn it off. We don’t want any noise from external traffic. 

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#4 Practice Your Answer To “Tell Me About Yourself” / Nailing A Skype Interview

Now, practice your answer very well before the interview starts. So the first thing the interviewer will ask you is, “Tell me about yourself”. Now when you structure your answer to this first interview question, my advice is to use the format of ‘SEAT’. Now you can remember this because you will be sitting in a seat while you give your interview. This is how you use the format ‘SEAT’ to structure your answer:

S – Skills and qualities you have that match the job description. 

E – Experience relevant to the job you are applying for. If you have no experience talk about your educational background. 

A – Achievements you have gained professionally or personally. 

T – Type of person you are and how you will help their company grow!

#5 SMILE During Your Skype Interview! / Nailing A Skype Interview

Make sure to smile! Now, because the interview is online, you must work harder to create a positively good impression! One way you can do that is to smile is a great way to maintain positivity and connect with the Skype hiring manager!

#6 Think About Your STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES! / Nailing A Skype Interview

Think carefully about this. During your SKYPE interview, you will get asked the interview question, what are your strengths and weaknesses?

Here are three important tips for structuring your answer to this common interview question. 

1. Give the interviewer four or five strengths that match the job you are applying for!

2. Give just one weakness that will do your chances of success no harm!

3. Tell the interviewer what you are doing to work on your weaknesses!

Here’s a bonus sample scripted answer to that interview question

“My greatest strengths include the fact that I can be left alone to complete tasks on time and to a high standard. I can solve difficult problems and I am not afraid to get involved in tasks that other people are afraid to do. Other strengths include that I am a very fast learner and I always take responsibility for my own professional development. I will always improve and grow within the role.”

#7 Dress Professionally

Make sure you dress appropriately and professionally for the interview. Dress as if it were a face-to-face interview. Some people think because it is online, they don’t need to put in any effort. That is not true because the interviewer will assess how you dress, so look the part!

Make use of these tips and this will make a massive difference to your performance and help you ace the interview smoothly!

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Benefits Of Part Time Jobs For Students

Tips For Nailing A Skype Interview

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