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List Of YouTube Channels To Improve English

Motivational Podcasts For Students

A specialist’s knowledge used to be a rare and expensive thing, but YouTube has changed this dramatically. With so many enjoyable, funny, pointless videos also available, it’s easy to misjudge the educational value of this platform! There are many English courses you can take on youtube. Before diving right into the list of YouTube channels to improve English, let’s have a glimpse of why people prefer learning English on youtube and the benefits of doing so. 

Short Videos To Explain The Information You Exactly Need! 

YouTube is a very neat platform. You can search for extremely niche and specific topics, and find relevant videos with the exact information you were looking for. Creators know that no one watches videos more than fifteen minutes long, so it’ll also be short and to the point. This is an amazing advantage for language learners! 

Slow Down The Speed And Use Subtitles

People with English as their mother tongue talk fast…really fast. This can be a huge strain when trying to improve your communication skills. Decreasing the speed of a video can help you understand so much better. On these YouTube channels to improve English, there’s a feature in the settings that helps you do that! Even better, YouTube also allows users to add subtitles to videos. Some learners usually find it easier to understand written English than spoken English, so reading along to a YouTube lesson can be very beneficial. 

It’s Free!

Before YouTube, you had to pay someone to explain difficult parts of the English language! YouTube contains free valuable expertise that would be expensive to access in any different way. We are very lucky that the only price we pay for a video lesson is having to watch the thirty-second advertisement. It means you can save your money to learn English.

Meet A Community By Subscribing 

There’s a lot of talk about these days on online communities. Sometimes, it seems that any website with more than five visitors claims to be a “community!” However, on YouTube channels to improve English too, this term is quite accurate. If you watch the same English Learning YouTube channel every week, you will become part of a group of like-minded students who are learning along with you. You might even study tips in the comments section!

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YouTube Channels to Improve English

It can be difficult to find videos on YouTube that feature real people with real accents talking about real modern-life topics using simple English. If you’re not interested in watching cartoon princesses with robot voices teaching you new English words and their meanings, try these great YouTube channels for English learners instead!

YouTube Channels for Learning English: 

Beginner Level

British Council – LearnEnglish Kids

British Council is an international organization best known for creating the IELTS test, but it also is the best youtube channel to improve English among young learners…featuring slow simple English and accurate subtitles. You can also learn some useful skills for impressing kids.

RealLife English 

Youtube channels to improve English such as ‘RealLife English’ offer short clips from popular American and British movies and TV shows in a YouTube playlist. A fun way to learn for young adults.  It shows you accurate subtitles along with helpful explanations about certain idioms, cultural references, and grammatical constructions that appear in the clips. Another nice feature is that these language items are shown many times in each video, helping you to better understand and remember them ,  so they don’t simply go in through one ear and out from the other ear, which can happen often.

Easy English

A great channel for simple English is Easy Languages, which features brief interviews with real native speakers talking about common topics and answering typical ‘small talk’ questions. The best thing about their videos is the wide variety of accents you hear , which is helpful if your focus is learning Conversational English or Travel English. Equally important, it features accurate subtitles to check your comprehension.

YouTube Channels For Improving English: 

Intermediate Level

VOA (Voice Of America) Learning English

There are many such YouTube channels to improve English and while making it informative learning. Voice of America (VOA) is a fantastic idea from international news. Their VOA Learning English YouTube channel motivates you to learn American English with captioned TV news reports by using simpler language and reading at a slower speed. You’ll learn about current affairs and become familiar with watching English news, all while improving your English skills! 


Lessons are generally fast-paced and better suited to learners with a good general grasp of the language. There are hundreds of video lessons to choose from, each covering topics crucial to language learning. You’ll advance quickly with EnglishClass101.com!

EF (English First)

The EF YouTube channel’s very entertaining approach to language learning takes a slightly different approach yet very entertaining approach to language learning. It takes you on a virtual holiday while you learn! EF Vloggers travel the world to show you the best cities and talk about languages and culture on the way. You’ll discover LA, Cape Town, and Vancouver while learning the key phrases and vocabulary used in the videos. The best youtube channel for improving English and also a fun way!

Advanced Level

Business English Pod

What happens if you’re required to speak English at work? Meetings and presentations often involve using language you wouldn’t typically use on the street. Head to Business English Pod, one of the YouTube channels to improve English where lessons cover complex language situations like “How to disagree with ideas”, “How to make an offer”, and topics such as finance, law, and the economy.

Rachel’s English

If you’re looking for a way to refine your pronunciation and to learn authentic English for University, Rachel’s English is perfect for you. Rachel is a classically trained opera singer and an expert in English pronunciation. She believes that helping students find full conversational confidence is her passion, viewers enjoy her lessons abundantly!

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Motivational Podcasts For Students

List Of YouTube Channels To Improve English

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