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MBA In Supply Chain Management In The UK 2024: Eligibility, Colleges, Fees

mba in supply chain management in uk

MBA is a top-rated university programme worldwide. Today, students are eager for MBA degrees to achieve high-paying jobs in the corporate sector. MBA students can choose from a list of courses in the programme. If you are someone dreaming of getting admission to the UK’s number one University, particularly in Supply Chain Management, you are at the right place. You can do an MBA in supply chain management in top universities across UK intakes. Many institutions like Cranfield and Warwick School of Management provide research-based knowledge and equip students with broader skills for the global market. Pursuing an MBA in Shipping and logistics in the UK offers tremendous growth from manufacturing to retail. Read all about it in this blog. 

Leading Universities For MBAs In Supply Chain Management In The UK

Masters in Supply Chain Management in the UK provides an opportunity to get a high package. Students can learn industry-tried and tested techniques in MBA courses. If you are keen to explore MBA programmes as you are interested in supply management, then you can plan to go to Australia. Many renowned institutions provide a range of courses and career opportunities. Get admission to the best institutions mentioned below:

UniversitiesName of the courseTuition FeesLocation
University of SouthamptonStrategic Operations and Supply Chain Management£25,000 (25.13 lakhs)Southampton, England
Cranfield UniversityMSc (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)£13,400 or INR 13.47 LakhsMilton Keynes and Bedford, England 
Durham UniversityManagement (Supply Chain Logistic) MSc£27,000 or INR 27.14 lakhDurham, UK
Manchester Metropolitan UniversityOperation and Supply Chain Management£17,500 or INR 17.60 lakhsManchester, England
University of KentLogistics and Supply Chain Management- MSc£21,200 or INR 21.34 lakhCanterbury
University of Nottingham– Logistic and Supply Chain Management MSc
– Supply Chain and Operation Management
£24,500 or INR 24.63 lakhNottingham
The University of ManchesterOperation, project and Supply Chain Management MSc£24,000 or INR 24.13 lakhManchester, England 
University of SheffieldMSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management£26,200 or INR 26.35 lakhSheffield, South Yorkshire, England
University of SussexMSc in Global Chain and Logistics Management£22,500 or INR 22.65 lakhBrighton & Hove, UK
Aston UniversitySupply Chain Management MSc£20,250 or INR 20.38 lakhBirmingham, England

Eligibility Criteria For An MBA In Supply Chain Management In The UK

It is necessary to understand the candidate requirements before applying to a university. Universities in the UK have various processes and admission requirements. If you’re interested in doing an MBA in Supply Chain Management in the UK, you can choose from among the available choices. Submitting a strong application with all the needed documents would guarantee admission. A UK master’s degree in supply chain management requires you to meet the below-mentioned eligibility.

  • First or upper-second-class undergraduate degree with an average of 60%
  • Professional experience in a particular field
  • GMAT scores
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores

Documents Required For Supply Chain Management In The UK

You must first have a list of documents before beginning the application procedure. Students are expected to have a copy of their original documents as well. To ease the process, we have mentioned the list of documents here: 

Another option for students who are interested in supply chain management but do not meet the eligibility criteria is Masters in Supply Chain Management in UK. This is another way that a student can be a part of this dynamic industry. 

Costs Of An MBA In Supply Chain Management In The UK

Tuition costs and living expenses in the UK for students often vary depending on the college you select and your location. Your living expenses will be high if your college is close to London or other large cities. You must spend INR 30,000 on health insurance, around five lakhs on accommodation, and 2 to 3 lakhs on books, entertainment expenditures, prints, photocopies, etc. Transportation costs will be INR 48,000, and clothing will cost around INR 40 to 50K. This is the annual cost to study in the UK

Cost Of Living 

Living expenses in the UK is based on individual preferences and the way of life. However, an estimate can help one set a base budget for their living expenses. 

ParticularsMonthly Cost (£)
Off-Campus Accommodation£408
On-Campus Accommodation£472
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation£1,154
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation£1,218

Scope Of Supply Chain Management In The UK

The field of supply chain management in the UK covers a wide range of activities within business operations, including planning, coordinating, and executing processes to enhance the flow of materials, information, and capital. It involves integrating supply and demand management across companies, extending beyond traditional organizational boundaries to include suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers, and customers.

  • In recent years, supply chain management has gained increasing importance for UK organizations to remain competitive in the global market and networked economy.
  •  It covers diverse activities such as procurement, operations management, logistics, and marketing channels, aimed at creating value, establishing a competitive infrastructure, and aligning supply with demand.
  • Supply chain management software is integral in the UK, facilitating supply chain transactions, supplier relationship management, and associated business processes. 
  • The software’s ultimate goal is to enhance supply chain performance by monitoring the entire supply chain network, including transporters, warehouses, retailers, manufacturers, and customers.

To sum up, supply chain management in the UK is extensive, covering various aspects of business operations, relationship management with supply chain partners, and the use of software tools to optimize performance. It serves as a critical enabler for organizations seeking to compete effectively in the global marketplace and networked economy.

Scholarships For MBA In Supply Chain Management In The UK

Studying in the UK requires a lot of money. However, many students still need to get admission due to financial hurdles. But here is good news for students who intend to pursue their MBA in shipping and logistics in UK, they have opportunities for scholarships to study in the UK.

UniversitiesScholarshipValue or Benefits 
University of SouthamptonNarotam SekhSaria Foundation loan scholarshipsVary on requirements 
Cranfield UniversityCranfield ScholarshipsPartial Coverage of Tuition Cost
Durham UniversityMasters International ScholarshipUp to 6 lakhs rebate
Manchester Metropolitan UniversityPostgraduate ScholarshipINR 2.5 lakhs
University of KentInternational Scholarships for Taught Masters StudentsINR 8 lakh
University of NottinghamInternational Masters ScholarshipsPart-coverage of Tuition 
The University of ManchesterAlliance MBS Masters Scholarships for UK/EU/International studentsCover full tuition fees
University of SheffieldInternational Merit Postgraduate Scholarship 2021Partial coverage of tuition fees
University of SussexSussex Graduate Scholarship Partial coverage 
Aston UniversityGlobal Excellence ScholarshipINR 5 lakh

MBA In Logistics And Supply Chain Management Salary In The UK

The UK is one of the developed regions with a high standard of life. The MBA in logistics and supply chain management in the UK ensures a significant boost in the salary package to all fellows who have successfully completed the program. Students can be found in several departments such as procurement, forecasting services, inventory control, logistics, and more. Cisco, Amazon, KPMG, GSK, EY, Johnson & Johnson, or Walmart are some of the top employers which offer student opportunities.

Job TitleApproximate Salary 
Supply Chain AnalystINR 42 Lakhs approx.
Project ManagerINR 28 Lakhs approx.
Procurement LeadINR 52 Lakhs approx.
Supply Chain Planner INR 36 Lakhs approx.
Distribution Manager INR 43 Lakhs approx.
Logistics AnalystINR 50 Lakhs approx.

How To Apply?

You can apply to the best universities in the UK for any courses by following steps. It’s crucial to be mindful of application intake periods in the summer and winter terms. 

Prepare Required Documents: 

  • Letter of Recommendations: Submit your professionally written letters from professors or employers who are emphasizing your actions and the skills that are required for your desired position.
  • Official Transcript: Submit a request for your official transcript to be sent to the college from your previous academic institution in order to illustrate your prior educational information and successes.
  • Statement of Purpose: Write a persuasive statement that has to do with your academic and professional goals and your interest in doing an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  • English Language Proficiency: Get yourself the required level of English language proficiency by examining tests like IELTS or TOEFL and sending the scores.

Online Application Submission:

Complete and submit your application online and prior to the stated deadlines. Make sure applicants submit all required documents correctly and according to the designated format.

Track Application Status:

Monitor the status of your application by going into the university’s portal regularly after submitting your application. If you want to be up-to-date on any news regarding visa regulations or other requirements, check that out.

Visa Application Process:

If your application is accepted, then you can apply for a visa to study in the UK. The UK operates under its own immigration regulations. Be knowledgeable and alert throughout the process to ensure that you are always in compliance with the regulations.


How Much Does an MBA In Supply Chain Management Cost In The UK?

If you want to do an MBA in supply management in UK with placement, then you can earn between INR 16 to 41 lakhs. 

Which University Is Best For Supply Chain Management In The UK? 

The University of Manchester, University of Cranfield, University of Durham, and The University of Sheffield are some of the best universities in the UK for a master’s in Supply Chain Management.

Is MBA In The Supply Chain Worth It? 

Yes, you should do an MBA in logistics and supply chain management in UK because if you do it you can progress in your career and earn a good salary in the area of logistics and global supply chain management.

How Much Does A Supply Chain Manager Make In The UK With An MBA? 

The average salary of a supply chain manager in the UK is also £61,881.

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mba in supply chain management in uk

MBA In Supply Chain Management In The UK 2024: Eligibility, Colleges, Fees

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