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Cost Of Living In London For Indian Students 2024!

Cost of living in London for indian students

Every year, more than 7.7 lakh Indian students migrate all over the globe, over 14,000 of whom go to London for the tremendous educational opportunities, a rich history, fantastic sightseeing and incredible job prospects. London is teeming with culture and diversity while offering a once-in-a-lifetime student experience. Unfortunately, London also has one of the highest averages of the cost of living in London for Indian students. At GBP 26,592, London’s average monthly expenses can take a toll on any international student. To assist you in planning better, we have compiled all the statistics and analysed the data in the following guide to the cost of living in London for Indian students!

An Overview Of The Cost Of Living In London For Indian Students

We consider several routine expenses, like accommodation, transportation, food, groceries, recreation, etc., when we arrive at the final figure of the average cost of living in London for Indian students. Check out the following table of monthly expenses for a detailed breakdown.

ParticularsMonthly Cost of Living in London for Indian Students (GBP)Monthly Cost of Living in London for Indian Students (INR)
Off-Campus Accommodation GBP 1,220INR 127,080.80
On-Campus AccommodationGBP 1,200INR 124,488.00
TransportationGBP 186INR 19,398.64
Food CostGBP 480INR 50,083.20
EntertainmentGBP 60INR 6,260.40
GroceriesGBP 200INR 20,868.00
ClothesGBP 70INR 7,296.80
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus HousingGBP 2,216INR 2,30,806.24
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus HousingGBP 2,196INR 2,28,879.04
Annual Cost of LivingGBP 26,592INR 27,72,940.48

Cost Of Accommodation In London

From the above table of the average monthly cost of living in London for Indian students, we can easily deduce that while the price of accommodation is high in London, it is very similar for on-campus and off-campus housing properties. With a difference of only GBP 20, off-campus housing doesn’t provide a financial advantage. Then, why should you opt for it?

Off-campus housing properties usually offer more options and a wider range of choices. Students can explore according to their preferences and requirements. Moreover, off-campus accommodation usually also offers more liberty and amenities. To help make the decision, we have listed the best properties in London for international students in the table below:

PropertyCost/week (starting)Types of rooms availableFeatures
Dashwood Studios– Dashwood Studios, 120-138 Walworth Road, London, SE17 1JLGBP 419StudiosUtility bills includedTheatreLaundry roomGameroomCCTVBike storageCommunal relaxing and study area
GoBritanya, Lewisham Residence– Lewisham, 46 Thurston Road, London, SE13 7SDGBP 305EnsuiteStudio Utility bills includedCCTVGarden/courtyardCommunal relaxing and study areaBike storageOn-site gymTheatre 
Cube Ealing– 11, The Pavement, The Cube Ealing, Popes Ln, London W5 4NG, United KingdomGBP 255StudiosUtility bills includedLaundry roomElectronic fob entry systemCCTVBike storage24x7 dedicated support
Wood Green Hall– Brabant Rd, London N22 6UZ, United KingdomGBP 162Single roomsUtility bills includedCCTVLaundry roomSpecially abled accessCommunal relaxing and study area

How Much Does Utilities Cost In London?

The monthly expenses for utilities in London for a single person living in a 1-bedroom apartment typically range from £100 to £150. These costs cover electricity, gas, water, and broadband internet services. However, the actual expenses may vary depending on several factors such as:

  • Size and energy efficiency of the apartment
  • Personal consumption habits
  • Area of residence within London

According to Numbeo, the average monthly cost of utilities in London falls between £250 to £300. To obtain a more accurate estimate, it’s advisable to:

  • Reach out to specific utility providers for detailed pricing information.
  • Consult the local council to inquire about the latest council tax rates applicable to the area of residence.

Cost Of Transportation In London

As hefty as the average living expenses in London are, it also has the best public transportation for those living on a budget. The public transit system in London is incredibly well-connected and offers students several options. The government provides an 18+ student Oyster photocard through which you can save 30% on travel cards and bus and tram passes. Or you can get a railcard, add it to your 18+ oyster photocard and get returns of 34% on the tube, London overground, Elizabeth line, and most national rail services in London. The most popular travel options are taxis, minicabs, bicycles, tubes, buses, or overground stations.

Here are some of the most helpful tips to save on transportation when budgeting the total cost of living in London for Indian students.

  • If you live near your university, use ‘pay as you go’ for cheaper rates.
  • Travel off-peak if possible to save more. Before 06:30 am, between 09:30 am and 03:59 pm, or after 19:00 on weekdays are considered off-peak times.
  • Many journeys as you need using the 18+ student oyster photocard. All your fares will be capped.
  • Use hopper fare for bus or tram journeys.
  • Use hopper fare for bus or tram journeys.
  • Use the night tube and London overground night services for night travels on Fridays and Saturdays or the night buses on other nights.
  • Walk to nearby places!

How Much Do Groceries Cost In London?

Even though food and groceries are subjective expenses, they are constants on every student’s budget sheet. Although you can save up by identifying unnecessary or wasteful expenses, ordering less, and cooking at home, it’s wise to look at the average cost of everyday grocery items. Check out the table below for more details about average grocery prices in London.

Meal at an average restaurantGBP 19.00
0.5 ltr BeerGBP 6.50
Regular cappuccinoGBP 3.62
0.33 ltr Coke/PepsiGBP 1.94
0.33 ltr WaterGBP 1.64
1 ltr MilkGBP 1.31
500 gram BreadGBP 1.56
1 kg RiceGBP 1.98
12 EggsGBP 3.32
1 kg PotatoGBP 1.26
1 kg OnionGBP 1.21
1 kg ApplesGBP 2.44
1 kg OrangesGBP 2.67
1 kg TomatoGBP 3.08

UK Visa Charges

A student visa is one of the most important documents when applying to any UK university. Unfortunately, visa costs also affect the average cost of living in London UK. The primary condition is that the applicant must be 16+ years old and fulfil these conditions:

  1. Has a valid offer letter for a course offered by a licensed student sponsor
  2. Has substantial proof of finances to support themselves and pay for their programme
  3. Has a valid proof of English proficiency
  4. A consent letter from the parents (if under 18)

To apply for a student visa from outside the United Kingdom, a total of GBP 490 is charged. Similarly, GBP 490 is required to extend or switch to a student visa from inside the UK.

Apply for a visa around six months before your course begins. The authorities take around three weeks to respond about the outcome. In addition to this cost, applicants must also pay the healthcare surcharge as part of the application.

Note that your duration of stay, dependents and purpose can affect the total cost of applying for a student visa.

Popular University Fees In London For Students

Source: @https://www.london.ac.uk/federation 

Tuition fees are often included in the total cost of studying at any university as a significant contributor along with the total cost of living in London for Indian students. They can be quite expensive depending on the university. For instance, pursuing an MBA in London often requires additional financial aid. Most international students choose to pay their fees in instalments or annually which often adds to the list of expenses. Take a look at the table below to determine the ranking and average annual tuition fees of popular universities in London.

UniversityQS World University Ranking 2024Average Annual Cost Of Tuition
University of London328GBP 24,080
Imperial College London6GBP 40,940
University of West London253 (For UG by subject)GBP 26,583
London Metropolitan University801 – 1000GBP 16,874
University of East London851 – 900GBP 14,160
University of Greenwich651 – 700GBP 9,250

Things To Do For Free In London

As an international student, finding money in your budget for the average monthly expenses in London for entertainment and recreation is often challenging. Most students live on a tight budget. However, one of the best parts of student life is socialising, meeting new people, and having new experiences. What can you do in such situations? Find things to do for free in London! Start from this list below:

  1. Visit The Museums And Galleries

Are you interested in exploring the local culture, history and diversity? Museums might be perfect for you. London has several museums and art galleries that are bustling with knowledge about fashion, architecture, art history, music, painting, and so much more. Furthermore, these are absolutely free of charge. So, if you’re enrolled in one of the fashion colleges in London, a day at the museum might be the perfect day out!

  1. Visit The Farms

If you’re someone who likes to stay connected with nature, London’s farms are the best place. Zoos, cat cafes or other establishments often cost a lot. But visiting a community-run farm is not only free but it also introduces you to a bunch of different local animals.

  1. Find A Park

Do you want to connect better with the greenery around you? Or are you looking for an out when constantly surrounded by buildings and machines? Studies show that several architects and art enthusiasts produced their best ideas around greenery. Lucky for those studying in architecture universities or film schools in London, this city is full of lush green parks and gardens that can instantly pick you out of a slump.

  1. Go To The Sky Garden

London’s Sky Garden is a 35-floor tall building with spectacular views. It is an ensemble of lush gardens, Mediterranean plants, an open-air terrace, two restaurants, and a panoramic view of the city. Although entry is free, you are required to book your slot in advance.

How To Try To Live On A Budget In London?

You can follow several strategies to live on a budget in London. Firstly, create a budget plan to manage your finances and track your expenses. Some more strategies are mentioned below: 

Create a budget planManage finances and track expenses.
Lower fixed expensesShop around for affordable housing, bills, insurance, and transport.
Consider shared accommodationLive with housemates or a partner in a shared or one-bedroom flat.
Cook meals at homePrepare meals instead of dining out or ordering takeaway.
Utilise student discountsAsk for discounts on various services and subscriptions.
Engage in free activitiesVisit museums, parks, and historical sites, and attend live music gigs for free.
Opt for cost-effective transportationUse public transport, cycling, or walking. Purchase a 16-25 Railcard for discounts. Rent or buy a bike.
Use Monzo for expense tracking and savings managementBank with Monzo for real-time expense tracking, setting spending limits, and utilising the round-up feature.


Q1. How much does it cost to live in London for Indian students?

Ans: The average annual cost of living in London for Indian students is GBP 26,592 or INR 27,72,940.

Q2. How much does it cost to apply for a student visa in London?

Ans: If you want to study in London, you can apply for a student visa as soon as your enrolment at the university is confirmed—a UK student visa from outside costs GBP 490.

Q3. Is London very expensive for students?

Ans: Although very popular, London is also one of the most expensive study-abroad destinations in the United Kingdom.

Q4. What are the best areas for affordable student accommodation in London?

Ans: Deptford, Leytonstone, Stratford, and Streatham are some of the most affordable student accommodation areas in London.

Q5. What bank balance is necessary for a student visa in the UK?

Ans: The amount of money required for a student visa in the UK depends on the length and location of the course. For a course outside of London, students must have £1,023 per month for up to 9 months, while for a course in London, students must have £1,334 per month for up to 9 months.

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Cost of living in London for indian students

Cost Of Living In London For Indian Students 2024!

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