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Personalised Study Abroad Counselling For Indian Students

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Exploring MBA in London: Programs, Costs, and Career Prospects

Interested in studying for an MBA in London? If you’re thinking about it, you’ve probably wondered about the ins and outs, expenses, and what awaits you in this exciting city. Let’s take a closer look at MBA programs in London, covering topics like program options, costs, financial aid, and what comes after graduation. Whether you’re looking to advance your career or explore new horizons, this might just be the perfect place for your MBA adventure.

1. MBA in London: Course Highlights

Program Duration1-2 years
Program TypeFull-time | Part-time
Eligibility CriteriaA 3-4 year Bachelor degree with a aggregate of 60%-65% and a minimum 3 years of work experience
English Proficiency RequirementsIELTS: 7.0 or above | TOEFL: 100+
Tuition Fee Range30,000 GBP- 120,000 GBP 
Average Salary35,000 GBP to 50,000 GBP
Top EmployersAmazon, CitiBank, Financial Conduct Authority, Paribas, Santander

2. Why Pursue an MBA in London?

Studying in London broadens your global perspective, preparing you for an international career. It serves as an outstanding center for MBA education, presenting unique benefits:

  • Business schools in London house prestigious institutions guaranteeing top-notch education.
  • As a major financial center, London hosts offices of leading companies, ensuring MBA students have plenty of job opportunities.
  • London is a global hotspot for business and innovation, providing MBA students with a chance to connect with and learn from industry experts.

3. Top Universities

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

This region is globally renowned for its academic excellence, offering exposure, technology, and research opportunities. With over 25 business colleges, these are the best Universities in London for MBA.

UniversityProgramDuration of the ProgramTotal Tuition Fees (GBP)
London Business SchoolFull-time MBA15-21 Months£109,700
Executive MBA20 Months£119,900
Imperial Business SchoolFull-time MBA15-21 Months£61,500
City University of London (City’s Business School)Full-time MBA12 Months£48,000
Executive MBA24 Months£53,000
Brunel University (Brunel Business School)MBA12 Months£27,500
University of Chicago (Booth Business School)Full-time MBA21 Months£155,682
University of WestminsterFull-time MBA12 Months£19,000

4. Types of MBA 

In the UK, international students have options for full-time, part-time, and executive MBA programs. Here’s a concise breakdown:

4.1. Full-time MBA in the UK

This is a traditional 1-2 year program for full-time students, combining classroom, cases, and projects. The core modules include business and management essentials.

  • Accounting and financial management
  • Marketing management
  • Operations management 
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Corporate finance 
  • Strategy and business policy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

4.2. Part-time MBA

Part-time MBA in London caters to working professionals, typically spanning 2-4 years. They provide a comprehensive foundation in key business areas like accounting, finance, marketing, HR, operations, strategy, and behaviour. 

Additionally, students can tailor their studies with specialized electives such as entrepreneurship or international business to align with their career goals.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
  • Sustainability
  • Information technology management. 

4.3. Executive MBA (EMBA) 

Designed for working professionals seeking career advancement, EMBA programs are typically part-time, enabling students to continue working. The curriculum focuses on developing skills in strategic thinking and decision-making.

While their courses cover organizational leadership, corporate strategy, global business, and innovation management. EMBA courses provide a deeper understanding of organizational complexities and the challenges of operating in a global business environment.

4.4. Online MBA

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels

Offering flexibility for students with work or personal commitments, online MBA programs are entirely delivered online. They often feature a self-paced structure, allowing students to complete the course at their own convenience.

5. MBA Course Duration

Full-time MBA programs typically span 12 to 24 months, emphasizing rigorous coursework, case studies, group projects, internships, and hands-on learning experiences. In contrast, part-time MBA programs offer greater flexibility, lasting between two and three years.

6. Admissions

Gaining admission can be highly competitive due to the large volume of international applicants. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the specific admission criteria for leading universities offering MBA courses in London.

6.1. MBA in London Eligibility

Securing a spot in London’s MBA graduate programs is no easy feat. Top universities have standard admission prerequisites, including academic qualifications, English language proficiency, and additional documents. Specific criteria may vary by institution.

Academic Degree3-4 year Bachelor degree with 60%-65% aggregate and minimum 3 years of work experience
GMAT ScoreGood GMAT score, preferably 600 or above
English Proficiency Test ScoreIELTS: 7.0 or above, TOEFL: 100+
Statement of Purpose (SOP)1000-1500 word personal statement outlining academic and professional background, reasons for applying to the program, and career aspirations
Letters of Recommendation (LOR)At least 2-3 academic or professional references
ExperienceMinimum of 3 years of professional work experience for MBA and minimum of 10 years of work experience for Executive MBA

6.2. Admission Requirements

In the table below, you’ll find the precise admission criteria established by leading London universities. You can also find universities to pursue an MBA in London without GMAT in the table below: 

UniversityAcademic RequirementIELTS ScoreGMAT ScoreAdditional Documents
London Business SchoolUndergraduate degree, 3-5 years work exp. (MBA), 10-12 years for Executive MBA7.5 or above600SOP, LOR, Transcript(s), Resume
Imperial Business School3-4 year Bachelor degree, 60%-65% agg., min. 3 years work exp.7.0 or above600SOP, 2 LOR, Transcript(s), Resume, Video assessment (career goals)
City University of London (Bayes Business School)3-4 year Bachelor degree, 65%-70% agg., or 6 years’ relevant business exp.7.0 or above600SOP, 2 LOR (professional references), Transcript(s), Resume
Brunel University (Brunel Business School)3-4 year Bachelor degree, 55%-75% agg., min. 3 years’ work exp. (managerial)6.5 or aboveNot RequiredSOP, 2 LOR, Transcript(s), Resume
University of Chicago (Booth Business School)3-4 year Bachelor degree, 65%-70% agg., additional work exp. required7.0 or aboveGood GMAT score requiredSOP, 2 LOR, Transcript(s), Resume
University of Westminster3-4 year Bachelor degree, 65%-70% agg.6.5 or aboveNot requiredSOP, LOR, Transcript(s), Resume

7. Cost of Study MBA in London

Studying abroad involves costs starting in your home country, including application and London student visa fees. Below is a detailed guide for international students, with study costs covering both tuition and living.

7.1. MBA in London Fees & Cost

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

The estimated total tuition fees for an MBA in London range from 30,000 GBP to 120,000 GBP. Here’s a table displaying tuition fees at leading universities:

UniversityTotal Tuition Fees (GBP)
London Business School£109,700
Imperial Business School£61,500
City University of London (City’s Business School)£48,000
Brunel University (Brunel Business School)£27,500
University of Chicago (Booth Business School)£155,682
University of Westminster£19,000

7.2. Cost of Living in London

When you plan to study in London, it is important to realise that it is a premium destination for international students. On average, monthly living expenses for international students range from 850 to 1,350 GBP, excluding tuition fees.

ParticularsMonthly Cost (Pounds)
Off-Campus Accommodation £408
On-Campus Accommodation£480
Food Cost£406
Utility Cost£155
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation £1237
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation £1309
Annual Cost of Living£14844

8. Scholarships

When considering an MBA degree in London, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential financial strain. The universities here offer various scholarships to international students to ease the financial burden. Here are some scholarships in London available for MBA applicants.

Scholarship NameAwarded byEligibilityAward Value
iSchoolConnect ScholarshipLondon Business SchoolEnrolled in any program at the universityVariable
MBA Scholarships (Full-time Part-time)Brunel UniversityOffer for full-time MBA at Brunel University6,000 GBP tuition fee waiver (1 year)
McKinsey & Company Emerging ScholarsUniversity of Chicago (McKinsey)Admitted to full-time MBA program at an eligible schoolVariable
Ramakrishnan Family ScholarshipRamakrishnan Family EndowmentPreference to Indian nationalsVariable
International Postgraduate Part Fee ScholarshipUniversity of WestminsterOffer for full-time Master’s course (Sept 2023), UK First-Class Honours equivalent3,000 GBP Tuition Fee Award (first semester)

9. Job Opportunities After Pursuing an MBA in London

Upon graduating, students can secure positions at renowned companies in the UK. Roles may include Business Development Manager, Financial Analyst, CRM Manager, or HR Manager, with average annual salaries ranging from 35,000 GBP to 50,000 GBP.

ProfessionAverage Salary (GBP)
Business Development Manager£36,001
Financial Analyst£34,227
CRM Manager£38,882
Management Consultant£50,488
Digital Marketing Manager£34,509


In conclusion, selecting the best MBA program in London involves three key steps: consulting QS Rankings for insights, understanding tuition fees for financial planning, and researching the ideal location for a successful study abroad experience. 

Pursuing an MBA in London offers numerous advantages, including access to renowned business schools, a global business hub, diverse multicultural surroundings, promising post-MBA salaries, and a thriving startup ecosystem. This choice promises a valuable and enriching experience that enhances long-term career prospects.


1. How much does pursuing an MBA in London typically cost?

The expenses associated with an MBA in London can vary based on the chosen university and program. Tuition fees generally range from £10,000 to £45,000, while living costs depend on your selected location.

2. What is the usual duration of MBA programs in London?

The duration of MBA programs in London varies according to the university and program type. For example, some programs, like the one offered by UCL School of Management, can be completed in 24 to 60 months, while London Business School offers a 15-21 month program.

3. Is it feasible to work part-time while pursuing an MBA in London?

Yes, it’s possible to work part-time while undertaking an MBA in London. However, managing both work and studies effectively is essential due to the demanding nature of MBA programs.

4. What is the average income for MBA graduates in London?

According to London Business School, MBA 2022 graduates earned an average salary of £94,343, with the highest reported at £138,478. They secured jobs in 40 countries, with 63% launching their careers in the UK. Consulting had the highest graduate hiring rate at 37%, while Technology and Finance both accounted for 29%.

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Exploring MBA in London: Programs, Costs, and Career Prospects

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