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Masters in Supply Chain Management in UK: Fees, Top Colleges

Masters in Supply Chain Management in UK | Statement of Purpose For MBA

Supply Chain Management is a highly specialised course emphasising supply management and strategy development. Pursuing a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management in the UK allows students to enhance their management skills, excel in administrative roles, and improve their analytical and teamwork abilities. This blog covers top universities, admission requirements, documents required and more for pursuing a masters in supply chain management in UK!


Name of the programmeM.A logistics and Supply Chain Management, M.Sc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Duration of the programme1 – 2 years
Eligibility CriteriaBachelor’s from the UK or any other known university overseas
Required GPA3.0-3.5 on a scale of 4.0
English Language Proficiency scoresIELTS: 6.0TOEFL: 80-100
Average Tuition Fee£16,000- £25,500
Average Salary £35,000

What Is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management oversees the movement of goods and services, encompassing all the steps in converting raw materials into finished products. It entails efficiently optimising a company’s supply-related processes to enhance customer value and attain a competitive edge in the market.

This represents suppliers’ endeavour to create and implement highly efficient and cost-effective supply chains. These supply chains cover various aspects, including production, product development, and the necessary information systems to coordinate these activities.

SCM operates on the concept that nearly every product reaching the market results from collaborative efforts among various organisations within a supply chain. While supply chains have existed for a long time, many companies have only recently recognised their significance as a value addition to their operations. This gives you all the more reason to study it as a subject for your master’s.

Why A Master In Supply Chain Management?

Given the promising demand in the industry, numerous individuals are now seeking career advancement opportunities and contemplating graduate education to enhance and broaden their skills in supply chain management. Both entry-level and experienced professionals often consider pursuing a Masters in Supply Chain Management in the UK as it provides excellent preparation for managerial and executive roles across various industries. 

In the logistics and supply chain industry, prominent positions involve significant responsibilities, requiring a focus on the broader aspects and leadership qualities. A graduate education stands out as one of the most valuable tools available for professionals aiming to develop advanced technical expertise and leadership abilities.

Top Universities With Masters In Supply Chain Management In UK  

Students wishing to pursue masters in logistics and supply chain management in UK will enhance their analytical problem-solving abilities, gain valuable industry exposure through extensive interaction, and apply various techniques and methods to tackle logistics and supply chain management challenges effectively. These are some of the universities in the UK which offer logistics and supply chain management courses: 

Name of the UniversityName of the course offeredAverage Salary
University Of Manchester MSc Operations, Project and Supply Chain Management£27,000
Cranfield UniversityMSc Operations, Project and Supply Chain Management£29,670
Durham UniversityMSc Management (Supply Chain Logistics)£29,500
University of NottinghamLogistics and Supply Chain Management MSc£25,000
University of Kent MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management£25,000

English Language Test Scores Accepted At These Universities

Below are the additional entry requirements for pursuing a Masters in Supply Chain Management in UK, as most of the leading universities in the field typically require applicants to have a Bachelor’s degree (with honours) and maintain an overall aggregate score between 60-65%.

University Of Manchester 7.0100
Cranfield University6.592
Durham University6.592
University of Nottingham6.587
University of Kent 6.090

Eligibility Criteria

To pursue a masters in supply chain management in UK, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria, which typically include educational qualifications and language proficiency requirements. Most universities require the following:

Degree RequirementA minimum second-class honours degree in Business Administration or an upper second-class honours degree in Supply Chain Management.
Average Mark RangeAn average mark range of 60% – 70% or equivalent is necessary.
PreferencePreference may be given to students with a professional undergraduate degree and relevant work experience.
English Proficiency Test ScoresIELTS – 6.5 bands TOEFL – 80 – 100PTE – 61 – 73

Documents Required 

In addition to meeting the educational criteria, students must provide the following documents to complete the application process for Masters in supply chain management in UK:

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • GMAT requirements are acceptable but not mandatory.
  • Official academic transcripts
  • Proof of English proficiency test scores
  • Letter of recommendation (two academics or professional)
  • Updated Resume/CV
  • Copies of degree certificates

Scholarships Offered For Supply Chain Management In UK Universities

International students pursuing a masters in supply chain management in UK have access to several scholarships. Universities primarily grant these scholarships to students demonstrating outstanding academic achievements or those facing financial constraints. Here are some of the scholarships available to support international students with the cost of studying in the UK:

University OfferingName of the scholarshipAmount Funded
University Of Manchester Alliance MBS Masters Scholarships£25,500
Cranfield UniversityCranfield Scholarships £10,000
Durham UniversityChancellor’s international business school scholarships£5000 
University of NottinghamManju Malhotra ScholarshipVariable Amount

Cost Of Studying In The UK 

Studying in the UK involves expenses related to tuition fees and living costs, so it’s important to understand these costs and plan your budget accordingly clearly. 

The average annual tuition fee for a Master’s in Supply Chain Management is approximately £26,000. The cost of living is estimated to be around £13,000 per year. Therefore, the total cost of studying a Masters in Supply Chain Management in UK would amount to approximately £40,000. Given below are also some of the other costs students might incur:

ParticularsCost (Monthly)
Off-Campus Accommodation £408
On-Campus Accommodation£472
Food Cost£360
Utility Cost£189
Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation £1,154
Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation £1,218
Annual Cost of Living£13,848

Job Prospects After Masters In Supply Chain Management In UK

Job prospects for supply chain professionals who pursue a postgraduate degree are highly promising, offering abundant employment opportunities.  The following outlines the diverse range of job roles and attractive salary packages available for those undertaking a masters in supply chain management in UK:

ProfessionAverage Salary
Supply Chain Analyst£35,000
Marketing Managers£47,000
Public Relations Specialist and Analysts£29,000
Logistics Analyst£33,000
Procurement Lead£75,000


How hard are masters in supply chain management in UK?

The complexity of learning supply chain management varies depending on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Strong foundational skills in math and language can significantly enhance understanding and accessibility to various aspects of supply chain management.

Is supply chain management a stem course in the UK?

Yes, supply chain management in the UK is categorised as a STEM course, and the majority of UK universities offer MSc programmes in this field. 

What is the average salary for a supply chain analyst in the UK?

The salaries for supply chain analysts in the UK range from £41,933 to £43,000, and the average being £42,413. 

How long does it typically take to complete a Master’s in Supply Chain Management in the UK?

The Master’s programme in Supply Chain Management in the UK is a postgraduate degree that typically lasts for 12 months, but in some instances, it can be extended to 18-24 months. Students have the flexibility to opt for either a part-time or full-time course load and can apply accordingly.

What is the average cost of Masters in Supply Chain Management in UK?

The estimated tuition fees for a masters in supply chain management programme at leading UK universities would be around £16,000- £25,500.

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Masters in Supply Chain Management in UK | Statement of Purpose For MBA

Masters in Supply Chain Management in UK: Fees, Top Colleges

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