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IELTS Score For UK 2024

ielts score for uk

IELTS is considered the top test score for proving your English proficiency in the UK. Higher learning institutions accept different IELTS score for UK. While some universities require an IELTS minimum score of 5.5, the top institutions can ask for a score as high as 7+.The IELTS passing score for UK depends on the university. However, the IELTS score is not only an entry requirement for university admission. Getting a visa to study in the UK is also a requirement. It would be best if you met the minimum IELTS score for UK student visa and a work visa.

What IELTS Band Is Required For the UK In 2024?

The minimum IELTS requirements for UK universities depend on several factors. For instance, complex courses such as those in the medical or technical fields require a higher IELTS band chart. Moreover, getting above a 7 IELTS score will qualify you for a space in top universities, while you’ll have narrow alternatives if you get 5.5.

Course LevelMinimum IELTS ScoreMinimum IELTS Score per Section

How Will Your Score Affect The Institution You Qualify For? 

IELTS scoreUniversity Bracket Based on Global Rankings
7.0+Top 50 – 100 
6.5+Top 80 – 200
6.0+Top 150 – 300
5.5+Limited (300 – 500)

IELTS 6.0 Universities

With an IELTS score validity of 6.0, you will likely be admitted to a university with a fairly good ranking. You can also get an offer to study a marketable course, although it won’t be among the top programmes. Some of the universities that accept a 6.0 average IELTS score in the UK include:

IELTS 5.5 Universities

With a 5.5 IELTS minimum score for the UK, limited universities will admit you for programmes. You’d need to go through the best books for IELTS general and retake the test or try your luck with some institutions. Some of the universities that accept a minimum of 5.5 UK IELTS band requirement include:

Ideal IELTS Score For Uk

6.0 – 6.5 is a good IELTS score. This score will give you access to top schools and programmes. However, if you aren’t able to get an ideal IELTS score, you have two options:

  • Retake the exam: You can choose to prepare for the test and take it again. This is where you need grammar books for IELTS to help you improve your communication skills and get a better score on your retake test.
  • Consider alternative universities: You can also consider digging deep and finding the universities that will admit you with a lower IELTS score. 

How To Get A Good IELTS Score ?

It’s important to countercheck the English language proficiency requirements for your best university option. This IELTS passing score for UK will help you prepare for the test. Some of the best tips and tricks to use include:

  • Get a profile evaluation from experts to know your proficiency level
  • Prioritize working on your weaknesses to have an overall good score
  • Learn about the IELTS format
  • Practice all IELTS sections with a timer, as the exam is time-sensitive
  • Use the latest resources for the best IELTS listening tips
  • Take the mock test to get familiar with the exam

NB: You can subscribe to an IELTS training class to learn the phrases and idioms for IELTS, which can be crucial in the writing test.

IELTS Score For Visas In UK

The UK visa and immigration department uses IELTS scores to determine if a student meets visa application standards. The UK band requirement for a study visa is relatively fair, with a score expectation of 6.0+.

Type of VisaIELTS Minimum Score
Student visa for pre-sessional courses and lower degree levelIELTS for UKVI: Score 4.0+ (overall and in each section)
Student visa for degree level and aboveIELTS for UKVI3: Score 5.5+ (overall and in each section)

How To Study In The UK Without IELTS?

It’s possible to study in the UK without IELTS. However, some universities require you to present other English language proficiency test scores, e.g., TOEFL, PTE, Cambridge, or Duolingo. Other universities don’t request a test score entirely as long as you prove that you completed your former education in English. 

On the other hand, some universities have an English entrance course that prepares you for your studies in the UK.


Is IELTS Accepted In The UK?

IELTS is the primary English proficiency test in the UK.

What Is A Good IELTS Score?

A good IELTS score for UK is 6.0 – 6.5.

Can I Go To UK With 5.5 Bands?

You can go to the UK with 5.5 bands, but you’ll get admission to low-ranking institutions.

Can I Go To UK With 4.5 Bands?

4.5 bands is the minimum score for UK student visas for students studying courses below degree level.

What Is The IELTS Score For A Job?

UK jobs require a minimum overall IELTS score of 5.5+.

What Is The Minimum IELTS Score For Visa?

IELTS score for a UK visa depends on the type of visa and level of study or work.

What Is The IELTS Minimum Score Required For A Master’s In UK?

It would be best if you attained an average IELTS score of 6.5+ for a master’s in the UK.

Can I Retake IELTS If I Am Not Satisfied With My Score?

You can apply for an IELTS retake exam if you are not satisfied with your score.

How Long Is IELTS Score Valid For Studying In UK?

IELTS certificates in the UK are valid for 2 years.

How long does it take to get an IELTS score for studying in the UK results?

If the IELTS test was taken on paper, it takes 13 days to receive an IELTS score for UK results, and 3-5 days if it was taken on a computer.

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ielts score for uk

IELTS Score For UK 2024

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