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How To Take A Productive Study Break

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It is essential to take the right type of interval or a healthy study break that boosts your productivity. Many students wonder how to take a productive study break that leaves them refreshed and focused. Energized to get back to the books. We are used to the regular study breaks but with various study break ideas, you can make each one matter. For that, you must choose the right type of activity that you can focus on and improve both attention and focus. 

Let’s see how to take a productive study break by practising these study break tips. 

Health Study Break Ideas

Although there are tremendous ways in which you can take study breaks, it works differently for every individual. Let me list down some ideas for you and then you can pick out the ones that work best for you!

Go For A Walk | How To Take A Productive Study Break 

Getting fresh air always works no matter if you take a walk or not. But the reason why we mention a walk is that it’s good for both your mind and body. Walking means moving your body that affects your blood flow and helps you re-energize. Any form of cardio or exercise is beneficial for your physical and mental well-being. It works during studying or otherwise. 

Stretch | Energizing Study Break Ideas

Stretching allows your body to relax. Usually our body tenses from the anxiety and acute stress of studying. Stretching will help you release it. Most people end up working in the same position for many hours on end, hence stretching becomes very important for you to loosen up a little. So make sure you go get that stretch to alleviate your body tension. 

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Phone Your Friend

Studying for hours means you are not interacting with anyone and enter a zombie mode. Phoning a friend and having a conversation out loud can help you in many ways. It will take your mind off the things at hand and make you feel more human. Especially because friends make you feel happy and satisfied, contributing to your mental health and boosting your serotonin. 

Tidy Up | Energizing Study Break Ideas

Tidying up can help you relax a bit. If you have a lot of mess around you, it will create a sense of chaos in your head. It’s one of the study break tips that contribute to your lifestyle as well as acts as a good break amidst your study. Will help you get back to studies all relaxed- one chore done!

A Quick Shower | How To Take A Productive Study Break 

A shower is always a good idea to get fresh. Sitting at a place and studying for hours can get you strained and distressed. Taking a 5-10 minute shower will revitalize your mind and body. Another added tip we would suggest is to sing at the top of your lungs to get the full fun of it!

Cook A Healthy Meal

Cooking is therapeutic, believe it or not, but it is. A low-thought level activity that helps you take your mind off studying while knocking out two tasks at once- eating healthy and being productive during your break. You may feel it’s easy to order out but it’s not healthy and will harm you later. To benefit your mindset and body, it is strongly recommended to cook your food. 

Express Your Thoughts With Creativity

Whether it’s colouring, painting, a quick dance-off with a friend, or knitting, do whatever you enjoy. A great way to boost your energy and clear your mind at the same time. This doesn’t mean that you have to be artistic. You can do it however you like because remember the end goal is not to create a masterpiece, the end goal is to feel relaxed and lift your mood to study better. 

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Things To Avoid:

There are also certain things that you must avoid doing during your study breaks as it can be damaging and act as a disadvantage. 

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Consuming Junk Food

Junk food is your enemy. By now you should know that it is anything but nutritious. Though it may seem easier to grab a sugary snack or order pizza it won’t provide any benefits to sustain. 

Excessive Caffeine

Caffeine may wake you up for some time but in the end, it will make you crash and have major side effects. Too much caffeine has adverse effects on your mind and body. 

Watching TV Or Media Related Activities

Screen time is not good for your health, it can make you feel even more tired. 

Huge Meals

Meals are fine but huge meals can lead to a feeling of laziness. If you are looking to continue your studies, this is not a good idea. 

We hope that this blog on “How to take a productive study break”. Check out our other related blogs linked below!

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How To Take A Productive Study Break

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