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Top Universities That Offer Scholarships In The UK

Top Universities That Offer Scholarships In The UK

There are top universities that offer scholarships in the UK. It is important that you are aware that your desired university offers a scholarship. Most of the scholarships in top colleges are offered by the universities themselves. It is usually offered based on academic excellence and exceptional achievements. 

University Of Westminster | Top Universities That Offer Scholarships In The UK

The University of Westminster is located in London and the two main popular scholarships that it offers are Westminster Undergraduate Full Scholarships and Westminster Undergraduate High Achiever Awards. To ease your process, the university helps you with a scholarship finder on their website. This allows you to explore and browse through various scholarships and even check if you are eligible for any kind of external or joint scholarship.

University College of London

UCL is one of the top universities that offer scholarships in the UK. It has its scholarship finder where you can avail plenty of scholarship options for international students. The search filter makes your scholarship search easier and more convenient.

The filters allow you to enter the country of origin, degree if you are a prospective student and the course. You can name it. Take your time to explore and understand everything in detail. Check out all the possibilities that are available for you. 

University Of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham has a variety of courses available that offers scholarships. The university has come up with a new regional excellence award that contributes towards tuition fees for the first year of your degree course. This has been made available for high-achieving students with an excellent background in academics. Students who show the potential of putting their degrees to great use in their future careers.

The university also appreciates the successful sportsmen and offers a dedicated scholarship to them. 

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University Of Sheffield | Top Universities That Offer Scholarships In The UK

The University of Sheffield offers scholarships to international students depending on their course of studies. The amount offered is somewhere between £2,000-£2,500. The university also offers a 50% scholarship that partially covers your cost which means covering your tuition fees. This scholarship is given to 50 students each year in the undergraduate programme. 

Visit the UniScholarz college-specific-scholarships page for funding opportunities. 

University Of Manchester

This well-known university has an array of scholarships for national and international students. There are subject-specific scholarships and awards especially for international students who wish to study in a particular discipline, course, or faculty. 

The University of Manchester also has some travel awards, full funding scholarships, and much more. Make sure you check out the website to find more scholarship options that cater to your specific needs.

University Of Brighton

The University of Brighton is a renowned university in the UK, it has specific criteria for awarding scholarships for international students. This criterion demands you to have high merit making it entirely merit-based, but these merits are not entirely based on academics, it can include your language skills (English language ability) and other excellent achievements that you hold in any field of activity.

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Warwick University | Top Universities That Offer Scholarships In The UK

Warwick University has many scholarships for foreign students that are made available to students who are non-EU. Most of the international scholarships depend on and are listed by the country of origin. When you choose to apply in one, make sure you filter by your country. It will make it much easier for you to view scholarships available only for your country.

University Of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh offers various types of scholarships for international students. Some of them especially for undergraduate students are Robertson International Scholarships for History, The Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Maths Scholarship, The Royal School of Veterinary Studies International Scholarship (for Veterinary Students), and the Classics and Archeology students scholarship. 

University Of Leicester

The University of Leicester offers international students who are non-EU undergraduate scholarships like The College of Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship, The President’s Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme and an added advantage are you get discounts and bursaries as well. 

Amongst the array of scholarships, the university offers specific courses a set of discounts. If you have a family member as a graduate or a current student then you can avail yourself of discounts on your course fees. 

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These were just some of our top picks of universities that offer scholarships to international students. If you wish to get some more, take your time and explore. During your time of exploring, make sure that you are patient and check out all the right opportunities for you. Don’t miss out on any financial aid that can contribute to your study abroad dreams. If you see yourself fit the eligibility criteria then go ahead and apply. Your dream university awaits your application. Good luck!

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Top Universities That Offer Scholarships In The UK

Top Universities That Offer Scholarships In The UK

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