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The Best International Dental School Scholarships

In this article we list the best dental school scholarships for international students.

Medical students who choose to study dentistry have a lot of great career opportunities to look forward to. However, like the other medical sciences, the cost of dentistry courses can be high, which is why it is advisable and beneficial for students to opt for dental school scholarships. If you pursue a dentistry degree you can choose to be either a dentist, a dental hygienist, a dental assistant, or something else within the field which provides a good career scope. To help fund your dentistry course, we have compiled a list of the top dental school scholarships across the world.

List of dental school scholarships for international students:- 

Fund Your Future No Essay Scholarships

These dental school scholarships are open to students of all countries and are worth 1,000 USD. The scheme is open to college students opting for a UG, PG or other courses in the following fields apart from Dentistry:- Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Biomedical, Biostatistics, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Biology, Data Science.

The Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) Scholarships

The TMDU is the premier dental university of Japan and has four departments for graduation and research in dental studies- the Medical and Dental Sciences, Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences – Education Division, and Biomedical Sciences – Research Division. At this university, the fees for UG students consists of the following- admission fees of  $2500 and tuition fees of $2,260 for a six-month period. The PG costs depend on the chosen program of the students. The TMDU offers various scholarships to deserving UG candidates based on academic achievements and financial need to help fund their course and learning at the institution. More than half of the students at TMDU are international students who are automatically eligible to apply for the scholarship program. This scholarship is among the top dental school scholarships in Japan as it offers full-ride dental school scholarships.

Community Oral Health No-Essay Scholarship

This scholarship for dental students is offered by Southern California’s Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry to deserving dental students pursuing higher education in the field.  All students who have completed their bachelor’s degree or are currently pursuing it and aspire to complete a Certificate or Master’s in Community Oral Health are eligible to apply for the scholarship program. This medical scholarship can be applied for till the last date of each month. The monetary worth of the scholarship is $1,000.

New York University Scholarships

New York University offers clinical training programs in oral health care as well as undergraduate programs including a predoctoral DDS for interested students. To make these courses more accessible and budget-friendly for students, NYU offers a variety of merit and need-based scholarships to all enrolled students. It also offers a PG scholarship for dental students program for master’s students. To be eligible for the scholarship students need to fill in their FAFSA applications. NYU is famous for providing full-ride dental school scholarships.

If you’re an international student who requires assistance with student accommodation and/or an education loan, all you have to do is fill the form to your right

University of Pennsylvania Scholarships

The University of Pennsylvania is a premier Ivy League school in the US. It offers several UG and PG programs in dentistry across a wide range of specializations for dental students enrolled in the university to make them successful future dentists. To help students with additional funding for their degrees the university offers scholarships to deserving students. 

All students applying for a DMD at the university are eligible to apply for the merit-based Dean’s scholarship at the university. The monetary value of this scholarship can go as high as $40,000 per year awarded to deserving DMD applicants for the 4-year course. The criteria for the judgment of winners include academic excellence, leadership skills, and extracurricular activities. The scholarship can be renewed each year based on academic performance. It is among the top dental school grants in the US.

University of Gothenburg Scholarships

This university is the third oldest university of Sweden and among the premier dental schools across the world, apart from being one of the largest educational institutes in the Nordic countries.

At the University of Gothenburg, foreign exchange students and EU or EEA students are exempted from paying fees for their courses. For students from outside the EU/EEA, academic fees are applicable for the dental courses at the university.

To help fund the education of such students who have to pay fees, a wide variety of grants and scholarships for local as well as international admitted students. International students are eligible to apply for specifically designed scholarships if they have to pay fees which they can do before coming to Sweden for the course. This is among the top dental school grants in Sweden.

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UNCF Stem Scholars Program 

This scholarship program is offered by the United Negro College Fund and titled the STEM Scholars Program. It aims to make higher education affordable for African American high school students so they can easily pursue a degree in science, technology, engineering or maths. Under the category of medical science, these scholarships are available for dentistry courses too to help fund your degree in top dental schools. The scholarships’ worth ranges from $2,500 to $5,000. To be eligible for the scholarship the applicants must be US citizens with a minimum GPA of 3.0. 

We hope you enjoyed this article on scholarships for dental schools. To know more about related fields, do check out our other blogs:-


Are there any scholarships for BDS students?

A wide range of scholarships are offered by different universities, businesses, and foundations to international students who want to study dentistry overseas. A few of the international BDS scholarships would include  ADEA Scholarships, Awards and Fellowships for students, The Tokyo Medical and Dental University Scholarships, and more.

What is a good GPA for dental school?

Every university has a distinct grade point average requirement for dental school. However, the average GPA is 3.5, which is the greatest overall. In actuality, having a GPA of 3.5 or more is far superior and will help you get into a dental school more easily.

Is it hard to get into Harvard dental school?

Harvard Dental School is regarded as one of the best dental schools in the country. At the university, admitted students have an average GPA of 3.85 and a DAT of 22 (Academic Average).

How do international students pay for dental school?

International students may be admitted to Harvard Dental School, but the real catch is to be able to pay off those exorbitant tuition fees. While most students seek scholarships to attend university, many students ask for an education loan for dentistry courses, which will help them afford all of their tuition and living expenses.

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In this article we list the best dental school scholarships for international students.

The Best International Dental School Scholarships