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The Top Countries Are Offering Fine Arts Scholarships In 2023

Fine Arts Scholarships

To find a professional career prospect after pursuing fine arts is a reality in the 21st century. Artists, musicians, writers, dancers and other stakeholders of the fine arts were regarded as entertainers in the olden times. However, in the year 2021, these subjects are in demand and are encouraged to be pursued by all nationalities. To help countries preserve their traditions, culture, lifestyle and linguistic arts, countries all over the world offer fine art scholarships for international students. 

You can see in the graph below, there are several lucrative job opportunities for fine arts professionals. 

Fine arts are regarded just as important as science, technology and medicine when it comes to the sustainability of a nation’s values, traditions and culture. It also helps countries to boost their tourism demand and develop advanced ways to disseminate cultural knowledge across generations and geographical boundaries.

Fine Arts Scholarships

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Scholarships For Fine Arts Students In Netherlands

Here are the scholarships for fine arts students in the Netherlands. 

Orange Knowledge Program, Netherlands 

OKP is one of the top scholarship programs in the Netherlands for international students. To advance the capacity, knowledge and quality of organisations as well as individuals in the field of Higher Education and Technical & Vocational Education. This program includes awards for short term purses, Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree. 

The program is open to all nationalities in all fields of study offered by universities in the Netherlands. This includes the field of social sciences, fine arts, humanities and more. This scholarship is highly competitive and is offered to highly motivated individuals ready to take up new challenges and contribute to their fields of study. 

Eligibility For OKP Knowledge Program 

The scholarship application is open to candidates who belong to the following local/national organizations: academic or educational institutions, private sector, NGOs, government sector. 

Only the following nationalities are eligible to apply for fine arts scholarships for international students: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Colombia, Congo (DRC), Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, Palestinian Territories, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Suriname, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Vietnam, Yemen and Zambia

In addition to the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • Hold a valid identification document such as a passport. 
  • Have good academic records and be able to demonstrate leadership qualities. 
  • Should already be enrolled into a higher education institution in the Netherlands before applying for this scholarship program. 
  • Submit good letters of recommendation. 

Deadlines for OKP 2021

Round 1: 3rd February to 23rd March 2021

 This is for short courses that start between 26th July and 21st November 2021.

Round 2: 12th May to 29th June 2021 

This is for the short courses that start between 22nd November and 20th February 2021.

Round 3: 1st September to 12th October 2021

This is for the short courses that start after 21st February 2022 and ending before 31st August 2022.

Value Of OKP International Arts Scholarships: 

This scholarship is a contribution towards your tuition fees, living expenses, visa, travel and insurance for the duration of your course. Orange Knowledge Program scholars are eligible for a fully-funded scholarship that will be provided monthly as a stipend. 

Hanze Minerva International Scholarship 2021

This scholarship is offered by Hanze University of Applied Sciences in the fields of designing and fine arts. The scholarship is open to all international students who want to pursue their bachelors in the Netherlands. Located in the heart of the vibrant city of Groningen, the university trains students to study in a highly integrated environment and provides several challenging programs to students. The university also facilitates student exchange programs, certifications, short term courses and tertiary education. 

Eligibility For Hanze Minerva Scholarship 2021 

  • Only students who belong to a non-EEA (non-European Economic Area) are eligible to apply. 
  • You will be considered for this grant based on how motivated you are and your financial need. 
  • You should be able to demonstrate that you are highly self-motivated and unable to meet the financial requirements of the university. 
  • You should be enrolled on a Bachelor’s degree at the university before you apply for this scholarship. 

Deadline For Hanze Minerva Fine Arts Scholarships For International Students

Since you need to first receive a letter of acceptance from the university, you must first arrange for as soon as possible. The deadline for applying for this scholarship is 1st June 2021. 

Value And Benefits Of The Scholarship: 

The scholarship will cover all study-related expenses for every academic year. Hanze Minerva scholars are eligible to receive €2,500 per academic year. This amount will be provided to students once every year in November. The contribution is made towards living and study-related expenses and cannot be used against the tuition fees. 

Fine Arts Scholarships In Canada 

Here are the scholarships for fine arts in Canada. 

British Columbia Fine Arts Scholarships

British Columbia Arts Council offers design and fine arts scholarships for all universities in Canada. This is a merit-based scholarship that is offered to students on a competitive basis. This is not an international scholarship and is available to only Canadian students who belong to the specific provinces in Canada. 

Eligibility For BC Arts Council Scholarships:

You can only apply for this program if you belong to one of the following Canadian provinces: 

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan. 

The program covers several fields of study such as Fine Arts, Theatre, Dance, Music, Film and Video, Creative Writing, Arts Administration, Museological and Conservation Studies, Visual Arts.

You may apply for this programme if you have a special interest in Art, Dance and Music. Any achievements in these fields will increase your chances of being selected. 

Value Of This Scholarship: 

BC Arts Scholars are eligible for an amount worth $2000 to $3000 based on their artistic merit and financial need. 

Alberta Foundation for the Arts Graduate Scholarships in the Department of Art

Offered by the University of Calgary and organised by the Alberta Foundation for Arts, this fine arts scholarship in Canada is awarded to 3 students every year. Only students who wish to study and major in Fine Arts through the Department of Arts of the University of Calgary are eligible for this scholarship. Alberta Foundation offers competitive scholarships based on your merit. As a result, you need to have excellent academic records not just to obtain this scholarship but also to seek admission into this university.

Eligibility For The International Arts Scholarships By University of Calgary

  • Demonstrate a need for finances in your university application. 
  • Provide evidence of excellent academic records. 
  • Be thoroughly interested in the field of fine arts, music, and other cultural and linguistic arts. 
  • Only students who belong to the province of Alberta are eligible to apply for this scholarship. 

Value Of This Scholarship: 

  • Every Alberta scholar is eligible for an award worth $7000.

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Fine Arts Scholarships

The Top Countries Are Offering Fine Arts Scholarships In 2023

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