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The Most Relevant Assessment Centre Tips For Graduates In 2024

The internet offers a plethora of assessment centre tips for graduates that might inform you about how to prepare for and pass the psychometric tests, what to expect during the interview procedure and how to form an amiable first impression. However, the Coronavirus pandemic of the year 2019 changed the dynamics of the recruitment procedures across all industries. Initially, candidates were physically called to assessment centres and were tested based on their performance in a series of tests, activities and interviews. In most cases, a group discussion would also be a part of the assessment where it would be your responsibility to stand out from the rest of the candidates and prove your suitability for the job. Following the social distancing measures imposed by various governments throughout the world to curb the spread of the virus, a majority of employers have shifted to virtual or digital assessment centres. 

How can you find yourself the perfect job after completing your postgraduate degree? Assessment centres are designed by large companies for exactly this purpose. They are a bridge to bring the right company to the right person and vice versa. Determining whether a candidate’s skills and personal attributes aligned with the objectives of the company. While there is no change in what the assessment panel looks for in a candidate, the methods of assessments are certainly not the same anymore.

This article is dedicated to highlighting some indispensable assessment centre tips for graduates in 2021. 

Assessment Centre Tips For Graduates In 2024

As you prepare for a position at your dream company, make sure to follow some of these tips on how to ace the assessment day. 

Determine What Kind Of Activities Will Take Place On Day 

Depending on the role and position you have applied for, assessment centres can carry out a number of different exercises that may range from group activities to individual presentations. It is important that you read your call letter carefully and determine what you can expect on the day of your assessment. Sometimes the company may also organise an orientation or information session for the candidates you may also draw clues from this formal session. 

Here are some of the activities that may be carried out by your assessment centre. 

  • Aptitude or Psychometric Tests

It is one of the most common assessment centre tips for graduates that you need to brush up on your verbal reasoning skills, logical reasoning and inductive reasoning. Psychometric tests are imperative in helping the organisation learn if you will be able to thrive in the company. 

  • Individual Presentations

Candidates are often asked to give individual presentations on the day of the assessment. It may so happen that you are given the topic of your presentation a few days before you have to present it. In other cases, candidates may be given a few hours to prepare the presentation. 

  • Group Activity 

Group activities may include a group presentation or the discussion of a case study. The aim of a group exercise is to see how well you are able to collaborate with your team members. Working in teams is a prevalent characteristic of all corporate work environments. Sometimes, group exercises may be competitive, however, you must always remember to focus on the company’s objective when working in teams. 

  • In-Tray/E-Tray Exercise 

In this activity, you will work as a part of the team company on a regular day with targets to complete. This will help the assessors to determine how well and how fast you are able to adapt, communicate and make company-related decisions. 

  • Written Tests 

Written tests are different from psychometric tests because they are subjective in nature. You may be asked to write a report on your in-tray exercise highlighting your learning, experience and things you would contribute to making empowering or innovative changes in the company. 

Sometimes candidates are solely assessed based on their written test without conducting other rounds of selections such as interviews or group activities. 

 Assessment Centre Tips For Graduates

Do Your Homework On The Company 

One of the most helpful assessment centre tips for graduates is researching thoroughly about the company and its objectives. You need to be well accustomed to the products and services offered by the organisation you are applying to. You can easily find information about the company on their website, their partners and stakeholders. It is often advised that you analyse the previous annual reports of the company as it will be one of the focus areas of any interview you appear for. 

To deeply understand the nature of the company, you may also explore their social media pages as well. Information on social media is an iota more informal than the website and can help you gain some insights into the company, know who the important people are and remember about any upcoming events they might be preparing for. 

Researching about the company will help you be confident about your suggestions and will let the assessors know that you are a self-motivated individual who has actively taken interest in the company. You must always remember to give all answers keeping in mind the company’s vision, mission and objective. 

Follow Their Instructions Carefully 

Always remember to read the call letter carefully before confirming your participation in the recruitment process. Since most companies have taken the digital route for recruiting candidates, graduates are advised to follow the instructions of the assessment centre in order to appear for their tests The assessment process can be intimidating and it is always better to be prepared in order to avoid any mishaps on the day of your assessment. 

A majority of interviews are now conducted online, following the social distancing guidelines that were imposed post the pandemic. It is suggested that you find out on which platform the activity will take place and acquaint yourself with it. The most popular platforms to conduct interviews are Zoom, Google Meets and Skype.

Put Out Your Most Positive and Productive Self 

The assessment day is going to determine your position in the company and is the only opportunity to prove your credibility without formally joining the team. It is important for you to display confidence, positivity and diligence. Remember that all the candidates who have been called for the assessment have more or less similar qualifications and experiences. As a result, it is going to be a competitive process and even if you are working in a group for the assessment, all your group members are competing for similar positions. You might feel overwhelmed or intimidated but do not let those feelings bring out the worst in you.  Think of ways to remain positive throughout the process and as resourceful as possible. 

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The Most Relevant Assessment Centre Tips For Graduates In 2024

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