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Best Graduate Bank Accounts For International Students 2023

As you explore and learn about student life in a foreign country, there are many things you might need to get done for a seamless student experience abroad. This might include finding student accommodation near your university or comparing the best graduate bank accounts.  We already spoke to you about the best bank accounts for students in the top 3 countries.

According to Statista, the top hosts of international students in the year 2020 apart from the US, the UK and Australia are Germany, Canada, Russia and France. To help you adjust to fast-paced and demanding student life abroad, this article is dedicated to finding the best graduate bank accounts in Germany, France and Canada. 

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Best Graduate Bank Accounts In Germany 

The following banks are highly recommended to international students in Germany. 

N26 | Best Student Bank Account For International Students

This is hands down one of the best graduate bank accounts in Germany and is recommended by a majority of international students. To begin with, this bank account is operated in English and is targeting international students specifically. Foreign students whose first language is not German can apply online for a free bank account with N26. A free bank account would mean that it can be opened for free at a cost of €0 per month. The bank also provides a free Master credit card and a free modern checking account to international students. Moreover, unlike other bank ATMs, you can withdraw from any bank’s ATM with an N26 card for free. The bank account also comes with a mobile application that allows you to send and receive money online using your smartphone. Many people are of the opinion that this is the best student bank account for international students.

Deutsche Bank Das Junges Konto

This bank is popular among international students because they have an English speaking customer service. Moreover, Deutsche Bank provides express approval to students apart from other benefits. A student bank account with Deutsche can only be opened by students who are below the age of 30 and have a valid passport. You need to produce your passport for verification and since this document cannot be submitted through Postident, you need to be physically present while opening this student account. The monthly charges for this account are €0 per month for students however, once the student crosses the age of 30, a monthly charge of €5.9 is deducted every month. 

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DKB Cash 

DKB Cash is famous among students as well as working professionals. No matter who you are, if you are a resident of Germany, you can open a free bank account with DKB Cash and maintain it for free as well. You can use this account from anywhere in the world and withdraw free from any ATM in Germany. There are no hidden costs that you’ll be surprised with while using this account and you are provided with a free Visa credit card at the time of opening the account. DKB offers arguably the best graduate bank accounts in Germany. 

Best Graduate Bank Accounts

Best Graduate Bank Accounts In France

Before opening a student account with a French bank, make sure you have the following basic documents with you for verification:

  • Valid student visa 
  • Proof of accommodation with an address of French residence
  • Proof of enrolment into a French university
  • Contact details such as a phone number or email address. 

France has options of opening an online account with banks such as Compte-Nickel and Lydia as well as traditional banks such as BNP Paribas and HSBC. Here are some of the best graduate bank accounts in France.


Nickel has one of the easiest processes to open a bank account online. Nickel is not a traditional bank that offers savings accounts and provident funds. It is a private startup that offers seamless banking services to French citizens. It is one of the most popular banking services among international students in France. Moreover, Nickel does not have a physical office anywhere in France and this means that you can open your account online without leaving your home. A student account can be opened at a minimum balance of €20 and you are immediately eligible to apply for a credit card that you can collect from a nearby grocery store. 

HSBC International 

HSBC is well reputed among students not just in France but all over the world. HSBC is one of the traditional banks in France and is present in more than 84 countries. An HSBC student account can be opened online or by visiting the store physically. Even though you can open an account online, you have to visit a local HSBC branch at least once for verification. All students irrespective of their age need to make an initial deposit of €200 to open an account with HSBC however, there are no monthly charges dedicated from your account. Moreover, you can opt for an HSBC contactless debit card at a cost of €45.  This is the best bank for international students.

Best Graduate Bank Accounts In Canada

Here are the best student bank accounts in Canada for international students.

Scotia Student Planning Account 

Scotia is Canada’s third largest bank based on market capitalisation and deposits and one of the most popular bank accounts among students. Almost all international students consider Scotia as the best graduate bank accounts in Canada. With Scotia’s Student Banking Advantage Plan, you can open a student bank account in Canada for free and maintain it for free as well. With Scotia’s SCENE rewards, you can earn points on everyday purchases and can redeem these points against free dinners, movies, travelling and more. Students believe that this is the best savings account for international students.

CIBC Smart For Students

CIBC offers students with Smart bank accounts that are completely modernised and can be operated online. CIBC stands for Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and was formed in 1961. Many experts believe that this is the best bank account for international students. CIBC offers students an SPC membership through which they can get discounts on brands like Samsung, Apple, Footlocker and more. This is specially designed for those students who will be residing in Canada for their tertiary education and can keep the account open for up to 6 months after you finish your course. You can maintain your account with a minimum balance of $0 and make international transfers for free. CIBC has more than 1,100 branches and 4000 ATMs all over Canada. 

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Best Graduate Bank Accounts For International Students 2023

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