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Scholarships To Study In France For a Fun Student Life!

Eiffel Scholarship Program Of Excellence

Five words: Fashion, Food and The Eiffel Tower. We all know France is known for these things. But have you been able to relate to its beautiful people, the culture and binge of French wine yet? You haven’t but really want to? Here’s a suggestion for you: Try the French way of living a student life! Scholarships to study in France are abundantly available for international students, especially for students from India. 

Ask Yourself (Don’t share it with me!): Is Your motto in life: Work Hard, Party Harder?  If yes, I think it’s safe to say that France is the best country for you to study in. 

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs including the department of Higher Education, Research and Innovation encourage foreign students to apply for Masters and Doctoral Courses. 

There are more than 50 scholarships to study in France, we have organised the top scholarships in France below to help you find the perfect one! 

Eiffel Scholarship Program Of Excellence 

The scholarship is established and funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The aim of the is to attract the brightest minds from all over the world to study at the French Higher Education Institutions. The scholarship was built for the purpose of producing leaders and decision makers, especially from developing countries. 

The Program of Excellence offers awards for four broad fields of studies i.e., Political Science, Law, Management and Economics, Masters level Engineering and Sciences at Doctoral levels of study. 

The scholarship covers the following levels of studies: 

  • Master’s Program, 
  • Engineering Training or Taught Program 
  • A Joint Doctoral Program in association with a partner association board. 

Duration Of The Scholarship Program

For all components of the program, the study period of the course you are enrolled in must commence between 1st September and 31st December. The scholarship can last for a maximum of 24 months if you are entering into the 1st year of your Master’s program. For Engineering candidates, the scholarship will last for a period of 36 months. If you are applying for this scholarship in the 2nd year of your Masters program, the duration of the scholarship will only be 24 months.  

Value Of Eiffel Scholarship Program Of Excellence

  • A monthly allowance of €1,181 that includes a monthly allowance of €1,031 and a stipend of €150. This is for the Master’s programs. 
  • For Doctoral programs, students are eligible for a monthly allowance of €1,400. 
  • Apart from a monetary reward, the grant includes international air travel, travel expenses in France, health insurance and costs for cultural activities. 

Let me take a moment and say, I told you so! Studying in France with Scholarships is an experience of a lifetime. The country is a hub for a diverse social and cultural atmosphere. So much so, that even the Top Universities in France and Europe encourage students to be involved in cultural events and exchanges. 

Scholarships To Study In France

Scholarships To Study in France Are Also Provided By The Following:

  • Scholarships offered by international institutions, non-governmental organisations and foundations.   
  • Scholarships available Under European Programmes such as Erasmus+
  • Scholarships offered by the French Local Government
  • Scholarships offered by various organisations

Erasmus+ Mobility Scholarships to Study in France

Aimed at students who want to either pursue their higher education in France or be a part of Erasmus+ Projects. From 2015 to 2020, over 2 million students have benefitted from this scholarship, regardless of their field of study. If you are an achiever in the fields of sports, training and youth, this scholarship is a great opportunity for you. 

The Erasmus + Program covers the following fields of study: school education, higher education, sports, professional training and adult education. 

Here’s What You Need To Apply: 

Make sure you are enrolled into a French Higher Institute before applying for this scholarship. Following which, you will have to fill the Erasmus + Learning Agreement. You are eligible for this award if your study period lasts between 3 months to 12 months. In addition, you can also benefit from this award more than once, as a student first and then as a trainee. 

Moreover, you need to belong to one of the participating countries to obtain an Erasmus+ scholarship. 

That’s not all, the scholarship has the following benefits: 

You are eligible to receive an Erasmus Grant against your travel and living expenses. The value of the grant depends on the distance between your home country and France, number of students applying and the availability for the grant. 

The program provides extra support to students who come from underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds and students who are pursuing a traineeship. 

Scholarships Offered By The French Local Government

The scholarships to study in France, offered by the French regional government target a multitude of audiences. Depending on the paying authority (company, foundation, regional government you are eligible for). Degree specific audience (Masters, PhD courses etc.), Audiences from different countries and backgrounds. Amount and Value of scholarship you are aiming for and it’s duration.. 

So.. the motto of your life is Work Hard, Party Harder! How do I know this? Because I see you’ve come to the end of this article. Now that you have plenty of options to choose from, you must make a wise decision and go live that life you’ve been dreaming of! 

Scholarships  to study in France are easy to attain, so I guess I’ll see you in Paris? Or perhaps Toulouse? You decide the city and I’ll see you there. 

Thanks for reading our article on  Scholarships To Study In France To Live a Fun Student Life! Curious about more such scholarships offered to international students? The following may be of help: 

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Eiffel Scholarship Program Of Excellence

Scholarships To Study In France For a Fun Student Life!

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