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Personalised Study Abroad Counselling For Indian Students

6+ Countries

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30K+ Students Counselled

Best Courses In Demand For Study Abroad In 2024!

Best Courses In Demand For Study Abroad In 2024!

Studying abroad has become a trend for Indian students. This is because the move exposes them to high-quality education and career development opportunities after graduation. Developed countries like the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and Germany have been the go-to options for most international students. Knowing the best courses in demand for study abroad is essential if you want to study at a foreign university. These courses will eventually position you for high-paying jobs, resulting in a good ROI. This article will educate you on the top courses in demand abroad to help you make an informed decision during your application.

How Do I Study Abroad After the 12th Grade?

If you want to wait a bit longer before moving to foreign countries, then you can study abroad after 12th grade. There are plenty of undergraduate courses abroad for Indian students that will lead to different career paths. Studying abroad is a good foundation for your professional journey and increases your chances of growth. So, how do you choose the best courses in demand for study abroad?

  1. Choose a field: You should consider one in sync with your strengths, skills, interests, and career goals.
  2. Select a country: Consider a country with top universities in your field, career development opportunities, high-paying jobs, and favourable residency terms.
  3. Opt for the best university: Don’t shy away from selecting the best universities. Consider the facilities, student-faculty ratio, rankings, and history.
  4. Do the standardised tests: Excelling in entrance or language proficiency scores is one way of increasing your chances of landing an offer to study in your desired foreign university.
  5. Complete university application: Complete the form properly and submit all required documentation, from academic transcripts, LORs, CVs, and SOPs to test scores.
  6. Student visa application: After getting an offer letter, you can start your visa application process. It usually takes months to be facilitated, and it’s advisable to launch the process 6-8 weeks before the admission deadline.
  7. Apply for financial aid: Take advantage of the scholarships, grants, education loans, and fellowships to help you reduce the financial burden. Take advantage of study abroad experts like UniScholars to help you navigate these applications and potentially land good deals.

Which Stream To Choose After 10th For Studying Abroad?

Going abroad early, after the 10th grade, will be instrumental to your transition. You will establish good relationships personally and professionally, preparing you for higher education. You will also have enough time to adjust to the new culture and ways of living. There are plenty of reputable high schools abroad for scholars. Some of the best streams after 10th grade abroad include:

StreamCareer PathsSubjects
ScienceMedicine, Engineering, or Pure SciencesMathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics
Commerce (with Maths or without Maths)Sales & Marketing, Finance, Economics, Human Resource, and AccountingMathematics, English, Psychology, Physical Education, Home Science, Fine Arts, Information Practice, etc.
ArtsHumanities, Literature, or Creative Arts (music, dance, and acting)Geography, Psychology, History, Sociology, Political Science, etc.

What Are The Best Courses In Demand For Study Abroad After 12th?

While getting offered to study in a foreign university is one step away from a potentially promising career, you should choose a course that is in demand abroad. This will not only expose you to a good industry and high-paying jobs but also help you develop your career. The top courses in demand abroad are mainly in three sectors: science, Commerce, and Arts.

Top 3 Courses For Science Students In Abroad

Science courses are technical and often have high entry requirements. This is influenced by their respective industry demands and market trends. From cyber security courses in Australia to Nursing courses in the USA, there are plenty of options. The most favourable countries in which to study science courses are the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia. 

CourseSpecialtiesPopular UniversitiesAverage Annual Tuition Fees
Bs in IT and Computer ScienceArtificial IntelligenceStanford University$55,473
Machine LearningPrinceton University$62,400
Software EngineeringColumbia University$65,524
Information SystemsCornell University$65,204
Data ScienceYale University$64,700
Cyber securityUniversity of California$47,024
RoboticsHarvard University$51,143
Bs in MedicineMedicine & DentistryJohns Hopkins UniversityUSD 62,840
NursingUniversity of PennsylvaniaUSD 52,254
PharmacyUniversity of ArizonaUSD 37,181
Health SciencesPace UniversityUSD 49,550
Bio-medical ScienceLong Island UniversityUSD 38,665
Bs in Construction and Civil EngineeringCivil and Infrastructure EngineeringRMIT UniversityAUD 43,200
Structural EngineeringImperial College LondonGBP 37,900
Architectural EngineeringUniversity College LondonGBP 37,500
Geotechnical EngineeringAston UniversityGBP 20,224
Transportation EngineeringUniversity College LondonGBP 37,500

Best Courses In Demand For Study Abroad For Commerce Students

Commerce courses are the most pursued of all courses. They are popular because of their business association and challenge students to get employment and start their businesses. The best alternatives range from accounting courses in Canada to project management courses in UK.

CourseSpecialtiesPopular UniversitiesAverage Annual Tuition Fees
Bs in Business & ManagementBusiness ManagementKing’s College LondonGBP 33,450
Economics and ManagementUniversity of WarwickGBP 29,830
Marketing & ManagementDurham UniversityGBP 27,600
Accounting & FinanceUniversity of WarwickGBP 29,830
Business AnalyticsUniversity of ExeterGBP 23,700
International Management and Modern LanguagesUniversity of BathGBP 25,700
Bs in Finance & AccountingEconomicsUniversity of WarwickGBP 31,620
Accounting and ManagementUniversity of BatGBP 25,700
Accounting and StatisticsUniversity of GlasgowGBP 21,600
Mathematics & StatisticsUniversity of WarwickGBP 31,620
Financial Mathematics and StatisticsLondon School of Economics and Political ScienceGBP 27,192
Mathematics with Data ScienceLondon School of Economics and Political ScienceGBP 27,192
Bs in MarketingInternational MarketingGlasgow Caledonian UniversityGBP 14,500
Management with MarketingUniversity of BathGBP 12,850
Marketing and DesignLancaster UniversityGBP 24,113
Marketing with Study Abroad in a Modern LanguageUniversity of BristolGBP 26,400
Marketing with PsychologyLancaster UniversityGBP 24,475
International BusinessUniversity of LeedsGBP 26,500

Top 3 Courses For Arts Students In Abroad

Courses in Arts are for students with a passion in a particular field. They are usually supplementary for talent or a specific skill and offer the professional aspect of nurturing what you have. Top arts courses are pursued in the US and UK with better career opportunities in the long run.

CourseSpecialtiesPopular UniversitiesAverage Annual Tuition Fees
Bs in EnglishEnglish Language and LinguisticsCardiff UniversityGBP 22,700
English and Creative & Professional WritingUniversity of DerbyGBP 14,045
Creative Writing and English LanguageUniversity of ChesterGBP 13,950
English Language and LiteratureLoughborough UniversityGBP 22,700
Classical Studies and EnglishUniversity of ExeterGBP 23,700
English and Sports ScienceCardiff UniversityGBP 22,000
Bs in Journalism and Mass CommunicationJournalism and CommunicationsCardiff UniversityGBP 22,700
Media ProductionUniversity of SunderlandGBP 16,000
Creative Media ProductionStaffordshire UniversityGBP 16,750
Digital Media and CommunicationTeesside UniversityGBP 17,000
Film and TelevisionUniversity of BristolGBP 29,300
Media and CommunicationLoughborough UniversityGBP 23,000
Media and Creative IndustriesUniversity of WarwickGBP 24,800
Bs in Fashion DesigningGraphic DesignUniversity of WalesGBP 13,500
Fashion DesignUniversity of South WalesGBP 14,950
Fashion Design & TechnologyLoughborough UniversityGBP 23,000
Silversmithing and JewelleryUniversity of PlymouthGBP 17,100
Jewellery and MetalworkSheffield Hallam UniversityGBP 15,860
Fashion TextilesUniversity of the West of EnglandGBP 15,850
Fashion JournalismUniversity of SunderlandGBP 14,000

Trusted Career Pathways After Graduation In Abroad

So, what next after graduating from courses in demand abroad? Should you pursue courses after BCom in abroad or seek employment in your industry? Among the top reasons why Indian students study abroad is the career prospects. The are plenty of good job opportunities offering decent salaries to kickstart your professional practice.

Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary
Nursing AssistantUSD 59,000
Computer Systems AnalystUSD 91,000
Industrial Production ManagerUSD 46,000
Financial ManagerUSD 93,000
Business Development ManagerUSD 90,000
Digital MarketerUSD 120,000
News AnchorUSD 72,000
CopywriterUSD 50,000
Fashion DesignerUSD 76,000

Popular Professions From Around The World

After studying for your undergraduate or graduate programme abroad, you can choose to start your professional journey in the country abroad. You have to apply for a post-study work permit to be able to work in the country as you’ll be given a 12 – 18 month period to stay in the country after your studies. Some of the common professions and their annual salaries include:

Field of StudyPositionAverage SalaryCourse RequiredTop Countries for Profession
BusinessAnalystUSD 66,437Bachelor’sUS
BusinessManagerUSD 82,163Bachelor’sLuxembourg
LawAnalystUSD 76,179Business, LawLuxembourg
LawLawyerUSD 121,000LawSwitzerland
SalesAnalystUSD 96,000Sales, BusinessIceland
Computer ScienceAnalystUSD 74,738In-demand fieldUS
Computer ScienceDeveloperUSD 85,456In-demand fieldSingapore
Computer ScienceEngineerUSD 94,567In-demand fieldJapan
Computer ScienceManagerUSD 106,000In-demand fieldAustralia
Data ScienceAnalystUSD 88,765In-demand fieldCanada


Which Course Is High Demand In Abroad?

Courses in Science, Commerce, and arts are the best courses in demand for study abroad.

Which are best courses in demand for study abroad in 2024?

There are many ideal courses for international students. However, it depends on the field you’re passionate about and the career path you want to pursue.

Which Study Abroad Programmme Is Best?

While there are many programmes to choose from, statistics show that programmes with the best potential to study abroad are in the Science, Commerce, or Arts industry.

Which are the best courses in demand for study abroad?

Courses that will earn you a good job profile, decent annual salary, and growth opportunities.

Which course is best for settling abroad?

Courses in high-demand fields and global opportunities, such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) or healthcare, are often considered best for settling abroad.

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Best Courses In Demand For Study Abroad In 2024!

Best Courses In Demand For Study Abroad In 2024!

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