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What It Is Like To Study In London

study in london

Students wanting to pursue education abroad, more often than not, research about the universities in London. You could blame it on the city life, its people or the concentration of the top ranking universities to study in London. Either way, the city is home to millions international students. Apart from getting enrolled into the top universities in London, studying in London has its own perks. 

Here is what you need to know about universities and the student life in London:

Which are the Top Universities to Study in London?

Imperial College London

study in London

Imperial College is ranked 8th in the world by QS World Rankings and educates more than 10,000 students every year. This one of a kind education institution is a leader in the fields of engineering, science, medicine and business. 

This university attempts to produce students who contribute to society with their innovation and research, eventually becoming leaders in their fields of study. The postgraduate courses offered by the college are all rounded with practical applications and learning focused on solving the real world problems faced by the modern society. The community of researchers, scientists and doctors that are leaders and members of faculty in Imperial College offer students insight and analysis into the challenges of the society and expect students to contribute their expertise by the end of the course. This takes place through the live-projects, research projects and apprentice programs students could take part in apart from their regular coursework. The college has produced 14 nobel laureates since its establishment. 

Imperial College aims to attract the best students from around the world and offers a plethora of scholarships both internal and external. The university offers awards, bursaries, scholarships and prizes to students for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees. 

University College, London 

At the heart of the world’s most dynamic cities that is London, University College London is ranked 10th by QS World Rankings, the university offers more than 600 courses in research, postgraduate programs. 

University College focuses on a research based approach to allow students to make their original contribution in their fields of study and encourage disruptive thinking. To help students achieve this, the university offers its students academic resources such as libraries, museums and language training education. 

UCL also provides scholarships to its international students and domestic students such as Chevening Scholarships and Commonwealth scholarships that is a merit based scholarship which offers 20% of tuition fees. GREAT Scholarships that have a value of £11,000 for international students and IOE Centenary Masters Scholarship that offers students a funding of full tuition fees and is a need based scholarship for low and middle income countries. 

King’s College London

study in London

King’s college has a reputation for its world-class teaching with accomplished faculty members and groundbreaking research. The university offers the best courses in the world for law, humanities, dentistry and other sciences. 

Ranked 31 by QS World rankings in the year 2020, it is deemed as the best university for graduate employment. Apart from offering the best academic programs, the university also focuses on their students’ personal development. The Student union of King’s college has set an example having established more than 250 clubs and communities within the institute. 

Cost of Living in London | Study In London 

Depending on the type of accommodation a student chooses to live in for the duration of their course, rent and transportation costs may vary. Students can choose to live in private halls offered by third party agents, university halls that are offered by the university usually to first year students and private housing which are owned and rented by landlords and property owners. According to King’s College London, the greatest expense for international students studying in London is housing and accommodation with an average of £840 per month. Bills for laundry, electricity, gas and internet are usually offered with the rent charges. 

Students are advised to choose accommodation according to their lifestyle. Students who wish to make friends along their journey of academics are suggested to live in shared halls and apartments. Moreover, those who prefer quiet surroundings with minimal distractions and noise might prefer staying in private or ensuite rooms. 

To cut down on travel expenses which usually increase the budget for staying in London, it is suggested that students find properties on campus around their universities. 

Want to study in London but cannot find a property that resonates with you? We’ve got you covered. Discover a wide range of properties around the campus of your choice and around the world with UniAcco

Student Life in London | Study in London

Though the country is dynamic and vibrant with people from all over the world, London is a dream destination for students wanting to study in London. Apart from the world class education the city provides, London is also a global tourist destination, thanks to Harry Potter. 

People of London love their holidays and encourage each other to stay away from their phones and laptops on the weekends and breaks. This brings students in the middle of weeks of Christmas and Summer when universities are shut and the city is open to be explored. Here is a list of places to visit in London during Summer and Winter breaks: 

  1. Oxford Street  to Marvel at the Christmas Lights
  2. Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland  
  3. Primrose Hall for New Year’s Eve. 
  4. Christmas markets around the London Bridge
  5. Visit the Charles Dickens Museum 
  6. Movie Screenings at the open theatres on a summer evening. 
  7. Visit the beach with friends in summer afternoons 
  8. Attend sports events to watch your favourite club play. 

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study in london

What It Is Like To Study In London

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