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Popular Masters Programs In Canada for International Students

masters programs in canada for international students

Canada is a popular destination for Masters programs among international students because of the educational progression the country has made over the past few decades. Having said that, the country takes education very seriously and expects its students to equip themselves with skills and knowledge by the end of their courses. As  a result, all the masters programs in Canada for international students are extensive and thorough in their approach. This has prepared Canadian students to contribute and perform in the highly-valued job market. 

The top universities in Canada belong to the most famous cities of the country such as – Montreal, Toronto, Quebec and Vancouver. These cities are also well known for the specific courses they offer which are globally renowned. 

To make things easy and help you save some time researching the best masters program in Canada for international students, UniScholars has summarized a list of the top universities in Canada for secondary and tertiary education. 

masters programs in Canada for international students

Masters in Political Science: Montreal University 

This masters program in Canada follows a rigorous pattern of study and integration of knowledge of political science in a real world work environment. Even though it is a part time program, it is ranked highly within Montreal University and is famous for its all-rounded learning strategies. 

By the end of the course, students have to place evidence of observations and research through thesis projects. The success of a thesis project and student performance further prepares the students for the job market. 

The course is led by professors who have contributed exceptionally in political studies and research. An effective internship program is also offered to its students in order to offer a dynamic learning strategy for both domestic and international students. The curriculum also extends to include seminars and workshops lead by industry professionals 

Additionally, the course encompasses scholarships for the best students based on their application for admissions. 

International Masters for Health Leadership: McGill University

McGill University’s Faculty of Medical Education ranks #4 in Canada for post graduate medical studies. What sets this course apart from the other master programs in Canada for international students is that it relies on developing real time knowledge for its students that is applicable to contemporary and real world managerial organizations dealing in the healthcare industry. 

The course has its own unique motto ‘use work, don’t make work’ that directs towards the use of existing knowledge to solve existing challenges. Students are encouraged to bring their own work challenges instead of analysing existing case studies. 

The course includes 5 extensive and intensive modules that are covered over a period of 15 months. Each module is approached with the mind set of problem solving and analysis. This is achieved through broadening the perspectives of the students undergoing the course. Apart from the 5 modules, students are expected to write a research paper under the guidance of a mentor or advisor. 

Masters of Professional Studies in Analytics: Northeastern University, Toronto

This course is among the top masters programs in Canada for international students as it aims to prepare students to demonstrate the principles, tools and methods of analytics by applying the resources harnessed to achieve and deploy strategic decisions for organisations. 

The course offers 6 compulsory subjects and 3 electives which can be chosen from an array of over 15 subjects. 

To be eligible for admissions for this course students are required to submit 2 LORs apart from the other general requirements such as SOPs and online application. In order to provide evidence of English proficiency, candidates may choose to not appear for IELTS and prove their knowledge and use of English through other modes such as TOEFL or Global Exam Scores if English is not their primary language.

Master of Digital Media: The Centre for Digital Media, Vancouver 

Master of Digital Media offered by The CDM is an internationally recognized digital media specialization course and is ranked among the top masters programs in Canada for international students. 

Even though the course fee for this one year, full time course is CAD 56, 510 the university organises scholarships and funding support to students based on merit and need. The benchmark set by this university to offer scholarships to students was set for the batch of 2018-19 as 50% of the students enrolled for the course received financial aid and assistance for the course. 

Apart from the course subjects offered, the university focuses on an all-pervasive learning strategy for its students. Capitalising on the university’s wide network with studios, hosts and  other stakeholders of the media industry, the course focuses on professional development through events. 

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masters programs in canada for international students

Popular Masters Programs In Canada for International Students

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