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Top PG Courses in Canada

pg courses in canada

Canada is the first choice of preference for international students wanting to pursue further education for a number of reasons. Apart from the country’s social dynamics that seeks to find a solution to its aging population by expanding its workforce, Canada encourages international students to join its world class PG courses universities and offers them a cutting edge career. 

The best post graduate (PG) courses available in Canada for students wanting to make academic progress and seek Universities where they could be an ideal fit. 

UniScholars presents the best PG courses in Canada that are suitable for international students: 

PG Courses in Canada:

Universities like University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Ontario, University of Winnipeg offer the best courses for PG studies for international students in various fields. The most successful courses for the year 2020 have been – 

Masters in Finance

Wilfred Laurier University ranks among the top universities in Canada for PG in Canada courses in Accounting and Finances. The course lasts up to 1 year and is full time. The cost for the full time masters course is CAD 46,215. 

Graduate Diploma in Accounting 

pg courses in canada

Wilfrid Laurier University also ranks well for a PG diploma courses in Accounting. Students seeking admission in top PG courses in Canada must have stumbled upon this course through a variety of sources.  The course lasts for a duration of 1 year and is full time. The fees sum up to a total of CAD 22,315 and are subject to change without prior notice.

Masters in Financial Analysis and Reporting 

Offered is by University of Toronto and is a 20 month course. University of Toronto ranks #25 in QS world ranking and has been a leading player in providing top courses for PG in Canada for international students. It is an intensive course that expects students to perform well in order for them to join the Canadian professional workforces after graduation. Looking at the upsides of this course offered by University of Toronto, a fee of CAD 90,370 for the international students deems fit.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 

Pg courses in canada

MBA is the most popular PG Diploma courses in Canada and the one offered by University of of British Columbia ranks #35 according to World university Rankings and ranked #1 in Canada. The university provides a world class learning environment and state-of-art facilities. MBA from university of British Columbia is a dream of many students wanting to advance their careers. Furthermore, it is believed that the providing evidence of MBA education from UBC is enough for a student to land a high paying job! With the perks offered by this top PG Diploma courses in Canada, international students are expected to pay a sum of CAD 85,761 as tuition fees for a single year which can scale up to CAS 142, 990 for other immersive student experiences. 

PostGraduate Medical Education 

The Faculty of Medical Education of McGill University ranks #4 in Canada for Post Graduate Medical Education. The university offers Masters in Medical Education to allow students to apply through either residency programs or fellowship programs. However, to be eligible to study in McGill university for PG in Medicine, candidates first need to pass the Pre-Entry Assessment Period (PEAP). Scholarships and bursaries can then be applied to. As a result of the assessment, international students are eligible to study in the university’s faculty of medicine school and can pay a tuition fee of anything between CAD 1,870 – CAD 12,600.

Masters in Computer Science

McGill University also ranks well among other world class universities through its top courses in PG in Canada. The university ranks #38 on QS rankings, for Masters in Computer Science. The duration of the course is 2 years and costs a fee of CAD 17,511 for both years. 

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Masters of Applied Science and Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

University of Waterloo ranks #101 in QS World Ranking and offers this top PG course in Canada to international students. The course is available in both part time and fulltime. The course fees are CAD 13,234 for international students and the university does not provide bursaries or scholarships rather expect students to be self-supported. 

These were the top PG courses in Canada from the Top universities. These courses were famous among PG students in the year 2020. While most of the courses allow students to harness private scholarships, some universities such University of Waterloo do not support students with any kinds of finances. To solve this issue, UniCreds, an extension of Unischolars, is a platform where students can seek financial assistance and educational loans. Even though some of the top universities in Canada expect students to pay high fees, they also offer the best courses to students for career and academic progression. As a result, funding and finances should never be a hindrance when you dare to dream big.  

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pg courses in canada

Top PG Courses in Canada

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