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Webster University Acceptance Rate In 2024!

webster university acceptance rate

Are you struggling to select the ideal University in the USA? Look no further! Webster University is a Midwestern school with multiple campuses internationally. It has an overall high enrollment of 1909 students. This private institution follows a semester-based method with a moderate Webster University acceptance rate of around 56%.

Yes, you heard it right! While the University is located in St. Louis, it has campuses across the US and abroad, such as Austria, Netherlands, Greece, Thailand, Switzerland, China and Ghana. Students have wider scope to pursue varied courses with a moderate level of Webster University undergraduate acceptance rate. 

Victoria University Acceptance Rate Highlights 
University Name Webster University
Acceptance Rate 56%
Number Of Undergraduate Application 1909
Graduation Rate45%

Webster University Acceptance Rate For International Students

The acceptance rate for international students at Webster University is around 56%. This means more than half of the applicants have an above-average test score, such as an SAT score from 1014 to 1325 or an ACT score from 20 to 27. 

In addition, the University is known for offering high-quality experiences to students, with innovative approaches to helping them achieve specific goals with an option of over 160 programmes and more. However, Webster University admission officials select the applications based on the student’s GPA, high school class rank, and letter of recommendation.

Webster University Admission Highlights

To acquire admission at Webster University, students must meet a few requirements. Furthermore, you must complete the admission application by submitting valid test scores and academic details or documents. You must also pay an admission fee to complete the application successfully. 

The University of Webster’s acceptance rate is moderately high- 56%,  making admission process a bit competitive for international students. However, admission at WV will not seem impossible if you meet specific criteria. Let us walk you through a few essential factors like intakes in USA universities and their admission requirements. 

Admission FactorsEligibility Requirements
Official admission portalUniversity’s official application
Acceptance rate56%
Standard TestFor UG – SAT and ACT, and for PG – GRE, GMAT
Application feesPG Courses – USD 50
English Language TestIELTS/ PTE/ TOEFL
Minimum GPA Score2.5
Deadline for SAT/ACT ScoresApril 1

Academics At Webster University

Webster University has a student-faculty ratio of 7:1 and 87.8% of classes with fewer than 20 students, which fosters interactive learning experiences. The retention rate of international students at Webster Institute is around 78%. Along with the competitive acceptance rate of Webster University, students have an opportunity to major in varied areas seamlessly.

Majors Topic2022 Average Students Stats
Business – Commerce (General)8%
Cinematography and Film5%
Psychology (General)4%
Computer Science6%
Animation, Video Graphics, Special Effects3%
Game and Interactive MediaDesign3%
English Language and Literature3%
Biology – Biological Science(General)3%
Education (General)5%
Business Administration and Management (General)3%

Degrees And Programmes At Webster University

The Webster University acceptance rate for Indian students is moderately high, but at the same time, international students get an opportunity to pursue varied courses. Under the right guidance and techniques, university helps you achieve career milestones. Let us determine the type of degrees that you can explore at this institution. 

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Certificate-based Programme
  • Masters Degree
  • Post Bachelor’s Certificate
  • Post Master’s Certificate
  • Doctorate – Professional
  • Doctorate – Practice
  • And More

Combined Degree Programmes At Webster University

With the exciting Webster University acceptance rate for masters, students can pursue education with various combined degree programmes, dedicated to help you enhance your skills and abilities to excel in your career. 

  • BA/ BS and MA in Human Resource Development
  • BA/ BS and MA in Legal Studies
  • BA/ BS and MA in Advertising and Marketing Communications
  • BA/ BS and MA in Management and Leadership
  • BA/ BS and MA in International Relations
  • BA/ BS and MA in Public Relations
  • BA/ BS and MS in Marketing with Emphasis in Digital Marketing
  • Business Administration (BS) with Emphasis in Finance/Accounting (MS)

Fees At Webster University

The total cost of studying in the USA is high compared to other countries, a common concern for many international students. Tuition fees at Webster University are around USD 30,730. Compared to other average institute’s tuition costs in the USA, education at WV is affordable. However, when you may intake universities in USA, compare the total cost and net price of varied institutions.

Every international student must look for a few factors that can add up the entire tuition fees abroad, such as the cost of books and supplies, room and board, transportation, and more. Remember to look for the net price; cost after financial assistance or scholarship discounted from total fees. 

Fees CriteriaAmount
Tuition and FeesUSD 30,730
Net Price for Federal Loan RecipientsUSD 23, 953
Room and Board CostUSD 11,980

Webster University Placement Highlights For International Students

Along with Webster University’s high postgraduate acceptance rate, the institution offers adequate placement opportunities to international students. According to the official statistics of Webster University, the average employee rate is 89.57%, and graduates are likely to be placed within six months of graduation. With a moderate Webster university acceptance rate masters, and high placement rates, it has become an ideal choice for many international students.

Employment Factors2020-21 Rates2021-22 Rates
Full-time employed students88.13%79.09%
Employment rates91.24%89.57%

Insights Into Webster University Rankings 

With an amazing Webster University  acceptance rate – 56%, the institution is ranked 32 of 167 Regional Universities located in the Midwest. Furthermore, Webster’s institution ranks 63rd in Best School Value, 15th in Best College for Veterans, and 67th in Top Performers for Social Mobility. Overall, this institution scores 70 out of 100 for qualitative education and other perks, per the US News and World Record. 

Why Webster University?

As we know, the cost of living in the USA for students is comparatively high; however, to help students seamlessly complete their programs, offers, scholarships, student loans, and other financial assistance. 

  • Student Loan Debt—The Average loan granted was USD 23,000 for students completing undergraduate degrees. In addition, 12% of students graduating opted for a private loan in the amount of USD 17, 946. 
  • Financial Assistance: Webster University follows a standard method to calculate need-based financial aid based on the family’s ability to pay from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In addition, an average grant or scholarship of USD 22,788 was offered to 69% of first-year students. 

Apart from the moderate Webster University postgraduate acceptance rate, the institution offers a range of benefits to students. These include healthcare, campus safety, security services like 24-hour foot and vehicle patrol, late-night transportation or escort services, 24-hour emergency phones, and more. 


1. What Is The Current Webster University Acceptance Rate?

The Webster University acceptance rate is around 56%, which means the institution has a competitive selection process. However, chances of getting admission are high if you score above average for GPA and other tests. 

2. Can You Provide Information On The Webster University Acceptance Rate For International Students?

Webster University has a standard acceptance rate of 56%. The institution follows eligibility criteria to finalise applications. To secure admissions, students need to score at least 2.5 or above GPA score, have a letter of recommendation, and have a good rank in high school.

3. What Factors Influence The Webster University Acceptance Rate?

The factors influencing the acceptance rate at Webster University include – GPA score, high school rank, letter of recommendation, other test scores like SAT and ACT, and completion of college proprietary programmes. 

4. Are There Specific Programs Or Majors With Higher Or Lower Webster University Acceptance Rate?

University has a standard acceptance rate of 56%, however, there are some programmes like Business Administration and Management, Human Resources Development, Psychology and Cybersecurity Operations with Computer Science that have higher acceptance rates. Whereas Fine Arts Courses and other similar have a lower acceptance rate

5. What Are The Admission Requirements That Applicants Should Focus On To Improve Their Chances Given The Webster University Acceptance Rate?

To enhance their chances of securing admission at Webster Security, applicants must have a GPA score above 3.5 or 3.0, an average score on SAT or ACT for first-year admissions, and additional documents like a letter of recommendation and personal statement. They must also submit proof of proficiency with an English language test like IELTS.

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