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Virtual Interview Tips And Tricks

Virtual Interview Tips And Tricks

During this pandemic, virtual interview tips and tricks have become essential while searching for a job. It’s not every day that we have to use a video call to speak to somebody. Getting used to it could take some time. Here are some virtual interview tips and tricks to appear more confident and presentable while being interviewed.

Tips For Knocking Your Virtual Interview

Video Interview Preparation

You will need to prepare yourself for likely questions you will be asked. Consider your strengths and weaknesses. Provide examples of when your skills have been displayed along with it. Always try to show your genuine interest in working for their specific organization, with evidence to show you’ve carried out your research. Worried about what questions are asked in a video interview? Try using an interview questions tool or thinking about the frequently asked questions from previous interviews.

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Select A Private Location Without Distractions

We usually are unaware of these virtual interview tips and tricks. That being said, along with your appearance, location is key. You need to be somewhere quiet, clean and tidy. You can also use lighting to make sure you are visible without shadows being cast on your face. If you’re going to use your own home, make sure you’ve warned others in your house not to disturb you.  Also, make sure you’ve turned your phone to silent and closed all other applications on your laptop to avoid any unexpected notification sounds.

Check That You Have A Strong, Stable Internet Connection

Make sure that your internet connection is good and won’t drop out during the interview. Ask others using your connection to avoid streaming anything at the same time as your interview is taking place. Consider having a backup in place in case your connection fails.

Perfecting Your Virtual Interview

You may not know the exact questions you will be asked in advance. But according to one of the virtual interview tips and tricks, you can practice how you look and behave on camera.  Record yourself answering example interview questions and watch them back to get rid of any habits you may have, such as touching your hair or tapping your fingers. Although it might seem like a stupid idea, it’ll be very helpful for your interview. Ask your friends and family for their feedback as they may notice things you don’t.

Dress Professionally

You will be evaluated based on your professional appearance, so make sure you wear something suitable for the interview. Look at what you’re wearing on your practice videos, certain colors and patterns look very different on screen than in person. Make sure you choose the right outfit. If you’re a person who wears makeup, consider using makeup that is not too shiny. 

Virtual Interview Tips And Tricks

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Tips For Mastering Your Next Virtual Interview

For those of you who didn’t get through with an interview, these are some mistakes you must’ve made while on screen. Here are some tips for mastering your next interview.

Look At The Camera

It is certainly very tempting to look at yourself constantly while on camera, but try to avoid it. Not only will this distract you it will also mean that you don’t make “virtual eye contact” with the interviewer. Treat your camera lens as their eyes and it will look like you’re looking directly at them. If you master these virtual interview tips and tricks, it leaves a mark of confidence.

Consider Your Body Language

Body language is just as important on video as in a face-to-face interview, sit up straight, don’t slump, smile appropriately, look attentive and enthusiastic. Make sure you communicate with confidence verbally too, don’t look here and there while the interviewer is speaking to you.

Keep Your Hand Gestures To A Minimum

Although hand gestures are great when in a face-to-face  interview, in a video they can be distracting. Try to keep your hands still and out of shot. You could try holding a pen in your lap to keep your hands out of sight.

Prepare Questions To Ask Them

You will usually be asked if you have anything you’d like them to address if your application is taken to the next stage or if you have any questions, so don’t forget to think of a few questions for them too. Asking thoughtful or insightful questions could set you apart from other candidates. 

Don’t Use Too Many Notes

A question we’ve all wondered, “Can you use notes in a video interview?” But ask yourself, “Would I use notes in a face-to-face interview?” Using notes and reading out written answers will sound very robotic, not show you at your best.

Video Interview Tips

When preparing for a video interview, it’s equally important to consider what not to do along with virtual interview tips and tricks.

Don’t Move The Camera Too Much

Find the best position before the interview in a place where you know you won’t be distracted. If you are using your phone for the interview, avoid holding it in your hand as it could appear shaky and distracting for the interviewer. 

Don’t Choose Your Bedroom Or Kitchen As The Location

You need to look professional, so it’s best to appear that you are in an office environment or similar. You’ll have plenty of notice for your interview, so if you share a home or office space with others, you can prepare them for your interview and ask that they give you the room you need.

Don’t Turn Your Camera Off

They’ve made it very clear that they’re inviting you to a video interview and will feel uncomfortable and frustrated speaking to a blank screen.

Don’t Take The Call In A Loud Setting

This can be extremely distracting to both you and the interviewer, and you want to ensure that they can hear you. So make sure you switch off any music and try to minimise other background noise.

Don’t Act Too Casual

This is still an interview, so don’t eat or play with your phone. If you would like to drink something, rather stick with water.

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Virtual Interview Tips And Tricks

Virtual Interview Tips And Tricks

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