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University Of South Carolina Acceptance Rate 2024

University Of South Carolina Acceptance Rate

The University of South Carolina is a well-known, important research centre committed to elevating the educational opportunities for its students and fostering innovation in various departments. The University was established in 1801, offers student experience among public institutions, and is accredited by the Higher Education Commission. University of South Carolina acceptance rate stands at 62% and it is more selective in its admissions process.

What Is University Of South Carolina Acceptance Rate?

The University of South Carolina boasts a 62% acceptance rate, indicating a moderately selective admission process. In the 2022 admissions cycle, 50% of undergraduates accepted fell within the top 7-29% of their high school class. Admitted students showcased GPAs ranging from 4.1 to 4.7. Regarding test scores, non-resident students admitted reported SAT scores ranging from 1250 to 1400, while ACT scores spanned from 28 to 32.

For most courses, GPA and high school class rank serve as pivotal factors in the admission decision. Although submitting test scores is optional, international students are strongly encouraged to provide them to enhance their admission prospects.

The University of South Carolina acceptance rate regarding the admission process must be considered. The IETLS certification must be shown as evidence of an international student’s English language proficiency. The exam results and admission statistics are based on NCES data for 2021–2022. 

The typical GPA, SAT, and ACT scores of the class of applicants accepted by the University of South Carolina are displayed in the following table:

Standardized TestsScore Range
SAT 1150-1360

How Hard Is It To Get Accepted At the University Of South Carolina?

Getting into the University of South Carolina is a challenge. In order to determine who to accept and who to waitlist, the University of South Carolina carefully examines applications based on various factors. In 2019, the median high school GPA for the entering first-year class was between 3.78 and 4.50. 25% had a GPA of 4.50 or above, while 25% had a GPA of 3.78 or lower. Successful candidates primarily hold grades of A and B.

About 25,884 of the 42,045 applicants were accepted by the University of South Carolina acceptance rate in 2021, or 62% of the total application pool. In addition to having GPAs in the top 50% of their high school classes and ACT or SAT scores over 18, at least 75% of all admitted students also have these qualifications.

YearAcceptance Rate

What Is The Demographic Profile Of The University?

When students from various backgrounds are equally represented in the student population, a college’s ethnic diversity is evident. Racial diversity needs to be improved in the school. Minorities or persons of colour make up 23% of the student body. With 59% of its student body living in South Carolina, UofSC primarily serves students who live within the state.

The details of the ethnic breakdown are shown in the following table and are as follows:

Student Body Percent
African American27.9%
Pacific Islander0.1%
Two or More races1.7%

Admission Process And Enrollment Requirements At The University Of South Carolina

For admission to UofSC, candidates must have received excellent grades in high school. Students must start the University of South Carolina admission process by submitting an online application and responding to numerous questions about their academic aspirations and educational experience. Students can boost their chances of admission by completing all of the application criteria because USC’s admissions process is competitive.

  • Records attesting to past education and qualifications
  • Academic transcripts and other related documentation
  • DS-160 application submitted online
  • Payment of the application cost
  • The F1 visa interview date
  • Provide the file containing the necessary documentation for the study visa.
  • Attend the interview for a student visa.

Undergraduate DegreeIn a relevant field with 80%
GPA 3.0 on a scale of 4.0
English Proficiency Test ScoresTOEFL: 77
IELTS: 6.5
PTE: 53
Standardised Test ScoresGRE: 300
SAT: 1250 – 1400
ACT: 28-32
Other needed documentsSOP
3 LORs

To be considered for admission, incoming students must provide a high school transcript that includes their cumulative GPA, class ranking, course schedule, and graduation date. Academic success, leadership potential, and the University of South Carolina acceptance rate are the keys to applying for admission.

University Of South Carolina Intakes & Deadlines

Regular DecisionDecember 1, 2023
Early DecisionNovember 1, 2023

The ordinary decision application deadline is December 1, and the application fee is $65 if you consider applying to the University of South Carolina. The deadline for receiving an admissions decision for those applying to the University of South Carolina for the fall is March 15.

Most frequently used by students, fall applications typically begin in September and may continue through April. The early decision deadline is often in September, while the final decision deadline is in April. In order to be considered for scholarships, students may need to submit their applications before the early deadline. 

What Can You Expect After Admission To The University Of South Carolina?

Programmes Offered:

The University of South Carolina has received regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools through its Commission on Colleges. The US Department of Education requires this accreditation to be eligible for federal funding. The Accreditation Council for Pharmaceutical Education, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, National Association of Schools of Dance, and Association to Advance Collegiate Colleges of Commerce have recognized those programmes.


Each campus has top-notch academic facilities, including lecture halls, laboratories, and modern classrooms, to promote better learning and research. Students and professors can use any of the printed or digital resources. The University also offers its students free Wi-Fi and transportation services. The University supports environmental and sustainable development, energy, cutting-edge materials, and health sciences studies.


For citizens of South Carolina, the annual tuition at USC is roughly $11,454; for non-residents, it is $30,882. Almost $15,000 more is added each year for books, course materials, housing, board, and living costs. Most USC students use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid application to apply for financial help. Via FAFSA, college students can access low-interest government loans that don’t require repayment as long as they are enrolled at least half-time.


The institute’s network includes 310,000 graduates and more than 45 active clubs. Being an alumnus has its benefits, including free access to events, career assistance, and a professional community. A few noteworthy graduates include Darius Rucker, a musician, Donna Rice Hughes, the president of Enough is Enough and Leeza Gibbons, a presenter and television producer.


University of South Carolina scholarships include both general and departmental scholarships. These are available for both resident and non-resident students. These scholarships are based on merit and typically, each student qualifies for a single scholarship. However, an exception exists for the Provost Scholars Award, which can be combined with other scholarships.

Wrapping It Up

The deadlines set by the University are very strict, and applicants are expected to adhere to them carefully. The University offers over 240 graduate programmes in various disciplines, and 14% of graduate students and 30% of doctoral students are from abroad. The University of South Caroline acceptance rate may vary year by year. The University provides merit- and need-based financial aid in the form of educational loans and scholarships, which is helpful for students who face financial obstacles when pursuing higher education.  

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What GPA do you need to go to South Carolina University? Is it hard to get into South Carolina University?

Ans: You need a required GPA of 62% to get into South Carolina University.

How prestigious is University of South Carolina?

Ans: The University of South Carolina holds the rank of 124th among 439 National Universities. This ranking reflects its strong standing in the academic landscape, portraying its commitment to providing quality education and fostering a vibrant academic community.

Does the University of South Carolina require GRE?

Ans: While the GRE is highly preferred, it’s important to note that for all degree programmes except the M.S. & M.B.A. degrees in Agribusiness, Entrepreneurship & General MBA (which require GMAT scores), the MAT can be used as a substitute.

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University Of South Carolina Acceptance Rate

University Of South Carolina Acceptance Rate 2024

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