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The University Of Oxford Admission: Know Eligibility, Requirements, Deadlines & Tips!

University of oxford Admission

This British University for many needs no introduction. Situated 60 miles northwest of London, it is one of the most ancient universities in the English-speaking world and one of the top universities in Oxford and the world. Its sheer legacy and reputation, leave many students with the question- “Will I ever be able to crack University of Oxford admission?” Fear not, as humans we are made to believe the most impossible is unachievable but admission to a university is definitely worth the shot! So do not sell yourself short because you deserve to stand a chance just as much as everyone else. Read our well-researched guide on University of Oxford admission in 2024. It starts from many factors such as Oxford University acceptance rate and so on and so forth!

University Of Oxford Admission Requirements For International Students

Oxford is known for providing the best education in the world and the competition for undergraduate and graduate study positions is fierce. On average, they receive more than 20,000 and 30,000 applications for UG and PG. Out of this, approximately 3,250 students are given places each year. If you want to apply to Oxford University, we suggest keeping it in your thoughts or, better yet, sticking it on your room’s walls for an even stronger effect!

Application PortalUCASGraduate Application
Application Fee£75£75
Official TranscriptsClass XII requiredDegree transcripts required
Academic RequirementsA1 grades (5 subjects) with A1 in relevant subjects or 80%First Class or Upper 2nd Class Degree, or GPA equivalent (e.g., 3.7 for 92%)
Letters of RecommendationOne requiredThree required
Personal Statement/CVUCAS Personal StatementCV/Resume & SOP
(800 words)
Written WorkNot requiredTwo pieces of written work (2,000 words total)
English Language TestIELTS 7.0 (6.5 min. per component)TOEFL 110 or IELTS 7.5
Test ScoresNot requiredGRE
(scores vary by programme)
InterviewNot requiredOften required
Additional RequirementsCopy of passportResearch proposal may be required

University Of Oxford Admission Deadlines 

The Oxford University undergraduate admission requirements for international students have mandated to fill out the UCAS portal by 16th October, 2023. These are the top courses in Oxford that have varied deadlines which can be found below.

ProgrammeApplication Deadline
M.B.A.Final: Mar 3, 2024
(Stage 1: Sep 27, 2023
Stage 2: Jan 5, 2024
Stage 3: Mar 20, 2024)
M.Sc BiochemistryFinal: Mar 3, 2024
M.Sc Chemical BiologyFinal: Mar 3, 2024
M.Sc Advanced Computer ScienceFinal: Mar 3, 2024
M.Eng Engineering sciencesFinal: Mar 3, 2024
M.Sc Engineering Science – Civil and Offshore EngineeringFinal: Mar 3, 2024
M.Sc Law and FinanceFinal: Mar 3, 2024
M.Sc Mathematical and Computational FinanceFinal: Mar 3, 2024
M.Sc Social Data ScienceFinal: Mar 3, 2024
M.Sc Financial EconomicsFinal: Mar 3, 2024
(Stage 1: Oct 27, 2023
Stage 2: Jan 5, 2024
Stage 3: Mar 6, 2024)
B.S MedicineTest Reg.: Sep 29, 2023 / UCAS: Oct 16, 2023 / Decision: Jan 9, 2024
M.B.B.S.Application Open: Oct 16, 2024
B.S ChemistryTest Reg.: Sep 29, 2023 / UCAS: Oct 16, 2023 / Decision: Jan 9, 2024
B.A Computer ScienceTest Reg.: Sep 29, 2023 / UCAS: Oct 16, 2023 / Decision: Jan 9, 2024
B.A Biomedical SciencesTest Reg.: Sep 29, 2023 / UCAS: Oct 16, 2023 / Decision: Jan 9, 2024

Oxford University Selection Criteria

The University of Oxford’s acceptance rate is about 13.75% for undergraduates and 16.21% for postgraduates. For international students, the acceptance rate is even lower, around 9%. These numbers show that the university is looking for those who stand out in their class and have strong academic records. In simple terms, they’re seeking students who are academically excellent. 

University of Oxford admission committee looks for the below requirements before making a sound decision about your application: 

  1. Beyond the classroom: Active and engaged individual with a diverse range of extracurricular activities.
  2. Natural leader: Proven ability to inspire and motivate others through exceptional leadership qualities and interpersonal skills.
  3. Bridge between theory and practice: Ready to contribute meaningfully to class discussions by applying my professional expertise and practical knowledge.
  4. Academic foundation for excellence: Solid academic achievements and dedication to learning and intellectual growth.

Admission Decisions

Those who have applied for undergraduate courses at the University of Oxford will find out if they’ve been accepted on 9th January 2024. This will be visible on the UCAS Track in the morning. The college handling your application will then reach out to you directly.

For postgraduate programmes, interviews may be conducted based on your course, using video calls, telephone, or face-to-face. About 8 to 10 weeks after the application deadline, you’ll typically receive an email from your academic department informing you about the status of your application.

The final decision for the University of Oxford admission for MBA in the last round will be announced by May 17, 2024.

Tips For Getting Into Oxford

Undergraduates make up 48% of the total student body, and graduate students are 50%. They are the cream of the academic community. If you follow the below steps, University of Oxford admission might be easy for you as well. You might also be eligible for scholarships offered by Oxford University.

Know Your Course Requirements:

Understand the specific Oxford University admission requirements for Indian students, including any additional mandates or preferred subjects. Seek advice if needed and consider participating in relevant programmes to enhance your application.

Polish Your Academic Record:

Aim to excel in the standard entry requirements. Ensure your grades align with the course expectations. Moreover, focus on quality over quantity in your A-level choices.

Choose Your College Wisely:

Select a college that aligns with your academic and personal interests. Research each college’s specialties and consider reaching out to admissions offices for insights. Be aware of the pooling system and attend open days to make informed decisions.

Develop a Clear Career Plan:

Show a well-thought-out career plan in your application. Express your ambitions, goals and how the Oxford degree will contribute to your future success. Showcase a clear link between your aspirations and the chosen course.

Excel in Admissions Tests:

Prepare thoroughly for admissions tests, understanding the specific requirements for your course. Familiarise yourself with test formats, practice regularly and aim to score above average.

Enhance Your Application with Experience:

Gain relevant work experience related to your chosen discipline. Emphasise how your experiences contribute to your understanding of the subject and align with your career goals.

Craft a Standout Personal Statement:

Invest time and passion in writing a unique personal statement. Focus on your suitability for the course, your chosen college and your individuality. Be genuine, take risks and express your enthusiasm for the subject.

Prepare Effectively for Interviews:

If shortlisted, prepare for interviews by practicing your subject knowledge and interview skills. Highlight independent thinking, engagement with your discipline and an eagerness to learn. 


What GPA do you need to get into Oxford University?

You will require a minimum Grade point average of 3.7 on a scale of 4.0

Is Oxford University admission hard?

Getting into Oxford is a bit easier than getting into top American universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and the Ivy League schools. The acceptance rate at Oxford is around 17.5%, which is higher than those at American universities. However, keep in mind that the application process for Oxford can be tough and a bit complicated to navigate.

What is the rank of the University of Oxford?

It is ranked #5 in Best Global Universities in US News and World Report of 2024. 

Is Oxford University public or private?

Oxford University is a public university. 

How much does it cost to apply to the University of Oxford?

It will cost you £75 for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

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University of oxford Admission

The University Of Oxford Admission: Know Eligibility, Requirements, Deadlines & Tips!

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