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Oxford University Acceptance Rate in 2024

oxford university acceptance rate

The University of Oxford is a venerable institution nestled in the historic city of Oxford. It is one of the oldest universities in the English-speaking world. Known to have been established in the 11th century, Oxford exudes rich traces of pedagogy dating as far back as 1096. The university experienced a surge in growth after Henry II commanded students to stop attending the University of Paris. Today, after several reconstructions and additions, there are 44 esteemed colleges and halls. Moreover, it boasts the largest library system in the UK. Students here choose between 48 undergraduate degrees in sciences, humanities, law, languages and fine arts. Notably, medicine is one of the famous courses in Oxford, attracting students from more than 160 countries. Join us on a journey through the Oxford University acceptance rate landscape, where securing admission is akin to crossing mountains of selective English academic pathways.

Oxford University Acceptance Rate For International Students

Oxford University acceptance rate hovers around 17%. This number, while unofficial, speaks volumes about the university’s fierce selectivity. But why is Oxford so picky? It all boils down to their unwavering commitment to academic excellence. They want the best minds, the most driven individuals, to grace their hallowed halls. And let’s be honest, being surrounded by such a calibre of peers is pretty inspiring, wouldn’t you say? As you read on in our blog, you will find the various trends and demographics which speak volumes about the University of Oxford acceptance rate. 

Historical Trends Concerning Oxford University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at the University of Oxford has been quite stable over the years. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that slight variations may exist among acceptance rates for certain programmes and faculties within the University. You should research thoroughly to understand the specific acceptance rate applicable to your chosen academic field. This approach ensures that individuals seeking admission are well-informed about the programme-specific admission intricacies at the University of Oxford. 

Course-wise Oxford University Acceptance Rates

Oxford University acceptance rate for undergraduate courses varies widely among its courses, with certain degrees being notably competitive. Refer to the table below for acceptance rates in Oxford’s most competitive and popular courses from 2007 to 2022.

CourseAcceptance RateNumber of Applicants
BA/MMatd Matdematics and Statistics4.60%262
BA/MCompSci Computer Science4.60%843
BA Economics and Management5.20%1732
BMBCh Medicine7.60%2054
BA/MBioMedSci Biomedical Sciences7.90%558
BA/MCompPhil Computer Science and Philosophy8.60%151
BA/MMatdCompSci Mathematics and Computer Science10%603
BA/MMatd Mathematics10%1732
BA History and English11%121
BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)11%2300
BA Law13%1674
BA/MPhys Physics11%1630
MEng Engineering Science17%1097
BA Language and Literature25%942
BA History25%933
MChem Chemistry23%862
BA/MPhysPhil Physics and Philosophy9.20%174

Oxford’s Colleges With Competitive Acceptance Rates

At one end, we find Nuffield College, home to just 20 spaces for graduate students in Social Sciences, Economics, and Public Policy. 346 ambitious applicants vied for these coveted spots in 202, resulting in a selective 5.9% acceptance rate. Nuffield’s renowned programmes and intimate community attract top minds, making it the most competitive college in Oxford.

In stark contrast, Harris Manchester College welcomes 63 students with an 18.9% acceptance rate. This unique college has only mature learners (21 and over) with non-traditional academic backgrounds. Read more about various Oxford University’s colleges and their respective acceptance rates.

CollegeNumber of applicantsAcceptance rate
All Souls College15577.10%
Balliol College165918.50%
Brasenose College157516.10%
Campion Hall2299.10%
Christ Church327016.80%
Corpus Christi College100515.90%
Exeter College158016.70%
Green Templeton College12910.70%
Harris Manchester College33614.90%
Hertford College133663.00%
Jesus College164118.90%
Keble College160398.00%
Kellogg College18911.80%
Lady Margaret Hall110818.80%
Linacre College50410.70%
Lincoln College129913.80%
Magdalen College189715.20%
Mansfield College68617.60%
Merton College151115.60%
New College302714.50%
Nuffield College3465.90%
Oriel College147218.70%
Pembroke College134114.80%
The Queen’s College178518.00%
Regent’s Park College14617.30%
St Anne’s College162017.70%
St Antony’s College126110.90%
St Catherine’s College118616.80%
St Edmund Hall120016.60%
St Hilda’s College111417.10%
St Hugh’s College133418.30%
St John’s College188612.80%
St Peter’s College134817.30%
Somerville College119116.70%
Trinity College237910.90%
University College242917.30%
Wadham College156811.80%
Wolfson College72516.50%

Factors Influencing Oxford University Acceptance Rate

Several factors contribute to Oxford University acceptance rate, and understanding of these elements can provide you with insights into the admission process. Here are key factors that influence the acceptance rate:

Academic Requirements and Standards: Oxford University maintains quite selective academic requirements and high admission standards. You will have to go above and beyond with your academic achievements, including outstanding grades in previous studies and relevant standardised test scores. 

Competition Among Applicants: Despite a low acceptance rate at Oxford University, the competition for admission is intense.  must high. You must highlight your unique strengths, experiences and passion for your chosen field of study to stand out in the crowd.

Application and Selection Process: Oxford employs a comprehensive application process which includes written applications, entrance tests, interviews and academic references. You must diligently adhere to application guidelines, submit materials promptly, and grasp the significance of the Oxford acceptance rate.

Impact on Prospective Students: The acceptance rate at Oxford University will significantly influence your decision-making process, shaping your perception of academic quality, competition and admission strategies.

Perception of Academic Quality: Oxford’s low acceptance rate contributes to the perception of high academic quality among its students and graduates. Stringent admission standards ensure that only the most talented and dedicated students are accepted.

Competition and Admission Strategies: The competitive nature of Oxford University acceptance rate for Indian students influences the strategies adopted by prospective students. Applicants often seek guidance, engage in extensive exam preparation, and invest significant effort into crafting exceptional personal statements and references to navigate the challenges posed by the University’s acceptance rate.

Tips For Improving Yourself Oxford University Admission Rate

While securing admission at Oxford University remains a formidable challenge due to its highly competitive acceptance rate, prospective students can use these tips for improving themselves on how to apply at Oxford University:

Prioritise Academics: Maintain exceptional grades and demonstrate a genuine passion for learning in your chosen field of study. Focus on this, so you can apply for University of Oxford scholarships as well!

Prepare Thoroughly for Entrance Exams: Familiarise yourself with the format and content of the entrance exams required for your desired programme. Dedicate time to studying and practising to excel in this only.

Highlight Extracurricular Involvement: Showcase your interests, leadership skills, and community engagement through extracurricular activities outside the classroom.

Craft a Great Personal Statement: Utilise your personal statement as a platform to eloquently present your unique qualities, diverse experiences and motivations for selecting Oxford University.

Seek Guidance and Support: Establish connections with mentors, teachers and counsellors who can offer valuable insights, guidance and constructive feedback throughout the intricate application process.


1. What is the current Oxford University acceptance rate?

As per certain sources, the acceptance rate should be around 17% for 2024. 

2. Does Oxford University have a higher acceptance rate for international students?

No, it remains the same at 17% for international students as well. 

3. How does Oxford University’s acceptance rate compare to other UK universities?

In 2022, Oxford University’s acceptance rate for UK applicants stood at 17.82%, crossing the overall rate but remaining considerably below the Russell Group’s average.

4. What factors affect the acceptance rate at Oxford University?

The number of applicants, the calibre of applications and the accessibility of resources like faculty members and facilities.

5. What are some of the scholarships offered here?

Some prominent University of Oxford scholarships include the Rhodes Scholarship, Clarendon Scholarship, and Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarship for supporting exceptional students in pursuing their studies at Oxford. 

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Oxford University Acceptance Rate in 2024

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